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Wet Shaving Talk 2023 Fall Seasonal Special!

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Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Wet Shaving Talk 2023 Fall Seasonal Special!

You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk powered by where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host Joe Borrelli and This is the 2023 Fall Seasonal Special 

Today on the Show

Fall Seasonal Special  

Previous Years 

Special Announcement! 


Barrister and Mann  

It’s been 10 years since Barrister and Mann debuted this popular Fall Scent right here on Sharpologist. The 2013 Scent Off was a competition where Barrister and Mann entered “Hallows” , a damp earthy scent for the fall season.  Since then there have been several editions.  I have purchased a set every release. 

Hallows: Soap, AS & More: Taking inspiration from the swamps and churchyards of the city, we combine vetiver, oakmoss, black pepper, cocoa, labdanum, and cedar to produce a deep, cold scent suited to the chilly, bitter days of late October. Gloomy, rich, and perversely elegant, Hallows is a reminder of why men once feared the dark.

Leviathan Shaving Soap AS and EDT (Sandalwood, Coffee, Russian Leather) 19.99/jar) New Base Ominbus Base 

Fougère Classique Soap, AS & More: A richly floral, stunningly opulent assemblage of lavender, oakmoss, coumarin, bergamot, geranium, jasmine, ylang ylang, benzoin, labdanum, patchouli, heliotrope, musk, and vanilla. 

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Clown Fruit: Soap, AS & More, Artemisia (Wormwood), Hungarian Oak, Elderflower, Absinthe, Neroli, Amyris, Elderberry, Burnt Sugar, Tobacco Absolute, & FEAR Absolute.

Blue Samhain (saa-wn): Soap, AS & More, Scent Profile: Sandalwood, Burnt Sugar, Bourbon and Pumpkin, Oak Barrel Aged. Back for year 6

Ciderhouse: Soap,As & More, Scent Profile: Pipe Smoke, Mulled Cider, Oakwood, Dried Leaves, Linseed…seems innocent enough, right?

Harvest Moon: Soap, As & More, Scent Profile: Oud (Agarwood), Green Tobacco, Black Currant, Tobacco Absolute, Hay Absolute, Peru Balsam, Smoke, Spanish Moss, White Sage.

Grove: Soap AS & More: Oakwood, Cranberry, Currant, Moss and a kiss of Apricot. A cool crisp, boozy, almost camphorous accord that you will fall in love with at first sniff!

Briar: Soap AS & More: Tobacco, Oakwood, Vanilla, Animalic Musk, Labdanum, Rose and crisp dried leaves. That place you return to every time you close those heavy eyes.

Malbolge: Soap, AS & More : Tobacco, Citrus, Anise, Musk, Patchouli, Burnt Sugar, Black Pepper & Benzoin Resin.

Southern Witchcraft 

Autumn Ash: Soap and AS, The quintessential Fall fragrance. Dark and resinous, this accord is spicy, dirty, smokey, sweet and and perfectly captures the scent of damp Autumn air.

Scent notes: Maple, spice, smoke, amber, cedar, oud, rain, plum, blackberry, ash, birch tar, pumpkin, coffee, dirt, mildew

Samhain: Soap and AS, Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. This holiday was the inspiration for our fragrance.

Notes: bourbon, tobacco, pumpkin, sandalwood, nutmeg, oud, incense, amber, vanilla, hazelnut, charred wood, musk

Tres Matres: Soap and AS, A tribute to the classic horror franchise “Suspiria”. A floral accord on a petrichor base with citrus top notes.

Scent notes: Amber, Oakmoss, Damp Earth, Rosewood, Lavender, Almond, Calla lily, Cotton, Aldehydes, Grapefruit, Ginger, Ambergris, Ozone, Peach

Uncle Jon’s 

Drunken Punkin: Soap and AS, A pumpkin spice forward scent with boozy notes and a rich smokiness that is frighteningly good!

Pumpkin Spice: Soap and AS, Get ready for fall with Uncle Jon’s Pumpkin Spice Scent. This mild, soothing scent features notes of pumpkin, clove, vanilla and allspice that will remind you of coffee shops in the fall.

Hot Cider: Apple cider scent. Soap and AS 

The Holy Black 

 With the Alchemist box set, you’re not just crafting a fragrance; you’re weaving stories, emotions, and a dash of ancient magic into every drop. Whether you’re a fragrance aficionado, a lover of tales, or someone seeking a unique olfactory journey, this collection promises an experience that’s as enchanting as the legend of Alastair himself.

Stirling Soap Co 

Hot Apple Cider Soap, AS & More Apples, cinnamon, and clove make for a perfect shave as the weather turns cool and the trees turn.

Autumn Glory Soap, AS & More A difficult aroma to put into words. Imagine walking through the damp woods on a brisk fall morning with the falling leaves in all their autumn glory.

Pumpkin Spice Soap, AS & More **Our Pumpkin Spice fragrance is back to being the spicy version from 2014. Last year was more of a maple/syrup-y scent. Due to customer feedback, we have brought back the previous fragrance which has a heaping dose of spice.

Catie’s Bubbles

A Midnight Dreary: Soap and AS, A Poe inspired soap with notes of Orchid, Lotus, Spices, Black Currant, Black Truffle, Jasmine, Dark Chocolate, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber and Vanilla.

Wet The Face 

Fallen Leaves: Soap and AS: At the top, zesty bursts of Orange Juice intermingle with the bright and invigorating notes of Bergamot, creating an initial sensation of freshness that awakens the senses. Delicate hints of Rose Petals lend a touch of elegance, setting the stage for the journey that lies ahead.

Autumn: Soap and AS, Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. The colors are truly amazing and it takes me back to good times with friends and family. We can all visit that time and place again just by experiencing this unique scent. Notes of Vanilla Bean, Apple Cider, Cinnamon Spice, Spun Sugar brings forth cozy Autumn memories.

Ginger’s Garden 

Skully: Soap and AS, Skully tallow shaving soap has freshly turned, wet soil, notes of teakwood, cedar, mushrooms, wet leaves and green moss. A slight metal note adds to the earth element.

Maple Toddy: Soap & AS, Maple Toddy Tallow Shaving soap with warm Vermont maple syrup, rich creamy vanilla, hot buttered rum and smooth fragrant amber with a caramelized sugar note. It creates lots of soft, cushioning lather for easy glide with any razor.

Pumpkin Spice Soap and AS: Perfectly balanced for the fall season

Black Ship Grooming

Drunken Pumpkin Soap and AS: Introducing, The Drunken Pumpkin Shaving Soap – A Limited Release with Dark Pumpkin, Aged Rum, and Smokey Whisky Notes.

Ahoy, Grooming Enthusiasts!

Prepare to embark on an olfactory adventure like no other with “The Drunken Pumpkin” Limited Edition Shaving Soap. This bewitching creation captures the essence of a moonlit pirate tale, blending the enigmatic aromas of dark pumpkin, aged dark rum, and smoky whisky into a scent that’s nothing

Declaration Grooming 

Dark Fall Soap and AS: Darkfall is a spicy oriental designed to capture the spirit of fall in the rural south. Agarwood, amber, and benzoin provide a deep, warm base for the cinnamon and clove top notes. Birch tar adds a slight smokiness that represents the ever-present smell of burning leaves that heralds the arrival of fall in Georgia.

Peaches and Scream Soap and AS: Short run ninja release. Don’t let the name fool you, Peaches + Scream has a lot more to offer than a basic Halloween scent. It’s a delightfully warm peach-forward scent, bolstered by amber, bourbon, cream, and teak. This is honestly one of my favorite scents we’ve put out in a long time. Happy Halloween/autumn.

Paladin Shaving

Paladin released their annual Halloween themed brushes.  Here i what they have for 2023!

Van Ulay  

Coffee Pumpkin Latte: Soap and AS,  Description of Shaving Soap Scent:

I just love pumpkin of any kind. The aroma of coffee and pumpkin is the perfect scent. I have added real coffee powder and pumpkin puree!

Frosted Pumpkin: Soap and AS, This is a perfect blend of pine cones and spiced pumpkin. Very different for the season. With a touch of menthol!

Pineumpkin: Soap and AS, I just love pumpkin of any kind.But this one is so different. Made with real pumpkin juice as well as pumkin puree. While the top notes of pineapple comes out the festive pumpkin shines through on this scent

Pumpkin Bread: Soap and AS, I just love pumpkin of any kind.I wanted to do something different than just the regular pumpkin pie.  This scent is a strong pumpkin with high notes of nutmeg and spice. Yum.

Salted Caramel Pumpkin: Soap and AS, New for 2020, A caramel sweet, and complex drizzle underneath a perfect pumpkin with notes intertwines with a spice cabinet of cinnamon, clove, allspice, kissed with sugar. Hints of nutmeg and fruits peek out from the heart notes

Spooky Horror: Soap and AS, This soap is so different. I wanted to make a pumpkin soap but that is boring, so let me bring you into the dark night with a heavy musk, dirt, birch tar, civet, leather, amber and of course pumpkin notes in the back ground. It is blended so well I needed to send it over the top. So of course after being chased by those werewolves you need a gin & tonic. So yes this one has a drizzle of tonic over the top. Notes of juniper berry, coriander, grapefruit, lemon, orange, clove, anglelic root, fennel ad cassia bark

Sweet Autumn Pie: Soap and As, Sweet Autumn pumpkin is a perfect pumpkin pie with the warming touch of cinnamon and clove.With real added pumpkin you will have to resist eating this one.  Sweet sugary maple adds the finishing touch to this fabulous fall fragrance.

When October Goes: Soap And AS, This is a complex Fall Scent: We start off with Crisp Apples & Oranges intertwined with Wood & Leaves that have fallen to the dewy earth, blended with deep notes of woods. Rounded out with a touch of Tobacco.

First Line Shave 

Room 237 Soap and AS: The fragrance is inspired by Kilian’s Single Malt which captures the unique aroma of a well-aged barrelreserved single malt, an instant shot of ripe plum immediately gives the initial boozy aroma of the whisky that is followed by a wheat accord and embedded with tolu balsam and a sensually warm vanilla.

Soap Commander 

Heritage Soap & AS:Our Fall 2021 Scent celebrates the Caramel Apple.  unique backgrounds we’ve each come from and the fresh futures we are forming for the next generation. Our current thoughts, decisions, and courses of action shape the heritage of those who come after usc pumpkin, Peach 

Strategy Soap & AS: 2020:  In terms of fragrance notes, STRATEGY stands on Teakwood, Mahogany, & Lavender with supporting tones of Geranium, Oak, and Cedar. 

Sudsy  Soapery 

Pumpkin Spice: Like a pumpkin pie, with all the rich undertones of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, topped with piles of whipped cream, order yours today.

Noble Otter 

Northern Elixir Soap: 

Summers… ugh. Who enjoys the heat? No one! Bring back the cold air of winter with Northern Elixir! With notes of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Frost, Northern Elixir is a great fresh smelling cooling soap. Made with only essential oils for the fragrance. Bring back the cool winter air!


Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver,

Humphrey Handmade

Hot Apple Cider:Soap, HOT APPLE CIDER soap is all about fall, and is a unique apple cider blend with ginger root, goji berry, cassia root and subtle green field notes. This is a PERFECT and spot on apple cider scent.

Killer Clown:Soap,KILLER CLOWN soap smells just like the fresh, sugary scent of cotton candy made fresh at the fair. The bright red puck resembles a clown nose, and the label features fun polka dots up the sides. Amazing soft soap, will not dry out your skin like glycerin soaps often do due to the added oils.

Little Soap of Horrors, LITTLE SOAP OF HORRORS soap is clear in color, but glows in the dark when the lights go out. It’s eye-catching and smells oh so good. It smells like a tropical juicy blend of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla. Very similar to a Sex on the Beach cocktail.

Pumpkin Spice: Soap, I know that autumn is the season for ‘pumpkin everything,’ but who says you can’t enjoy the scent year-round? Pumpkin Spice is a classic and enticing blend of pumpkin puree, freshly ground nutmeg and a pie crust accord.

Redrum: Soap, REDRUM is a wonderful Bay Rum scent that has the fresh essence of bay leaves with the bright enjoyment of orange peel and zest.

Spoopy: Soap, SPOOPY Soap is all about fall, and is a unique apple cider blend with ginger root, goji berry, cassia root and subtle green field notes. This is a perfect apple cider scent, it smells just like a hay ride!

Vampire: Soap, Genuine blood orange essential oil gives VAMPIRE soap a delightful smell. Great for your skin and for aromatherapy uses, orange essential oil can act as a mild aphrodisiac. It can also act as an anti-inflamatory and has antiseptic properties. Aside from all of that, the scent is very relaxing and oh so yummy! Vampire is a gorgeous bright red color, definitely catches the eye.

Werewolf: Soap, Our WEREWOLF soap smells of Citrus Zest, Cedar Leaf, Rich Spices, Vetiver, White Pepper, Deep Musk and Light Patchouli. If you are familiar with the BBW Twilight Woods scent, this is very similar.

Mama Bears

Autumn Afternoon: Soap, Vibrant! A clean blend of herbs, falling leaves and clean fresh air. An invigorating scent and much requested. This is a wonderful masculine scent with a fresh air twist.

Fall Leaves: Soap, Damp, woody, fresh and deep.. this is like a breath of fresh air while sitting on a pile of freshly raked leaves in the fall.

Pumpkin Spice: Soap, Pumpkin Spice is a delectable blend on cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger blended with pumpkin, a hint of harvest apple, caramel and cream. With a single whiff, your mouth will start to water and you will fall in love.

Spiced Apple Cider: Soap, in time for the Holidays! Fresh Apple Cider with Holiday Spices!.

Wet Shaving Products 

BlackBeard Soap and AS: captivates with bold tobacco and spices.

Lavenderwood Soap and AS: blends serene lavender with warm cedar

Chai Soap and AS: envelops you in cozy vanilla and fruit notes. 

Moon Soaps

Warmest Regards Soap:  This scent is perfect for a season of good cheer and chilly winds. Warmest Regards is a pleasing combination of amber, tonka, oud, rum, and musk. This deep aroma might bring to mind a warming drink before a roaring fire.

Hoffman’S Grooming 

Dead Hollow Soap, AS & More: Dead Hollow is a tale of a Halloweens underworld. The realm of between the living and the dead. SCENT NOTES:  PECAN | PUMPKIN | BUTTER | MAPLE | MUSK | VANILLA

Ripper’s Alley Soap, AS & More: This is an homage to one of life’s unsolved crimes. The infamous Jack The Ripper. This mystery has fascinated me for a very long time. So we had to do one for Halloween.SCENT NOTES:  VIOLET | BURCH | MUSK | CEDAR | LAVENDER

Beautifully Disguised Soap, AS & More: You ever know someone but they turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing? They put on that sweet innocent face but turns out to be the devil in disguise? SCENT NOTES:  VANILLA | EXOTIC WOODY NOTES | WHITE ORCHIDE | EBONY

Blood and Sand Soap, AS & More: This is a metaphoric tale/analogy of a person fighting for their freedom. This can be a physical fight, mental fight or financial fight. You also might be lost and trying to find your way back home. SCENT NOTES:  ORIENTAL WOODY NOTES | AMBERWOOD | SAGE  | BOURBON PEPPER PATCHOULI | APPLE

Special Announcement 

Really excited to bring this to you! I wrote a book dedicated to Straight Razor Shaving.

Hence, while I’ve been quiet lately. This book will debut on Nov 8th and will be available on Amazon internationally.  

Debuting as a Paperback book, I have plans to add an Ebook option sometime in January. This book has been created, edited and published solely by myself and took 3 years to make it a reality.  

The book will be available for distribution, so if you are a vendor and would like to carry the book in your brick and mortar or webstore please email me.  

Stay Tuned to my blog site and my youtube account for official information on November 8th! 

Previous Fall Seasonal Specials

As with every year, the time has come for the Annual Fall Seasonal Special.  

This special edition podcast is dedicated to the fall releases from vendors/artisans alike from all over the world. 

Previous Years Shows:  See how much has changed !  








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Transcript (Machine-Generated)

You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk, powered by Sharpologist dot com, where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host, Joe Berlin. Today is the 2023 Fall Seasonal Special. Hello everyone. Welcome to the annual Fall Seasonal Special. Very excited to be bringing the show to you.

I do apologize, it is after Halloween. A few issues came up, one being that I had laryngitis for a week so I wasn’t able to talk and I just tried doing a couple of sample runs. It just didn’t sound good. So I’m feeling better. Not 100% with my voice, but good enough to to do a nice podcast this week. Yeah. So I do apologize for being late.

A few things for the show today though. We’re going to do the fall Signal special, go over the vendors and stuff, and then I have that special announcement I’ve been talking to you guys about and telling you about. I’m going to announce it at the end of the podcast. So I’m very excited to be bringing this to you and to be giving, um, you know, more information on this at the end. So I’m going to keep it on the cliffhanger. Hopefully you’re not going to look for a spoiler and scroll through the notes.

But yeah, it’s really something that I’ve, um, really excited about and really happy to bring to you guys today. So without further ado, let’s get on with the show. So with the fall season of Special Guys, really what this goes if this is your first year listening, I go through all of the vendors that we have that’s out there for wet shaving, and I go through a lot of their products and talk about their fall stuff. Meaning if fall is the biggest season of the year for seasonal items in wet shaving and in a lot of industries as well, and talking about the vendors and bringing it all to like a whole spot to where you can find everything, what they’re doing this year and, you know, possibly go out and purchase if you want or if you don’t, if you just want to see, it’s pretty cool.

You know, a lot of interesting stuff here. Now, we’ll be honest, I’ve been doing this for I think this is the seventh one right now. There’s quite a few of them out there. At the end of the show notes. There’s a link to every show, so if you want to go scroll through or listen to them, that’s great. You can scroll through and look at the items. There is going to be a lot of replications because a lot of the vendors redo the same stuff every year, but there’s also some new stuff as well.

So our first vendor of this year is Barrister and Man Bringing Back Hallows in its 10th year of production. That’s right. Barrister Man debuted this on this very popular fall scent. He right here on Sharpologist. In the 2013 scent off, there was a competition where Barrister Man entered the scent Hallows, which was like a damp, earthy scent for the fall season. And since then there have been several editions, usually every other year. This is one of the ones that I like to purchase, so I usually get one of them every every time it comes out. And and this year has been the 10th anniversary, believe it or not. So Hallows is offered in a soap, aftershave, and a lot of other items as well. Scented items as well, including t shirts and stuff.

Taking inspiration from the swamps and churchyards of the city of Boston, it’s combines with like an oak moss, black pepper, a T vector and cocoa scent with cedar producing a deep cold like a scent based on the chilly, bitter days of of an October afternoon in Boston. It’s very gloomy, it’s very mossy and very, um. Well, honestly, it’s like a very, uh, very fall like wet scent. So you would see that you would be just walking around through, like the woods or something like that. Very unique and available now through Barristan man. They also came out with Levithan, which is an annual release or a semi-annual release for For the Fall, which is a sandalwood coffee and Russian leather scent. Also available in soap and aftershave. And there’s a couple of other items there. Fujairah classic classic Classic Soap, which is a rich floral, kind of like another one of those like mossy oak, mossy type scented excuse me soaps, which also has bergamot and geranium, has jasmine flower and says a lot of other things as well in there. So it kind of keeps that like that earthy scent with a little bit of sweetness from the flowers, a little bit of a nice, nice scent on that.

Phoenix. Artisan Accoutrements is always one that come out with a lot of stuff. This year, again returning clown fruit soap and as this this soap actually glows in the dark and has a sense of wormwood, Hungarian oak, elderflower and absinthe. It’s a very boozy type scent that, like I said, glows in the dark. Pretty cool. I also is again returning again for the fourth or fifth year. Blue Samhain is out, and what this one does is this is more of like a fall festival. It’s in dedication to that fall festival. So it’s got a sense of pumpkin, sandalwood, burnt sugar and oak barrel.

This is back for year number 6 or 7. I believe you have cider House which is based on apple cider. So it’s a nice apple cider with a little bit of a of a little smoke essence to it as well. Harvest moon, which is more of a ood and green tobacco with a black currant absinthe kind of essence to it as well, and a little bit of smoke and mossy. So that’s more of a along the lines of like a Hallows type sense, more like a, like a walking around a damp smell. You have. Grove, which is. Oakwood, cranberry and currant and moss with a little bit of a touch of apricot.

This is a cool, crisp, boozy and like essence for like a nice walking through a. Like an orange grove or something like that in a in the excuse me in the fall, which really in Florida would be more of a little of a difference because it doesn’t get too hot, but it does have that kind of a when I was looking at this, that Oakwood cranberry current smell is kind of like that little fall scent that you would get. I thought that was pretty cool with the Grove. I’m not sure if that’s what he based it on, or if he base it on more like a probably more of a northern scent. And then Brier, which is tobacco, Oakwood and vanilla. And this is also available in a soap, aftershave and more as well.

So as usual you have Phoenix encroachments coming out with quite a few cents for the fall. And it does I, I have to say quite a few of them. I do have the, the um, a couple of them. The San win I have, I also have the, uh, the clown fruit as well, which is good. And I like it. That’s close, close and dark. So good. Good job there for Phoenix Arts and Accoutrements for 2023.

Returning against southern witchcraft, which basically everything that they do is based on false sense. I mean, they have it’s like it’s like Halloween, you have Autumn ash, which is available in a soap and and aftershave, which is really it’s, um, very spicy, dirty, smoky. It’s kind of like a, like burnt leaves with a little hints of maple. And then another like that cedar ish scent as well. Really nice. Again, that’s supposed to be like going through the leaves in the fall or burning leaves in the fall. Another Sam Salmon, uh, soap and aftershave, which is a based on like, the darker, like a pumpkin spice type thing. No spice in it, but it’s more of lines of bourbon. Pumpkin, very boozy. Has hints of sandalwood, nutmeg, vanilla, hazelnut and charred wood.

Trace matrix, which is again another classic inspiration or dedication to the The Day of the dead. It’s more of a floral house with a picture base with a few citrus top notes. So you have amber, oak, oak, moss, damp earth, rosewood, lavender, almond and a little bit of, um, like grapefruit oil in there as well, giving it that essence. So a nice little take on the fall season as well.

Uncle John’s returning with Drunken Pumpkin for, I believe, the seventh or eighth year. He’s been doing this every year. And this is also guys available, I believe most of the year. If you’re looking for it, you can get it all year round. It’s a pumpkin spice scent with more of a boozy notes and a little smokiness. At the end you have pumpkin spice, which is a regular pumpkin spice, so that’s based on the Pumpkin Spice Latte and pumpkin spice scent, and hot cider, which is really all about apple cider, hot apple cider with a little bit of clove in there, and of course, apples.

The big one for this year was from Holy Black. So if you’re not if you’re not familiar with Holy Black, the actual vendor, they go big and big and big. I guess you could just say big and big with their fall release. That’s usually their number one release of the year. There’s a lot of anticipation for it. There’s a lot of advertising for it. They they do a lot of commercials. They do a lot of work. Now, one thing that these guys do is everything they do is handmade.

So they literally will buy boxes, paint them, make them look old, decorate them themselves, do all of this stuff and they they type out like they’ll have like paperwork that goes with it to make it look authentic. They put lights in these things. They do a lot of work. It is a little bit more on the costly side. So this this release this year, the Alchemist box set was 100. It was $150. But they also offered a pre-order. If you’re if you’re a member and have your your you get text messages from them. So that was really nice this year.

So if you everybody got a chance to get one. So this year, The Alchemist boxset. It is a set where you can actually make your own. It’s a it’s a Cologne based type set. There’s no soap or anything with it and you can make your own scent. There’s several different items in there that that allows you to make your own scent, which is great. And then you can make your custom sets. It shows you a bunch of ingredients. It shows you the actual instructions and how to do it. And also it’s pretty cool. Set up with the bottle and the vials and stuff that have lights in them and really cool box. So interested to see how everybody is loving that. Yeah.

So bottom line is love the vendor, love everything that they do over there. And I think it’s really just every year again, they do some great stuff. I remember the first year they came out with that vial thing, the second year they came out with a lighted like, heckle and hot Hyde thing or whatever Dr. Jekyll and Hyde set up with like one setup for one and after shave another. And that came with lights in it and like sounds and stuff. They do a lot of work and they do it all by hand. And they sent it’s all available on to see on like Instagram and online as well.

Returning again. Sterling Soap Company This company has been making probably soap for one of the longest out of the out of all the groups here, of all the ones that we talk about still and still keeping true their roots this year, returning with hot apple cider, soap and aftershave and more, which is a scent that’s based on apple, cinnamon and clove, which really just keeps that nice. And then you have the best version of pumpkin spice that I can find. This is truly the best version that I’ve seen of pumpkin spice in a shave soap. I actually own it. I love pumpkin spice. This smells spot on like a pumpkin spice latte. And really it’s come back. I think he’s gone back to his old.

He’s changed the recipe around a few times, but he’s back to the old one. This one’s been around for almost ten years, and now it’s just it’s just really just. No, there’s no maple syrup anymore, like I used to do with it. It’s just straight up pumpkin spice and then autumn glory, which is more of a difficult scent to put into words, but it’s just more, more along the lines of a brisk fall morning with falling leaves so you can smell actual leaves and to see that. So again, pumpkin spice. Sterling, I believe again, you can get some of this stuff all year round. So if you don’t get it now and you really want to get it out of the fall season, you can still probably purchase a pumpkin spice soap from them.

Katie’s bubbles returning with a midnight dreary. This is a soap and aftershave available, and it’s a Edward Adalyn Pulpo excuse me inspired soap with notes of orchard lotus, spices, black currant and black truffle with a little hints of sandalwood and a little amber and vanilla in there as well. This is a really nice scent. This came out a few years ago, made by Katie’s Bubbles. Unaware.

If you’re not sure if you’ve never seen Katie’s Bubbles based out of I believe it’s based out of new Jersey and Chris has been working there. I’ve been doing this for several years now. I believe he’s in year 8 or 9, so he’s been around a long time. Good quality stuff, and they do quite a few releases here and there, most of them available for for the year. So you can get this one around the year round as well. What the face has a few. Again, they’re known for their some of their releases for the fall and in the winter they do a good job with Christmas time, which is an actual winter soap which is based on Christmas season. And I think that’s probably the best indicator of scent for that time of the year.

So I usually I have one of those as well. You love using it during Christmas, the Christmas season this year they came out with Fallen Leaves, which is basically a again, another zesty take on the fall season with leaves falling down, burst of orange juice with bergamot and a little bit of hint of rose petal as well, and then autumn soap and aftershave, which just came out again for several times a year. Excuse me several times. This is a third or fourth release, which just really takes back to the scent of actual the autumn season with hints of vanilla bean, apple cider, cinnamon and spun sugar.

Ginger’s garden Ginger’s garden has been around again. Another long time vendor coming out with Scully soap and aftershave. Scully tallow shaving soap is freshly turned, wet soil notes and teakwood. Cedar mushrooms, wet leaves and green moss take on that again. That’s a nice little stroll through the woods on a fall evening. Maple toddy, which is based on the actual Maple Toddy alcoholic beverage drink with hints of vanilla, hot buttered rum and caramelized sugar. And then, of course, their take on pumpkin spice aftershave and soap as well. Available in both both versions. And this is a really their take on the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Now black sheep grooming. Next up has been around again for a long time. Usually a lot of their stuff is based on fall and fall, since they do a lot of great highly methylated soaps, to which I think is really good. This year they have Drunken Pumpkin, which is which is actually, I believe it’s going to be a newer release for them. It’s limited and is hint with hints of dark pumpkin, aged rum and smoky whiskey. Smoky whiskey. Limited edition with with availability still as of as of right now. So there still have some left.

And declaration grooming. Also known for their shaving brushes and hand tied knots. Declaration grooming does make some soap and aftershave as well, and they do a lot of other items. It’s not just all about shaving brushes, although that is what I think. Probably most of us know them for a dark fall. Returning for a soap and aftershave combo. It’s a real no.

If you haven’t tried Dark Vault, it’s more along the lines of like the fall scent. Like, do you know that damp mossy? Kind of like that Hallows type scent with some extra smoke to it? It is a smoky, very smoky, um, scented soap. I’ve. I’ve tried it many times. Yeah. And there’s a lot of a lot of smoke to it. So if you love that smoky like, like burned wood scent, you will love this one. And it’s really based on like he advertises that there’s clove top notes, a little bit of cinnamon and birch tar, which I think is what that smokiness is. And really it’s just a bring that essence of burning leaves in fall on a fall day in Georgia. That’s what it’s based on. And for this year, something new. Peaches and cream, soap and aftershave. Very shortrillionun. So he’s saying, don’t let the name fool you.

Peaches and cream has a lot more to offer than than a basic Halloween scent. It’s warm, peach forward scent bolstered by amber, bourbon, cream and teak, and this is one of their favorite sets that they’ve done for the Halloween season. So definitely just for the fall season. Brand new for this year.

Moving along is Paladin shaving pallet and shaving is a shaving brush company that’s been making brushes for a while. And they do. They did their annual Halloween fall release of brushes, so they do like little Jack O’Lantern style brushes. I put the link of all the ones in the show notes and you can see that. So they did a couple of them. This is some of the older ones that I put on there, but they have some new ones as well. They actually have all of them lost. Excuse me loaded on, but you can see that those are my some of my favorite ones that they put in there.

They make new ones every year. And they also make some of the old favorites as well. Then you lay as a company that has been around for a while. Based on this, call it soap of the gods does excellent presentation. They do like little pumpkins in their stuff and their soap and everything they do. A really good presentation. Took a break a couple of years ago and came back. Back with everything that they previously offered. So you have quite a few fall scents from this company with great. I have to say the artwork is awesome and also the presentation is the best in the industry. Performance is really good too. They have a coffee, pumpkin latte, soap and aftershave. Which is it really? It’s just a their take on that on the actual famous fall drink with with aromas of heavy coffee and pumpkin and is just perfectly balanced with presentation. Yeah. Frosty pumpkin, which is a pumpkin spice with scented with pine cones and a little bit of touch of menthol to give you that little cool brisk. You have a pine pumpkin, which is. Made with real pumpkin juice, as well as all the other ones, are pumpkin puree and has notes of pineapple to add to it as well. So it gives it like a strong pumpkin with pineapple essence. You have pumpkin bread, which is again made with real pumpkin and a little bit of nutmeg to give you that bread essence.

So pumpkin bread when is baking in the oven, you have salted caramel pumpkin, which is a fairly newer scent for them. It’s only been around about coming in for this third year, which has got a caramel sweetness to it with a little drizzle of perfect pumpkin, and intertwines with a spicy. A little mix of cinnamon, clove and allspice with a little with a little sugar and some hints of nutmeg and fruit peel. So it gives you like a little bit of a, like a, like a cupcake essence to it. Spooky horror, which is a soap, is very different, but a little stranger with the the scent. Hard to kind of put this one into description, but it does have notes of juniper, coriander, grapefruit, lemon, clove and orange and and also a bark and fennel.

Sweet Autumn pie, which is basically their take on a pumpkin pie. Cinnamon and clove with real added pumpkin. And it does smell good enough to eat. Make sure you don’t eat it, but also added with a little sugar. It has a little essence of sugary maple syrup as well. And finally, when October goes soap and aftershave fall scent that starts off with crisp apples and oranges intertwined with wood and leaves that fallen into the dewy earth, blended with deep notes of woods rounded out with a touch of tobacco. So very nice. A lot of one going on there is that that’s their take on the fall season in general.

Moving along the first line shave. First line shave is a another one that does a lot of releases. They really like to go over above. And they did a little bit of a of a little inspiration soap this year to room 237. If you’re a fan of The Shining from either the book of the movie, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. And it’s inspired by Killeen’s Single Malt, which capper which really gets some Well-aged barrel serve Single Malt and Instant Shop of Plum. So it’s got a little plum essence. So definitely one of those different soaps out there for the fall season. Not sure I’ve ever smelled anything like this or use anything like this. A first line shave again goes all of all above and beyond with their with their releases. They’re another one that does something every year, something different, and also brings back some of the old ones to.

Soap commander has a couple of them as well. You have heritage, which was debuted in fall of 2021, celebrates the caramel apple, so it has a little pumpkin, peach and caramel apple essence and strategy, which is also from 2020, still available. Strategy stands on teakwood, mahogany and lavender with a little essence of essence of Jamaican excuse me, Jura, geranium and oak and cedar. Sorry, when you get into this, sometimes when you keep going, it gets you get on a roll. Some of these words I, they kind of roll off a little bit differently right. All right. And moving on.

Sudsy, soapy, sudsy soapy with pumpkin spice again returning for this year. Like just like a pumpkin pie with all the rich undertones of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon topped with piles of whipped cream. Order yours today. Noble order with the northern elixir soap while summer’s over. Who enjoys the heat? No one. So bring back that cold air with the northern elixir. This is kind of an essence to that northern lights. And bringing that back with you. Collect this peppermint, lavender, cedarwood, velvety and like a frosty essence to it. I’ll give you a little cold, little snap.

Humphrey handmade. This is a this is also another vendor exclusively available on next. Are. They do great work. It’s very small company, but he does a lot of fall releases that are available all year. So you have hot apple cider just in soap. They don’t make aftershave. It’s about fall really about the unique apple cider blend with ginger root. So nice to see that they do a little difference with that with the apple cider. They also do Killer Clown, which is really a scent of just cotton candy made in the fresh at the at the Fall Fair brings back the BRIGHtrillionED puck so it’s made in red, resembles a clown nose and fun polka dots on the side of the puck itself. Soft soap will not dry out and it has no added oil inside of it at all. So that’s Killer Clown was really based on cotton candy. You have Little Shop of Horrors, which is a completely clear soap that glows in the dark and has more a sense of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple, and vanilla. And then, of course, Pumpkin Spice. Their take on pumpkin spice, which is a classic blend of the actual latte itself. So he actually has coffee in itself. You have red rum, which is a wonderful Bay rum scent that’s has bay leaves infused with orange peel and zest. And then it’s called spoopy, which is all about fall and is a unique apple cider blended with ginger root, and also a couple other essence, a couple other items as well. So more along the lines of apple cider with a really strong ginger root with that nice scent of ginger. They also create.

They also have vampire which is blood orange and gives that really that that’s basically based on on that and has an orange essence as well, regular orange extract and a couple other items in there as well. Not too much else in that. So it’s vampires basically based on Blood Orange, you have werewolf, which is citrus, cedar leaf rich with spices, velvety white pepper and deep musk. Again, a little bit more on that fall type stroll in the woods type essence as well.

So a lot of vendors, if you guys notice of doing that, they want to keep that item, keep that. That’s what really what falls all about walking through the woods I guess in a nice damp day and getting that scent especially early in the morning or late at night when there’s no sun. And a lot of I got to tell you, a lot of vendors do go for that scent. So I mean, it is very and I personally love it myself.

Mama bear is coming back, one of the oldest vendors available right now. I think they’ve been around there on year 12 or 13. They’ve been around for a long time. Consistent production, consistent packaging and consistent distribution as well. Autumn afternoon, which is a blend of of a few herbs and also falling leaves and clean, fresh air’s. It’s what the scent profile is just in soap again, no, no aftershave with this fall leaves, which is again damp, woody and fresh and deep, like a breath of fresh air while sitting on a pile of freshly raked leaves in the fall.

Mama bears also has their take on pumpkin spice, which they’re a little what they also adds a cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger to theirs. With the with they actually they do a hint of harvest apple caramel and cream. And then you have spicy apple spiced apple cider, which is just based on that with clove and apples.

Moving along to wet shaving products based out of California. They have Blackbeard’s soap and aftershave, which has captivates both tobacco and spices. They have lavender wood, which is lavender and warm cedar, and chai soap and aftershave as well. This one’s also based on aftershave, cozy vanilla and fruit notes on that one.

Moon soaps coming out with warmest regard. Again, perfect for the fall season of good cheer and chilly winds. It’s a combination of amber, tonka, ood, rum and musk. And new for this year for 2023.

Hoffman’s grooming. Hoffman’s grooming is a relatively new vendor. New artisan. This year, they had a release of four different scents available in soap, aftershave, and more. There’s a lot of other scents for them. They have Dead Hollow Soap, which is a base scent. Notes are pecan, pumpkin, butter, and maple. You have Rippers Alley soap and aftershave, which is based on violet, birch, musk cedar and lavender beautifully disguised soap and aftershave, which is based on vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid and ebony. And then you have blood and sand, which is oriental woody notes, amber, wood, sage, bourbon, pepper, patchouli and apple.

And that, guys concludes the fall seasonal special for this year. Great turnout. I think we had a lot of different vendors show up and and bring stuff to the table here, which is really great. Really happy to been able to get all the stuff together. If you are a vendor and you and I missed you, or if I didn’t see it, one thing I would say I got to go through hundreds of vendors and now it’s about 125 this year. Please make it easy to see, because I only have a certain amount of time to go through and go through the website, so I do recommend doing fall releases, Halloween releases, or new releases on your website on a separate tab. It makes it a lot easier to find, and if I can find it, your customers can as well. So concluding the fall season of Special Guys, I wouldn’t.

I can’t finish this without telling you the special announcement. All right. And the special announcement is. I’m. Well, I’m really excited to bring this to you, but I wrote a book dedicated to straight razor shaving. That’s right. I’ve been at it for quite a while. It’s been several years that I started this project and it is finished. There’s a picture of the preliminary cover in the show notes. That’s what it’s going to be, what it’s going to look like. And it will be available at Amazon starting on November 8th. I will be able for available for purchase. It’s approximately it’s 80 pages of a whole how to guide on straight razor shaving, how to shave, how to collect, how to hone, how to strop all in one book. It’s took a lot of time to build this book up, and I could tell you this is probably 3 to 5 years in the making. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and something that I’ve been able to do finally. So it is done. It is done 100% submitted, ready to go. And the beauty of it is I none of this had any I content. This is all just Joe writing. Me writing, right?

This is all my writing. This is all based on what I’ve done. And also a lot of pictures are original. Most of the I take out of all the pictures in the book, 90% of them are mine and just really just a how to book on how to straight razor shave. You know, I’ve been looking around. There are quite a few of them, but none of them. Recently I haven’t seen a wet shaving book out, especially on the how to guide of Straight razor shaving in quite some time. So I thought this would be a little modern take on it has modern practices, has like, you know, honing with a goal instead of just honing process. You know, how to do different styles of honing, like the unique plot, the duplicate, you know, diluting method, stuff like that, how to collect, how to customize razors. It’s just a really good, easy to read guide that I thought would be fun to do. And you know something I’ve been wanting to do for some time about a couple of years now. And finally I did it. So it’s done. So just letting everybody know.

It. Will be primarily available on Amazon. I will be posting this on the Shave Straight and Safe website when it becomes live on November 8th with a link to it, and I will. I do have plans on doing a book, but not until January, so I really wanted to come out as a paperback book to start. It is a paperback book and it’s just something that I wanted to do first before I do the e-book, but I will planning to do an e-book in January or February, whichever. You know this this depending on how the paperback does. It will be available for distribution. So everything is copyrighted. I own the ISBN on it, so Amazon will be able to distribute the book to other places as well. So if you have a wet shaving shop and you want to carry it, or if you have, you know, somebody, your local bookstore, you want to carry it, that’ll be great. You can do that. That’ll be after two weeks of itrillioneleased, I think about a week or two after.

So just in time for the holiday season, guys, it is going to be available on November 8th on I will have it link and official like welcome or I guess celebration, I don’t know, website like page on my website. Starting on the eighth, it will be coming out on the eighth with the link to it and everything so well. I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope you will. If you do purchase it, let me know what you think. Completely written by me again. No, I know no stuff like that. It’s completely self published too. I did all the editing for it. I did all of the the picture, the design, the cover and everything. So it’s all you’re getting all me on this one. So really hope you enjoy it again. Stay tuned to the blog site November 8th. I’ll have the launch on that and and hope you enjoy it. If it’s something you’re looking for. And I’m thinking about doing a couple giveaways on the podcast as well with a couple of books for the holidays, I will let you guys know in the future as well on that one.

So also guys looking into the show notes, if you want to take a look at previous fall seasonal specials, they are all they’re linked in the show notes right underneath the book special announcement part of it. And that’s it guys. That’s it. That concludes the podcast for this week. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks. Again sorry I got again this year. For me it’s been I’ve been sick a lot this year. Not too too great. Not too happy about that either. But hey, what can you do? I’m doing okay. I’ll be fine. Next podcast will be on 13th of November. Until then, shave straight, shave safe. Bye bye. Now.

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts

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