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Rockwell T2 Adjustable Razor

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rockwell t2 adjustable razor review

Rockwell Razors has just announced the launch of their newest adjustable razor, the Rockwell T2.  Here’s the low-down.

Rockwell T2

From the Rockwell website:

  • Smooth and easy twist-to-open blade-loading.
  • Fluidly adjustable shave settings to suit your skin type and facial hair length – just twist the dial for your perfect shave.
  • Strengthened internal assembly making it the most durable and damage-resistant than any Rockwell razor.
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.
  • Eliminates the skin irritation and razor bumps caused by multi-blade cartridge systems
  • An aesthetically appealing, performance guaranteed, ultimate safety razor 

Razor Weight: 103 grams (about 3.6 oz)

Razor Length: 95mm (3.74 inches)

Handle Length: 89mm (3.5 inches)

Available finish: White Chrome, Gunmetal Chrome, Brushed Chrome

rockwell t2 adjustable razor parts and features

My Experience With The Rockwell T2 Adjustable Razor

Note: I was involved with testing some of the prototypes of this razor.  Rockwell supplied me with a pre-launch sample at no cost so this article could be ready by the launch date. My comments here are my own opinions and have been neither reviewed nor approved by Rockwell.

While the Rockwell T2 adjustable razor looks similar to the original Model T, there have definitely been some changes “under the hood” (you can read their blog post to get more of a feel for the evolution of the razor).  Most notable is a redesign of the twist-to-open (TTO) head:

  • Raise and strengthen the T-Bar
  • Strengthen the “Clamshell”
  • Make the base “Thrust Plate” thicker

These changes were undoubtedly made to address the TTO action issues that some users reported in the original Model T (I never experienced a huge issue with it myself though).  The head of the T2, like the original T, is rather large–about the size of another adjustable razor, the Merkur Futur.

t2 vs. futur razor heads

T2 (Left) vs. Futur (Right)

Speaking of the TTO action, most TTO’s need perhaps an additional quarter-turn on the open/close dial to “cinch down” after closing over a blade.  The T2 goes almost two full turns to cinch down completely.  Like the original Model T, the T2’s TTO dial action is very smooth and fluid-like.

Another important change to to the T2 is the adjustment “window.”  The original T adjustment range was biased quite high for me (I prefer “mild” razors.  YMMV).  I am able to dial the T2 down to noticeably milder setting–a welcome change!

So how’s my shave experience with the Rockwell T2 adjustable razor?

I think the razor feels well-built and hefty–good weight (albeit near the upper end of what I want as a comfortable weight) and balance.  I find the handle length and texturing very good…I doubt this razor will ever easily slip through my fingers.

The adjustment dial is a bit tight for me to adjust with wet fingers, so adjusting a shave setting “on the fly” isn’t quite as convenient as some other adjustable razors, but certainly do-able.  I generally keep the setting between “2” and “3” on the T2 (compared to “1” to “2” on the original) for my shaves.

There is a fair amount of blade feel from the razor, though not as much as the original Model T.

As I mentioned earlier the head is on the larger side, which can make getting into tight spots (like under the nose) more of a challenge.  But if you would be comfortable using a Merkur Futur razor you wouldn’t have any trouble with a Rockwell T2.

One very noticeable aspect of the Rockwell T2 razor is the water flow-through in the head–it’s easily the “runniest” head of all the razors in my den…and I own 100+ razors.  While shaving, rinsing the razor’s head in the sink after clearing a section of stubble results in a miniature waterfall from the razor back into the basin.  I doubt anyone will have any trouble with this razor clogging!

Generally-speaking I like adjustable razors and the Rockwell T2 is no exception.  Bottom line is I’m getting “baby’s butt” level shaves without irritation from the T2.


rockwell t2 adjustable razor

Note: Sharpologist is a Rockwell affiliate.

Like many “evolutionary” shave products, the Rockwell T2 adjustable razor addresses the concerns some shavers had with the design and usage of the previous generation.  It also shows Rockwell’s continued commitment to refining their product line.  Rockwell says the T2 is currently only available on the Rockwell website but they are happy to offer a 10% discount code for the T2 exclusively to Sharpologist readers. Use code T2OFFER at checkout (affiliate link).



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7 thoughts on “Rockwell T2 Adjustable Razor”

  1. I have the first gen model T which I excitedly waited for and it took forever, it was the most expensive razor I ever bought and it’s the worst razor I own. No matter what setting it’s on it just tears up my face, so now it sits in my shave drawer never to be used. Can’t afford to take another chance with this company.

  2. Paul Michael Francolini

    I was one of the original backers of their kickstarter program but I withdrew after there was no end in sight for the product’s release. And I’m glad I did because there were issues with the first version. Fast forward to about six months ago and Rockwell still honored the kickstarter price to me when the T2 became available. I’ve owned over 100+ De razors, and I am a big fan of adjustables. The T2 is, without question, my favorite TTO adjustable. Rockwell really hit it out of the park with this one.

  3. Thanks for the review. Mine is already ordered. I backed the 6S and the T1 both so I received an email from them about the new T2. I just used my T1 within the last couple of weeks and have no issues with it. I’m looking forward to getting this one.

  4. I backed Rockwell’s original crowd-funded campaign that brought the T1 to life. As a “thank you,” Rockwell emailed backers a discount on the T2. I purchased one without hesitation because #1, I like to support entrepreneurs, and #2 Rockwell’s reputation.

    Like Mark, I found the T1 a bit aggressive and preferred a 1-2 setting. This morning I had my first shave with the T2 and started off with a 1-2 setting. After the first pass, I increased the aggressiveness to 3. I completed a 3-pass shave with BBS results and no issues. The TTO mechanism opens smoothly and secures the blade firmly. The adjustment collar is not difficult to turn, but has firm resistance. It will not move during the shave unless you adjust it… which is the way it should be.

    It is difficult for me to compare the T1 to the T2 because I have not used the T1 in a long time. It was always a good razor, but never worked its way into my top 10 rotation. I did notice the T2 seems to have a better build quality than the T1, but I am not suggesting the T1 had a poor build quality. I agree with Mark that it is the product’s evolutionary improvements. It will take me a few more shaves with this razor for me to decide to work it into my rotation, but so far, I am pleased with the results.

  5. I have the original “Model T” and have never encountered a problem with it. Don’t need this one but you know how R.A.D. can be..

    Great write up / review!

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