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The intent of the following page links are to show recent shaving discussions in various social media, discussion forums and blogs.  Data feeds from many different sources have been assembled and filtered.  More information can be found HERE.  This main page can link you to the following topic pages (Javascript needs to enabled in your browser on these pages):

Forum general discussions page.

Forum razor and blade (double edge, single edge, cartridge) discussions page.

Forum shaving brush discussions page.

Forum shaving cream/soap discussions page.

Forum straight razor (plus hones and strops) discussions page.

Forum Buy, Sell, Trade “Classifieds”

Forum “Beginners” (help, tutorials, videos, etc.)

Recent posts from active shaving blogs.

Alternatively you can search the high-volume forums by using this form (forums available for search denoted with a * in the data sources list below):

Data Sources Include (But Not Limited To):

  • Against The Grain
  • Badger and Blade*
  • Becoming An Old Man
  • BrushnSoapnBlade Podcast
  • Damn Fine Shave*
  • Jayaruh Shaving
  • Leisureguy
  • Original Safety Too
  • Paste and Cut
  • Reddit (multiple Subreddits)*
  • Ritual Shave
  • Shave Like Grandad
  • Shave My Face*
  • Steve Davidson
  • Sharp Razor Palace
  • Tailor & Barber
  • The Canuck Shaver
  • The Close Shave
  • The Shave Den*
  • The Shaving Group
  • The Shave Nook*
  • The Shaving Room*
  • The Shaving Shack
  • Tiki Bar Soap
  • Wet Shaving Times
  • Wet The Face
  • Why I Wet Shave

Requests, problems, or comments about this feature should be directed to the administrator by clicking/tapping HERE.