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Razorock Switch

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Italian Barber/Razorock have introduced an innovative dual-configuration razor that can be used as either a standard razor or a side-handle “shavette” style razor, using double edge blades, the Razorock Switch.

Razorock Switch Razor

From Italian Barber’s webpage on the Switch:

The first of its kind! A razor that can transform from a barber-style straight razor to a traditional safety razor, two razors in one!

The RazoRock Switch razor is CNC milled from corrosion-resistant 6066 aluminum making it lightweight and extremely durable. In addition, the aluminum has been anodized for added protection and corrosion-resistance.

RazoRock uses CNC milling for the Switch razor because it is the most precise way to manufacture a razor. It’s important that razors are made to high tolerances so the blade is held perfectly every time. Many of RazoRock’s competitors use inferior casting processes to manufacture their razors; we believe RazoRock’s milling process is the best in the industry!

The Switch is also wonderful for shaving body, especially legs, arms, chest, and backs. Many of our women clients have been using the RazoRock Switch to shave their legs in the bath and shower, we have received nothing but compliments and praise on the design!

Joe from Italian Barber tells me this razor has been under development for several years.

As you can see in the images above there is a little screw cap to cover the “unused” threaded screw, depending on where the handle is mounted.  When the handle is mounted on the bottom the little screw cap covers a mounting screw thread on the razor head’s side–the cap isn’t really required but it’s a convenient place to put it so it doesn’t get lost.

When the handle is mounted on the side the screw cap is required to hold the head’s cap, blade, and base plate in place.

My Shaving Experiences With The Razorock Switch

I received a Razorock Switch razor from Italian Barber without cost but under no obligation and I was not paid for this article.  Links are not affiliate.

I found the fit-and-finish of my Switch to be excellent.

Initial impressions before my first actual shave lead me to some preconceptions: there appeared to be a lot of blade exposure on the head (looking from the top down) so I was worried about it being too “aggressive” for me (I prefer milder razors).  The light weight (1.4 oz) gave me pause, as I prefer heavier razors.  On the other hand I think the balance in either configuration felt quite good.

Barber Style

It may have not been the wisest decision on my part, but I decided to first try the Razorock Switch in the “barber style” configuration.  My past experiences with these types of razors (not to mention straights) have not been particularly great (I have got to get more time in with these things and get really good with them…).  In addition, my time with a similar product (in that it’s a “sideways” razor that uses DE blades)–the Razorine–was quite poor: I found it very difficult to grip properly and find the right angle on the razor head (yes, I know I’m in the minority here–a lot of people love it).  So I was really curious to see if I could be more successful with this razor.

While I cannot say I got smooth, nick-free shaves with the Switch this way right off the bat (hey, I realize it’s going to come with the territory in this situation for me) I was generally successful.  The weight and balance were comfortable in my hand and the dual-sided edges of the DE blade gave me some additional handle-gripping options that I would not have with traditional “barber style” razors (or straight razors).

Even though I used the razor this way for just a little while I think it gives me the confidence to look forward to much better results in the future as I practice with it.

Traditional Style

Then I switched it to the “traditional” razor configuration for some test shaves.

Two surprises for me right off: the razor felt lighter in the “traditional” configuration than in the “barber style” configuration, and the razor was far less aggressive than I was worried about.

Perhaps it’s because of the different way the handle is held, or maybe it has to do with the razor’s center-of-gravity given its configuration, but it really felt like I was handling two completely different razors, even though they used the same parts.  My personal preferences gravitate towards heavyweight razors: if I had used this razor only in the “traditional” configuration it probably would not be in my regular rotation.

And one additional minor nit-pick is the screw cap can “get in the way” of shaving some detail areas like right under the nose.  Luckily it’s a double edge so you can just flip the head around and attack from the opposite side.

However, from the shave performance perspective (not considering the razor’s weight), I get really good shaves from the Switch in the “traditional” configuration!  Even though it looks like there’s a lot of blade exposure from the top, the engineering of the rest of the razor’s head seems to be firmly in the lower-end-of-middle-of-the-road territory.  As long as I don’t put too much pressure on the razor (over-compensating for the lighter weight) I get BBS shaves with the Switch!


The easy “snark” is to dismiss the Razorock Switch as some kind of novelty razor.  I really don’t think it is.  I think it’s a well-built, innovative, flexible shave tool that can provide an interesting change-of-pace to the traditional shaver who’s looking for their next challenge.



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  1. I applaud Razorock for trying to make it versatile. But it would seem that it has proven difficult to make a razor that can be both a traditional DE and “shavette style” and do both equally well

    For my money, the Zazor from Turkey is a better value for the “shavette style”. I’d rather have that and a good quality DE than something that does a mediocre job at both functions

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