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Eshave Long Handle DE

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Eshave now has a DE razor with a very long handle!  If you are an experienced shaver pining for a razor that’s good for big hands, this one may be for you….

This razor has the longest handle I have seen: 4.75 inches.  To give you an idea just how long the eShave long handle DE, here it is lined up with some other common DE razors:
This is how it stacks up against a Bevel razor (known for it’s longer handle), a typical Edwin Jagger DE89, and the short-handle Edwin Jagger Kelvin razor.
It is also nicely weighted, at 2.9oz (84mg).  The resin part of the handle is light though, so it is balanced more towards the head…a feature I like very much.  I have always thought the balance of any razor should be higher towards the head than many are.  By the way, though the resin handle I have is green, it is also available in blue, back, or clear.
The razor head is a scalloped safety-bar style, similar to popular Edwin Jagger and Merkur razors.

How’s The Shave?

This eShave razor is pretty aggressive in my opinion, with tons of blade exposure.  Much more aggressive than, say, an Edwin Jagger DE89 or a Merkur heavy Duty.  I think it’s suitable for an experience DE shaver but not really for a beginner.


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9 thoughts on “Eshave Long Handle DE”

  1. I won this DE razor from the promotion you ran a few months ago after the podcast with Danielle. It is my first DE razor and I really enjoy using it. I feel that it is very well balanced so even though it is on the longer side it is easy to manipulate. I have been using eShave products for the last 5 years and their quality and design is excellent. This razor is no exception. It being my first time using a DE razor, it has taken some getting used to, but after several weeks I feel like I am getting a closer shave that I ever did with a cartridge razor. I am currently working through a series of different blades to find the one that works best for me with this razor.

  2. Mark, how would you compare the aggressiveness of this razor to the Rockwell S6 say, level 3? That’s the highest level I can really go on the S6. I like it tremendously but have to take into account the Feather blades now. Thanks!

  3. The DE Shave long handle is certainly an impressive looking razor.
    However, its smooth, sleek lines look as if it might be very slippery when wet.
    I hope I am wrong as it is a very appealing razor.

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