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UPDATED FOR 2024: What Is The Most Popular Double Edge Safety Razor By Sales?

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There are lots of articles about the “best” double edge razors (even on Sharpologist). But what is the most popular double edge razor by sales in today’s market? There are more choices than ever, from small artisans to big, multi-national businesses. I did some research. This is another major update to my original article of 2019!

TL;DR – The Most Popular DE Safety Razors Now

  1. Merkur 34C
  2. King C. Gillette
  3. Merkur 23C
  4. Henson AL13
  5. Edwin Jagger DE89
  6. Merkur Futur
  7. Parker 99R
  8. Rockwell 6S
  9. Merkur 38C
  10. Van Der Hagen Short Handle TTO

Research Methodology

For the purpose of this article I researched the major wet shaving retailers in the North America and Great Britain, and I also factored in product availability at major “brick and mortar” stores (CVS, Boots, Target, Tesco, Walgreen’s, Walmart, etc.), since that’s where most Sharpologist readers reside. While not including all world-wide sales may skew my results somewhat I am reasonably confident that I have the bulk of the most interested demographics. The data was collected late December, 2023.

I have not included “house brand” razors for this article. Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of excellent, popular razors from smaller sources, but I’m looking from the wider perspective of over-all sales across the wet shaving niche’.

Relative Popularity

I can’t get exact numbers of units sold. It’s just unrealistic to expect vendors to share that information (I asked a couple vendors I’ve had long relationships with about it, just for the heck of it, and got turned down flat so I didn’t even bother asking the others).

What I could do is get an idea of relative sales volume. In fact, many of the vendor’s razor lists can be sorted by “Popularity” or “Best Sellers.” Most of the ones that did not have the list feature did share a relative ranking with me.

So I gathered the popular models from these sources and looked for commonalities and general positions on their list to come up with a “top ten.”

The Amazon Factor

There is no doubt established wet shaving businesses like West Coast Shaving, Maggard Razors, Shave Nation, and Connaught Shaving, etc. sell a lot of razors. Brick and mortar franchises may sell even more! Mainstream grooming businesses like Grooming Lounge sell their fair share, too. But Amazon–in all its versions around the world–is a retail juggernaut that just cannot be ignored.

In the grand scheme of things, no double edge razor makes the top 20 of their “Best Sellers in Men’s Shaving Razors & Blades” list (US list for example; each Amazon country storefront has their own list. Some Amazon storefronts do have a separate “safety razor” list: here is Amazon US’s list). But based on those lists and reports I can get as an Amazon Associate I can make some additional sales estimates to help validate Amazon’s influence.

It all boils down to this: vendor X’s top-selling razor may have sold 100 units of Razor A, while Vendor Z’s top selling razor may have sold 1000 units of Razor B. I have to consider a range of possibilities to determine the “top.”

So What Is The Most Popular Double Edge Razor?

(Specifications below are approximate. Amazon links listed for convenience: Amazon and links are affiliate but unaffiliated links for most of these products can be found with a simple search engine query.)

Remember, I’m listing my estimate of the most popular double edge razors, by sales volume, not necessarily the “best” double edge razors on the market. Since it’s not possible for me to obtain a definitive answer I am going to list what I believe are the top ten based on the methodology I described earlier.

What A Difference The Years Make!

Before a few years ago the most popular DE razor list was pretty stable. The original list I made in 2019:

  • Merkur 34C
  • Edwin Jagger DE89
  • Merkur 23C
  • Merkur 39C
  • Merkur Futur
  • Rockwell 6S
  • Parker 99R
  • Parker 96R
  • Weishi
  • Vikings Blade Chieftain

Then in 2021 all hell broke loose: there were some dramatic changes and half the razors on the list appeared for the first time. Some popular razors, like the Edwin Jagger DE89, dropped on the list–or disappeared altogether. The top spot, previously perennially held by the Merkur 34C, has been overtaken by the Gillette juggernaut’s King C. Gillette Double Edge Razor.

And in one case, the Henson AL13, hit the list after being on the market for less than a year–a remarkable achievement.

The 2021 list:

  • King C Gillette
  • Merkur 34C
  • Merkur 23C
  • Edwin Jagger DE89
  • Parker 96R
  • Merkur Futur
  • Merkur 38C
  • Bevel Safety Razor
  • Vikings Blade Chieftain
  • Henson AL12

The Latest List

My most recent research suggests few major changes at the top but some interesting shake-ups further down.

10. Van Der Hagen Short Handle TTO

van der hagen safety razor

The Van Der Hagen (VDH) short handle twist-to-open (TTO) razor retains its spot as “the bottom of the top” in this list. Its appearance is due to its wide availability in “brick and mortar” stores in the US (such as Target and Walmart) and on Amazon.

Quality-wise, this razor does not compete well with any of the other razors on this list, but it is also the least-expensive razor on this list. Visually it looks like a throw-back to Gillette “butterfly” TTO razors of the 1960’s but do not expect the same kind of ruggedness.

9. Merkur 38C

merkur 38c
  • Overall Length: 4.2″
  • Weight: 4.25 oz
  • Head Style: 2 Piece
  • Shave: Middle-of-the-road

Dropping 5 positions from the previous list, the Merkur 38C “Barberpole” razor is essentially a 34C (see below) with a longer handle.

8. Rockwell 6S

rockwell 6s safety razor

The Rockwell 6S position on this list is unchanged from the previous list. The 6S is an “adjustable” razor in that it comes with three two-sided base plates, each with a different blade exposure so it can be set to six different settings:

  • R1: 0.008″ (0.20 mm)
  • R2: 0.014” (0.35 mm)
  • R3: 0.019” (0.48 mm)
  • R4: 0.024” (0.61 mm)
  • R5: 0.027” (0.69 mm)
  • R6: 0.031” (0.79 mm)

General specifications:

  • Handle Length: 3.34″
  • Weight: 4.16 oz
  • Head style: three piece with safety bar
  • Shave: customizable with different base plates.

The Rockwell 6S is manufactured out of stainless steel, though a less expensive chrome alloy version, the 6C is also available.

For a more detailed look at the Rockwell 6S click/tap here.

7. Parker 99R

parker 99r razor

Replacing the Parker 96R from the previous list is the Parker 99R. The Parker 99R to be a heavyweight, predictable, value-oriented twist-to-open double edge (DE) safety razor. If you’re looking for a heavier razor the 99R would certainly fill the bill. While I have listed the 99R here, all of Parker’s Twist To Open “butterfly” razors share the same head so they should all provide similar shaves.

  • Handle Length: 4″
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Head style: TTO with safety bar
  • Shave: more toward the aggressive end of middle-of-the-road

Click/tap here to check out my review of the Parker 99R.

6. Merkur Futur

merkur futur

Up one position from the previous list is the Merkur Futur adjustable razor. It is available in several finishes, including matte chrome, polished chrome, and gold tone. As someone who likes adjustable razors in general I am always surprised at the Futur’s popularity: the smooth finish can make it difficult to hold and the adjustment range is not as wide as many other adjustable razors. But I admit it “looks cool” and I imagine that can be a major influence on purchasers.

  • Handle Length: 4″
  • Weight: 3.8 oz
  • Head style: two piece adjustable with safety bar
  • Shave: adjustable

Here is a closer look at the Futur: A Popular Razor – Merkur Futur.

5. Edwin Jagger DE89

ej de89lbl

After inexplicably seeming to drop in popularity over the past few years the Edwin Jagger’s DE89 series of razors has suddenly risen four positions from the previous list. The DE89 has a number of different handle styles but share the same head design.

  • Handle Length: about 3.5″ but varies slightly depending on version.
  • Weight: around 2 oz but varies slightly depending on version
  • Head style: three piece with safety bar
  • Shave: mild side of middle-of-the-road.

Check out my in-depth review of the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor series here.

4. Henson AL13

henson al13 razor
  • Handle Length: 3.75″
  • Weight: 1.3 0z.
  • Head Style: 3 Piece
  • Shave: Mild

Rising two positions from the previous list, the Henson AL13 aluminum double edge razor has been making waves for its engineering design, mild shave (though more aggressive versions are available), and popularity–which continues to climb at an astonishing rate. There are lots of little things here that indicate a quality, though somewhat lightweight, razor. Check out Sharpologist’s review of the AL13 here.

3. Merkur 23C

merkur 23c

The Merkur 23C (sometimes referred to the the model 180) is a frequent selection of “newbies” because of its relatively low cost, long handle, and generally middle-of-the-road shave characteristics.

  • Handle Length: 4″ (though smaller in diameter compared to many other razor handles)
  • Weight: 1.7 oz
  • Head style: safety bar
  • Shave: middle-of-the-road

Click here for a more detailed review of the Merkur 23C razor.

2. King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor

king c gillette razor
  • Length: 3.75″
  • Weight: 3.6 oz.
  • Head Style: 3 Piece
  • Shave: Moderate

Launched in 2020, the King C. Gillette double edge razor. Gillette had been aggressively placing this razor, along with the rest of the King C. Gillette product line, into many brick and mortar businesses–particularly drugstore franchises in the US and the UK (Walgreens, CVS, Tesco, etc.)–plus the usual online sources like Amazon. See Sharpologist’s coverage here.

1. Merkur 34C

merkur 34c razor

Appearing on the most vendor lists–and usually at or near the top–the Merkur 34C (also known as the “HD,” “Heavy Duty,” or “Heavy Classic”) is practically a legend in the old school wet shaving community. There may be “better” razors now, but not too long ago (early 2000’s) it was pretty much “the only game in town” for someone looking for a new, well-built, double edge razor (for the record, the current design has been around since at least the mid 1960’s and previous designs go back further). And, according to my research, while other razors are making significant inroads (particular the King C. Gillette and the Henson) it is still very popular.

  • Handle Length: 3″
  • Weight: 2.8 oz
  • Head style: two piece with safety bar
  • Shave: middle-of-the-road

Click/tap here for my more detailed review of the Merkur 34C.


There are so many really good double edge safety razors on the market now that it is amazing for me to remember a time when the choices were much more limited. But my research has shown me that, while the established product brands are still very much in demand, large corporations have taken notice. If I had to make an educated guess I would say that the Merkur 34C returns to “rule the roost” with enthusiasts as one the most popular widely available double edge razor. The King C. Gillette double edge razor is still popular by virtue of it’s wide distribution (when in stock) and the Henson AL13 continues to make notable strides towards the top.


Shave tutor and co-founder of sharpologist. I have been advocating old-school shaving for over 20 years and have been featured in major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Lifehacker. Also check out my content on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!View Author posts

14 thoughts on “UPDATED FOR 2024: What Is The Most Popular Double Edge Safety Razor By Sales?”

  1. No wonder that Merkur is on top: Their closed comb razor head works fantastically mild and efficient. And it’s affordable. King C. Gillette is everywhere available what might explain its popularity. Interesting that Muhle is not on the list.

    1. I was also curious as I got a Muhle R89 and it is a mild shaver but very efficient. Don’t get me wrong the Muhle can bite but for context the Merker 34c was way too aggressive and I couldn’t use it.

      1. The Mühle R89 has the same head as the Edwin Jagger. Both manufacturers had been using the Merkur 34 head design, presumably under a license from Merkur, and they cooperated to create the new head design they both now use. I find the Edwin Jagger/Mühle head noticeably more comfortable and efficient than the Merkur 34. The difference was especially evident in this two-razor shave, in which I had thought both razors had the Merkur 34 head. In that sense, it was a blind test.

  2. After reading your review of the Henson AL13 (mild and medium), I took the plunge on both. Both are very mild razors and after extensive use I think I prefer the original “mild” version. I find this is GREAT as a daily driver. Even with 2-days of growth, I don’t have any issues getting a very good shave. I am glad it made your top-10 list and I would encourage any new wet shaver to try this razor first. The “medium” aggressive razor is still very mild and shaves well… even daily. Over the last 6 months or so, my approach has been to use the least aggressive razor that I can use for a 3-pass shave to achieve BBS results. In my opinion there is no need to use more aggressive razors if they are not needed. Of course, YMMV.

    Thank you for the thoughtful list and reviews.

  3. I tried the Viking’s Blade Chieftain after reading a review in Sharpologist. I rat razors on two relatively independent characteristics: comfort (feels good on the face, unlikely to nick) and efficiency (removes stubble easily and effectively). The Chieftain rated high on both, so I included it in my list of favorite safety razors.

    When I reviewed the razor on my blog, a reader commented that the Chieftain is a rebranded Baili BD179. What’s interesting is that Baili makes two other razors (often sold under other brand names) that rate as very comfortable and very efficient: the Baili DB197 Adjustable and the Baili BR171 Victor.

    Those are the only three Baili razors I’ve tried, but based on those, I have to say that this is a brand worth trying. It’s interesting that, despite the excellence of these razors, they can be found at very low prices — the Victor, for example, costs around $6 and the Adjustable razor around $15.

      1. Yes, the two are definitely different – if visually very similar. Viking’s Blade says Baili ripped them off.

        I haven’t tried the Chieftain, but the Baili is nice, but a bit on the mild side for my taste. It’s a frequently rebranded razor – mine is actually a Razorock Quick Change rebrand. They also have a rebrand of the adjustable and a couple of other Baili razors.

        I have a 171; your link strangely shows a picture of the 176, which is milder (the 171 is listed as their most aggressive).

        1. The Baili BR171 (called “Victor’) is not a TTO razor, but a 3-piece. I like this razor; for me it is comfortable and efficient, and certainly the price is right. (Oddly, Baili has a second razor, Primary Safety Razor, that they also call the BR171. The Victor is the one that I like

          I don’t find a model 176 on Baili website. Perhaps that’s a typo?

          I was talking about the Baili 179, the model that so closely resembles the Chieftain.

          1. Well, that’s odd! The razor I was calling the 171 Victory (according to a chart of available Baili razors on Amazon’s Canadian site, where I bought mine) is listed on Baili’s site as the DB131. No, it’s not a TTO; it is a 3-piece with a Tech style head.
            The BR171 on Baili’s site is the Victory 176 (yes – Victory, not Victor – another difference) on Amazon Canada. The numbers for the TTO model match, though. As do the numbers for the 191. The razors on Amazon are being sold BY Baili, so I’m baffled why the numbers are different from site to site.

  4. I am not surprised that Merkur holds most of the top five. They have been around a long time with a stellar reputation. So there is lots of information on the internet about them if some “newbie” was looking into getting into shaving with DE razors. Coupled with the fact that they are at a good price point not too expensive but not too cheap.

    I am also not surprised to see less expensive brands and models make the top ten for those who are interested in “maybe” giving this shaving method a whirl but not investing a lot if they decide it is not for them or lose interest.

    Additionally Amazon is probably going to be the first “go to place” for most novices to find and research razors.

  5. I have a Feather ASD-2 a well made quality made razor but deadly with its Feather blades. I bought a Rockwell S6 and i must say I have never looked back at all as its an outstanding razor performance wise and with feather blades ( even though i use Astra’s ) The whole package is unbeatable for what you ever need i recon. Its weighty but you don’t notice it on the shave. All Rockwell can do is evolve this product further if possible and release some optional fancy artisan type handles & a stainless polished version.

  6. I have two of the razors on the list: the Edwin Jagger DE89 and the Feather AS-D2. Both are fine razors worth their very different price points. The EJ has a deserved reputation for breaking easily due to the material involved. Just be careful not to drop it. Luckily, it’s cheap enough that it’s relatively painless to pick up another one. The Feather is definitely a mild shaver, so I don’t use it when I have more than a few days of stubble. Finished super well. So mild that even paired with a Feather blade it’s nearly impossible to cut yourself.

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