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A Popular Razor – Merkur Futur

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merkur futur

[Updated December, 2022] My recent article on the most popular double edge razors by sales included the Merkur Futur.  Here is the information you need about that razor.

Merkur Futur Description and Specifications

From Amazon’s Merkur Futur page:

“Adjustable Merkur Futur Snap-Cap design makes loading blades simple while the adjustable head offers the ability to control the blade gap, allowing you to fine-tune the closeness of the shave. Merkur adjustable double edge safety razors offer the ability to control the blade gap, allowing you to fine-tune the closeness of the shave. This means the best shave for your skin type without the irritation sometimes experienced with multi-blade cartridge razor systems. Furthermore, you can adjust the setting when shaving sensitive areas such as the neck. Compatibility with inexpensive recyclable double edge razor blades means Merkur razors save you money while being. Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, Merkur razors are precision instruments designed to last a lifetime.”

The Merkur Futur is available in “satin” matte chrome, polished chrome, and gold tone finishes.

The specs:

  • Weight: 128 g / 4.52 oz
  • Overall Length: 109 mm / 4.30 in
  • Handle Length: 84.4 mm / 3.32 in
  • Handle diameter: 14.0 mm / 0.55 in

Here are the blade gap settings per adjustment notch from online sources, in millimeters:

  1. 1.12
  2. 1.19
  3. 1.35
  4. 1.47
  5. 1.60
  6. 1.65

This adjustment “window” is biased to the aggressive side of the scale.  For example, a setting of “1” on a Merkur Progress adjustable razor is about one-third of the gap setting of the “1” setting on the Futur.  However do not take this as a “carved in rock” description of aggressiveness: razor head design involves a number of other variables besides blade gap.  But, practically-speaking, the Merkur Futur is a relatively aggressive razor.

The Merkur Futur features an unusual “pop-off” cap design for changing blades:

My Experience With The Merkur Futur

The truth of the matter is while I’m a huge fan of adjustable razors in general the Merkur Futur is not my favorite.  I think the head is too large, the adjustment range is biased too far on the “aggressive” side, and the smooth handle is slippery in my wet fingers (a common complaint mentioned in other reviews).

But I can see it’s appeal to those who think it looks cool.

A Futur Clone

It’s worth noting that there is a low cost copy of the Merkur Futur, the Qshave Adjustable:

Futur On Left, Qshave On Right

My experience with the Qshave is actually quite positive–I think it shaves me better than the Futur! Although the handle is still smooth the Qshave’s smaller diameter seems to help me keep a more secure grip. And while the razor’s head is still relatively large, the wider adjustment range (vs. the Futur, especially at the mild end) provides better performance for me. The razor’s low price and Qshave’s quality control reputation is still a cause for concern to me though.


The Merkur Futur is probably the most popular adjustable safety razor, by sales, and is widely available from sources like Amazon, Maggard, Grooming Lounge, West Coast Shaving, Fendrihan, Shave Nation, Shave Shack of Texas, and many others.

Do you have a Merkur Futur?  How do you like it?  Leave a comment below so others may benefit.



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11 thoughts on “A Popular Razor – Merkur Futur”

  1. The Futur is my daily shaver. I love the ability to increase or decrease it’s efficiency. I still consider it a hammer thou. Some people who are challenged purchase their hammer at odd lots and some go to Home Depot🤣

  2. Hi. I have been using DE Razors for about 3 years now… Was tired of paying the High Price for Disposable Blades… After trying a couple of lower end Priced Safety Razors, I decided to invest in a few Brand Name ones… Edwin Jager, Parker, Gillette, & Merkur were some brands Purchased… A Merkur 34C, Merkur Progress, & Merkur Futur, found the way to my Shaving Area… I very much liked the 34C, then tried the Progress, because of being Adjustable, then got a Futur… They all 3 look & feel very good to me… The Progress was not as Comfortable as the 34C, to me, even on Setting “1”, and as Eye Appealingly as the Futur was, it was Aggressive to me, on the “1” setting… Of the 3, the most Comfortable, & Closet Shave for myself, was the 34C… To Each, His Own….

  3. The Futur was my very first DE razor, only because the company I put my order in with made a mistake (I had ordered a 34C … but they shipped a Futur instead). I ended up being quite happy with it — aggressive as hell. At the time I thought (had read) that the Futur was as close as a DE razor came to the feel of a straight razor (presumably because of its aggressiveness). These days I almost exclusively shave with a straight razor, and I don’t think the Futur resembles the straight razor experience at all. The Futur is, to my mind, a WYSIWYG razor (what you see is what you get). An oddly chunky, but very aggressive razor, which, with a bit of practice, gives a nice shave, if you like “big tools”.

  4. There are at least two revisions of the Ming Shi that I know of (and may apply to the Qshave too). The original version can be recognized by looking at the underside of the top cap, the three “slots” next to the two “bullets” are narrow in comparison with the new version by about half (see for instance the picture in the Maggard’s website which shows the narrow slots). The two “rails” that support the blade in the base plate were straight but now they have a slight curvature. This causes the blade to easily deflect down when pressed near the center, but doesn’t seem to be an issue when shaving.

    I find the new version to be very mild in low settings, in fact you can’t cut anything in settings 0.5-1 even if you press hard. I find it OK in settings 3-4, so I am always surprised when some people say that it is aggressive (I like mild razors), but that may refer to the first revision.

    @mantic59: It’d be good to know which version of the Ming Shi/Qshave you are using here for the comparison with the Future.

  5. I have the Futur. Used it less than a half dozen times. Now I know why it bit me. Way too aggressive for me. The lowest setting has a blade gap of 1.12. I prefer a much milder razor like Merkur 34c.

  6. Benjamin Guy-Williams

    Haha nice.
    Actually the ‘Qshave’ and variants are really a ‘Mingshi 2000s’. Sounds like a witches broom from Mr. H. Potter’s world.

    I didn’t get the ‘original’ as it would be 3750 baht compared to 300 baht for the ‘MingShi’.
    I bought the Mingshi 12 months ago – it took me a good month to get used to it – no problems under my nose etc and a very smooth experience…

    I bought a few alternative ‘best buy’ like the Weishi etc… but I find the MingShi, together with either Astra Platinum or Gillette Wilkinson Sword, gives me an extremely smooth safe and efficient shave.

    1. Yes, the Qshave is a Ming Shi that’s gone through a few additional quality control checks (the Ming Shi’s are notorious for poor quality control).

  7. Good info–thanks for this article. I bought the Future when I first tried transitioning back to double-edge shaving and had a similar experience. The handle was too slippery when wet and even on the lowest setting it was too aggressive for my face and skill level. Maybe I could handle it now, but my shaves back then were really a bloody mess. Not the right razor for most DE beginners.

  8. I bought the Qshave since i could not afford the Futur or the Variant. And i’m absolutey in love. Shaves very well and i never had again burns on the skin. When possible i will buy the Variant.

  9. I just bought the River Lake version of this from Amazon and I’d have to say I like it. It’s supposedly heavier than the Qshave and a littler lighter than the Futur. I use it on the 2.5 setting and Astra blades and have yet to have a nick. Provides a very close, smooth shave. I would agree that the head is very big, but since I have a mustache, I don’t need to worry about shaving the upper lip. I’m not a big fan of the snap on head. I don’t feel it compresses the blade enough, although I’ve never had a problem. I does make me nervous when changing blades. For the current price on Amazon right now for this copy, I’d say it is definitely worth it.

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