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Wet Tubers (Part 2)

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I recently listed some Youtube channels that feature wet shaving content. Here are some more reasonably active wet shaving Youtube channels.

CosmoBarber Shaving (350 Subscribers)

Anthony Vincent (350 Subscribers)

Teiste para foroafeitado (1000 Subscribers)

Kevy Shaves (12600 Subscribers)

Jim Will Shave (550 Subscribers)

Mauro Di Lernia (12800 Subscribers)

Graham Hawcroft (300 Subscribers)

MrGuysRazors (160 Subscribers)

Il Neofita (1200 Subscribers)

The Opinionated Brit (450 Subscribers)

PaulHFilms (17500 Subscribers)

Adventures In Wet Shaving (3000 Subscribers)

Donald Youngner (3800 Subscribers)

The Wet Shaving Savage (50 Subscribers)

The Shave (200 Subscribers)

Another Cut Above (6000 Subscribers)

Shave the Man (6800 Subscribers)

Shaving With Raza (500 Subscribers)

Tim Shaves (400 Subscribers)

Kensurfs (25500 Subscribers)

More channel listings coming soon!


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