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How Weight Loss Can Change Your Shave

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Have you noticed that the character of your shave changed after losing a significant amount of weight?  Here are the reasons for it and what you can do about it.


A few years back I lost about 30 unwanted and unneeded pounds.  I always preferred razors on the “mild” end of the spectrum and casually noticed that after the weight loss that preference became even more pronounced.

But I never really thought about it until I got an email from Brian a couple months ago:

“I have just lost (by design) 2.5 stone – 35lb – 16kg.

“I find my shaving preferences have changed. For a few years I have used the aggressive R41-Feather combination but have recently been finding it rather too harsh.

“For the past week I have returned to a Merkur Barbour Pole Slant with Feather and have for some weeks been using my Slim Adjustable opened right up with Yellow 7 o’clock or Gillette Silver Blues.

“My face is a good bit thinner – maybe the lack of under skin padding has changed things!

“Have you ever written on this issue, or would you be prepared to?”

This piqued my interest so I asked about it on the Sharpologist Shaving Information Email List.  And of the responses I received all but one said the same thing: they changed to a milder shave (razor, blade, or both) after a significant weight loss.

What Happens To The Face After Weight Loss

I think Eric’s reply to my email best puts things in perspective:

“Before I started my weight loss, I rarely had any nicks or weepers, even with a mindless, autopilot shave. But as the fat disappeared, my cheeks sunk and my neck loosened, and certain transition areas like the jaw line and chin started to require much more care to avoid the nicks.”

I did some search engine research on facial skin after weight loss but there isn’t a whole lot of relevant data out there.  I was able to find a few nuggets, though:

  • Those who have lost and gained multiple times in the past, are older, or have sun damage (sun damages elastic fibers–which reduces even further with age–making it harder for skin to bounce back) are particularly affected in the face by new weight loss.
  • Fine lines in the face and under-eye circles can definitely become exaggerated with weight loss.
  • Face washing, particularly after exercise, becomes more important not only to hydrate the skin but also to avoid acne that may appear (or reappear) from diet and skin changes.

Changing Shave Strategies After Weight Loss

What can you do if you notice your shave has changed for the worse after a weight loss?  Actually there are several things you can do:

  • Experiment with new blade brands (try a blade sampler)
  • Consider a “milder” razor (or if you have an adjustable razor, “dial down”)
  • Be sure to keep your face clean and hydrated
  • Carefully flatten the skin (but don’t over-stretch) while shaving to help avoid problems on the “shave terrain”

Diet And The Face

From Livestrong:

“To help weight loss in your face and neck naturally, adjust your diet to include nine 8 ounces glasses of water a day. Without plenty of water, your body tends to hold onto whatever moisture it can get, which leads to bloating. Likewise, alcohol in any form can add to the bloated look in the face, as can too much sodium.

“Processed foods, such as canned soups, are often packed with sodium, so look for low-sodium products and avoid adding salt to foods you prepare….”


You probably worked hard at your weight loss so a change in the quality of your shave may have been a disappointment.  Luckily there are strategies you can take to mitigate the problem and return your enjoyment of shaving!

Have you noticed a change in your shave after a significant weight loss?  Leave your comments and suggestions below!


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1 thought on “How Weight Loss Can Change Your Shave”

  1. No no no… Sorry, but someone has to point this out!

    Weight loss and shaving have nothing to do with each other, only technique!!!

    The horrible myth of getting 8 glasses of water per day, is also retarded, as most foods you eat, also contain water, and you only need to drink water, when you feel like you need it, your body will automatically tell you when you’re thirsty!

    If you want healthy living, quit the processed food, and all other foods mother nature didn’t design your body for, hence why it is a big thing with Paleo, LCHF, Keto, as your body will thrive as it should, and not put stress on your body (I’m currently writing a book for the ultimate lifestyle change, something the world haven’t seen yet!)

    There are so many horrible myths out there, and they keep living on, because people keep talking about it, especially in the diet world, or the shaving world, like when it comes to food, eat less fat… NO, embrace fat and quit the carbs, that’s what’s causing all known folk-diseases, NOT FAT!!! You need fat, you do not need carbs!!!

    Shaving, well the old classic, hot water to open pores, cold water to close them… That just ain’t happening, there is no muscles to control that, it’s a 50+ year old myth that people (even some dermatologists) still throw around, which is stupid, cause it just doesn’t work like that… What your skin reacts with, is water in general, just like your body can absorb minerals from water with bathing salts, the sea etc, it has nothing to do with temperatures at all, but still, it is not an opening / closing thing, people really gotta stop that nonsense.

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