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(Updated September, 2020) One of the most valuable things you can do when you learn how to shave with a single blade safety razor is to use the right blade for you.  Unlike the very uniform, licensed modern shaving cartridge the safety razor blade can be made with varying metallergies, grinds, coatings, etc.  So its important to do a little research and testing to find the blade that works best for your face and your razor.  To facilitate that testing, there are several sources of blade “sample packs”–a few blades of several different brands.  Here are a few sources (Amazon, Smallflower, and West Coast Shaving links are affiliate):

4 thoughts on “Razor Blade Sample Pack Resources”

  1. What is the best razor blades on the market today in terms of quality, sharpness, and price (bulk)? We know that safety razor performance must be matched with excellent blade quality–along with preparing the face. The new, safety razor shaver can save a lot money if he learns about the quality and pricing of blades before he plunges into the on-going experimentation with the plethora of blades on the market. Your website and videos, by the way, are excellent and very professional.

  2. is another razor blade sampler dealer offering a ‘Top 10 Sampler’ pack, the option to make your own sampler pack with as many of any brand you want to try (blade prices vary), a ‘Super Double Edge Sampler’ pack with each of the 116 double edge blades they currently offer, Artist Club blades, Single Edge blades and other options. A wonderful site to find (and try) many obscure blades.
    Incidentally, some of the links in the above article need updated or removed.

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