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Wet Tubers (Part 3)

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I’ve been listing active wet shavers who use Youtube (Part 1, Part 2). The list continues….

Latherhog (1200 Subscribers)

Alexander Dehart-Butler (20 Subscribers)

SoSharpDavid (2270 Subscribers)

Adventures with Conrad (175 Subscribers)

CD Shavin’ Murphy (1500 Subscribers)

Andy Turner (300 Subscribers)

Zaclikestoshave (100 Subscribers)

Atlas Shaving (200 Subscribers)

YMMV Shaves (600 Subscribers)

The Virtual Groomroom (1500 Subscribers)

Mike Baker (300 Subscribers)

theMediaMart (24800 Subscribers)

Greg Tardif (100 Subscribers)

Brian The Floridian (800 Subscribers)

Soap Thing (50 Subscribers)

6ix_8ight_Shavez (150 Subscribers)

Baldylocks (170 Subscribers)

G Spivey (1400 Subscribers)

Alex Shaves & Reviews (150 Subscribers)

Hoon Shaver (180 Subscribers)


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