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Italian Barber Razorock Adjustable Razor Review

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razorock adjuatable razor

Razororck has launched an adjustable double edge razor with a price point of just US $15.  I’m a fan of adjustable razors so I had to try it.

Italian Barber Razorock ADJUST Adjustable Razor

From the Italian Barber website:

“…The RazoRock ADJUST is a butterfly door adjustable razor designed and built to offer high value at a very affordable price-point. To achieve this sub $15 price-point, we had to look to our friends in Asia that have less expensive cost structures and aggressive manufacturing businesses.

“The build and chroming are surprisingly good for a razor of this price but don’t be comparing it to a $200 adjustable razor and thinking it’s on par.

“The RazoRock ADJUST has butterfly doors that are opened and closed using the knob at the bottom of the razor handle; this makes for easy blade changing. There are basically three settings to the razor. Using the adjustable knob near the top of the handle, you can start by aligning the dot on the knob to the reference dot on the handle. This is the medium setting for shavers that want efficiency that isn’t too mild but also not too aggressive. If you turn the knob one quarter to the left, the razor will shave milder, if you turn one quarter to the right, the shave will be more aggressive….”

  • Handle Length – 105mm
  • Overall Length – 115mm
  • Weight – 3.45 oz – 98g

My Experience With The Razorock ADJUST Adjustable Razor

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Having tried a bunch of adjustable razors in over the past few years, I was skeptical of this razor.  But for 15 American bucks?  I thought I’d give it a try.

The first thing that struck me was the handle.  I was expecting a lightweight (aluminum?), slippery handle.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-textured handle design, with surprisingly good weight and balance.

The Razor’s Twist To Open (TTO) head is a bit larger than most other adjustable razors, even comparing “apples to apples” with other adjustable razors that have TTO mechanisms.  Here it is (center) with what I would consider the closest “competing” razors, the $30 Weishi Nostalgic Adjustable TTO (left) and the $15 Qshave Adjustable AKA Futur clone (right):

I was initially a little concerned about the adjustment of the razor: turning the dial didn’t appear to have any visual effect on blade gap.  I reached out to Joe at Italian Barber and he set me straight: unlike other adjustable TTO razors where the TTO mechanism must be loosened slightly before adjustment, the Razorock ADJUST must be fully closed to make a blade gap adjustment.  I tried that and, sure enough, it adjusted as expected.

The sales copy (listed earlier) says “[i]f you turn the knob one quarter to the left, the razor will shave milder, if you turn one quarter to the right, the shave will be more aggressive,” making it sounds like it might use “click stops.”  But it is actually continuously variable between the end points.  I find the adjustment “window” a bit narrower, and biased slightly lower, than other adjustable razors.  But that’s a minor detail and I think the razor adjustment range will be fine for the vast majority of shavers.

Specifications aside, how does the Razorock ADJUST perform?

Actually, for me so far, pretty damned well.

I started my first shave with the razor set to its mid-point. After the first stroke I realized it was too high for me (expected, as I prefer mild razors and set my other adjustable razors down) so I dialed-down the full quarter turn.  After a few more strokes I dialed up just a tiny bit and kept that for the balance of the shave.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-textured handle design, with surprisingly good weight and balance.

The razor’s larger head made detail areas like under the nose a bit more of a challenge, there’s a little rattle from the internal mechanics, and I noticed the “sweet spot” for the best blade angle may be just a bit narrower than other razors.  But after a little while I was able to figure it all out.  Nothing here is a deal-breaker.

These things are the typical “settling in” aspects of using a new razor for me.  Like other adjustable razors I use, my first pass is adjusted pretty mildly and my other passes are dialed up a bit.  Then I’ll dial back down for clean-up. My first few shaves were easy DFS with a couple small “weepers.”  After a little time with the Razorock ADJUST I was able to get BBS-level shaves without any trouble.


I think Italian Barber and Razorock products tend to be low-cost homages to other products.  But the Razorock ADJUST razor is unique enough to not be classified as a clone or copy in my book.  The razor’s long-term durability is still a question mark since it’s so new.  But it’s surprisingly hefty, well-balanced, and shaves me well.  For a lousy US $15 it’s an easy recommendation for those wanting to try an adjustable razor without breaking the bank.

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Do you have a Razorock ADJUST razor?  What do you think of it?  Leave a comment below!


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6 thoughts on “Italian Barber Razorock Adjustable Razor Review”

  1. Good price but is it as efficient as say an open comb? I also echo Tim’s comment of ‘creep’. is it stable enough not to ‘adjust’ itself?

  2. I also tend to prefer an adjustable, and at this price point it sounds like an excellent travel razor.

    If it is continuously adjustable, have you had any issues with the adjustment “creeping” on you as you use it?

  3. Have this Classic Shaving Adjustable Butterfly Razor (Grim Blade) for $45 and it’s a bit better that my Merkur Razor but have to find a good razor stand for it as it’s bit thicker than other safety razors. Hefty but worth using than the Parker Butterfly razors.

  4. The head looks pretty much the same as the Vikings’ second version of their Chieftain, kind of close to the current Baili TTO. I had thought for a while that Baili could make and adjustable of their TTO, so it appears that they have done it, in partnership with Italian Barber, will we see them on aliX some time soon?…I hope so for those of us not in North America.

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