A Conversation With Danielle Malka, Founder of eShave

Danielle Malka

I recently had an opportunity to talk about eShave with the company’s founder, Danielle Malka.  It was an interesting discussion and with her permission I’ve distilled our conversation into post here.  My questions are in bold and her answers are in italics.

Sharpologist’s Shaving Brush Buyer’s Guide Updated! Over 430 Shaving Brushes Listed

Shaving Brushes!

I have updated my “Shaving Brush Buyer’s Guide.”  Several new vendors have been added to the list of shaving brushes currently on the market (notably Thater and eShave) and some other corrections have been made.  I have created a separate page for the buyer’s guide with helpful video, text and links.  Still, understand that while periodic updated will continue to be made, this list is not exhaustive and probably never can be: I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with every brush and manufacturer out there.  Here is the list in “CSV” format for importing into your favorite spreadsheet or…

Shave Like A Prince On A Pauper’s Budget!

Go Ahead, Try A Sample!

Novice traditional shaving enthusiasts often want to explore their new “surroundings,” but do so inexpensively. And many also want to experience that life-altering, zen-inducing, height-of-sophistication shave.  The two ideas may seem like polar opposites but in fact it can be done!  The key lies in samples.   For example, high-end shaving companies like eShave, Truefitt and Hill and Trumpers offer sample kits to give you a taste of what they offer for a very reasonable price (and remember, in the case of Truefitt and Hill, a Sharpologist advertiser, you can take 15% off a web order just by using the coupon code manticsblog…

Review: Sharpologist’s and Niven & Joshua’s eShave Giveaway

smalleShave Competition 4

I was lucky enough to win the first Sharpologist.com giveaway and was surprised at the value of the items listed. The prize was provided by Joshua & Niven and the products were from eShave. It consisted of: eShave Orange Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil eShave Orange Sandalwood Shave Cream eShave Orange Sandalwood Aftershave Soother eShave Fine Badger Hair Brush eShave Luxury 5 Blade razor eShave T Razor Stand