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Wet Tubers (Part 4)

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movie director dog with a vintage camera

In Sharpologist’s continuing series of “wet tubers,” wet shaving enthusiasts making videos on Youtube, here are another batch of “wet tubers.” For the rest see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Another Day Another Shave GR (1000 Subscribers)

Subie Shaves (100 Subscribers)

The Superior Shave (4400 Subscribers)

Brooklyn Production – Опасная бритва (6500 Subscribers)

Hops And Strops (100 Subscribers)

Barba Tradicional (600 Subscribers)

Take Care Man (700 Subscribers)

TheRustyRazor (100 Subscribers)

ShaveGirl (400 Subscribers)

The Dude Of Shaving (400 Subscribers)

JimCo Shaving (350 Subscribers)

Ckiefer.045 (1600 Subscribers)

Yost to Coast (700 Subscribers)

Whetshaving & Stuff (250 Subscribers)

Dave Card (370 Subscribers)

Glenn Helley (570 Subscribers)

The Traveling Shaver (400 Subscribers)

Shootin The Shave (600 Subscribers)

The SaskShaver (450 Subscribers)

Red Island Shaver (600 Subscribers)


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4 thoughts on “Wet Tubers (Part 4)”

  1. Not blowing smoke up your.. but I only subscribed to yours. Don’t have enough hours in day to sit and watch or read all that. Lol.

  2. You and LG are like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. These guys are like the Archies and the 1910 Bubblegum Factory.

    1. In all fairness it can take some time to “get your sea legs” on Youtube. We have the advantage of being around longer. 🙂

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