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Wet Tubers (Part 1)

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I got my start on Youtube (15 years ago this fall!) and I know how difficult wet shaving videos can be to make. And to get known “out there.” So I thought I would showcase some of the wet shavers who use Youtube–“wet tubers.” Some you may know…some you may not. Listed in random order, along with a recent video of theirs. More posts like this forthcoming!

Dave Shaves (200 Subscribers)

Shave&Butcher (1400 subscribers)

Anthony Esposito (5500 subscribers)

IAMCDB (6000 Subscribers)

Shave 326 (1500 Subscribers)

Lather Addict (100 Subscribers)

The Shaving Disciple (350 Subscribers)

MeLLYMeL SHAVeS (900 Subscribers)

The Lowkster (200 Subscribers)

Matthew Lawrence (500 Subscribers)

johnshaves 101 (700 Subscribers)

DE Razor Shaving (450 Subscribers)

Solid Shaves (170 Subscribers)

The Superior Shave (4350 Subscribers)

NYC Wet Shaving (1000 Subscribers)

Mr G Shave (400 Subscribers)

Friendship Shaving (3200 Subscribers)

SinatraLennon (18800 Subscribers)

HD Shaves (300 Subscribers)

Mark Szorady (5700 Subscribers)


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