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The Best Head Shaver Razor

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Shaving your head can be intimidating, but can be an affordable, low-maintenance option. Still, it’s important to find a comfortable razor for your head. I’ve been shaving my head over the summer for a while now and I’ve tested a bunch of razors over the years, so here are my best razors for head shaving in 2022.

Things To Consider When Buying A Razor For Shaving The Head

When you are planning to buy a razor for the head, you’ll discover that there are plenty of options.  A razor should be chosen only after considering the various factors like your budget, hair texture, durability, skin compatibility, etc. 

Razor Type

Broadly speaking there are electric razors and manual razors.  Since I use traditional safety razors on my face I decided against using an electric razor for my head, so I’ll be concentrating on manual razors for this article.  But that will include both single blade and blade cartridge types.

Razor Handle And Grip

Shaving the head has some specific characteristics, including shaving “blind” in some spots, so a good grip and an ergonomic handle are important.  This is one area where a short handle, like a travel razor, will be a disadvantage.

Blades And “Aggressiveness”

Some other “baldies” may disagree with me but when it comes to shaving the head I find that generally fewer blades in a cartridge are better than more blades.  In fact I generally prefer a single blade for shaving.

And I think the razor should be relatively “mild” to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs on sensitive areas of the head.


On the other hand I think a razor with a pivoting head is really handy for shaving the head.  I know some prefer the stable head of an un-pivoted single blade safety razor but for me a pivoting head makes more for a more consistent shave.


When researching a head shaving razor you’ll come across a wide range of price tags. Remember that price consideration goes hand in hand with the technology and features of the razor you’ll find useful.

Five Razors For Shaving The Head That I Like Best

[Ed. Note: Amazon,, and OneBlade links are Sharpologist affiliate.]

HeadBlade Moto Men’s Head and Skull Shaving Razor

The HeadBlade Moto is my favorite razor for shaving my head. It is equipped with a sleek design and a soft finger ring. This allows the skull shaver to roll into the turns and hug the shaving surface. 

The razor is easy to grip and manipulate: it has a dual-axis suspension, allowing the razor to roll into the turns and hug the shaving surface. The razor’s narrow body allows the razor to shave around my ears easily. 

The razor comes with a “HB4” blade cartridge.  I know I mentioned I prefer a single blade in a previous section, but the HeadBlade cartridge works well for me, too.  The Moto also accommodates the “HB6” blade cartridge but I find that over-kill.

By the way, I’ve read that Dorco cartridges can be used on the Headblade Moto with a slight modification, but I’ve never tried it.

I used the Headblade ATX a few years ago but the Moto works better for me.

OneBlade Core

oneblade core razor

I know Mantic59 is a big fan of OneBlade razors and the OneBlade Core is my favorite “dual purpose” razor–head and face for those times I decide to do everything at once. I’ve tried several single-blade razors, and this shaves me the best, with less irritation and ingrown hairs. The OneBlade Core’s single blade is sharp and the pivoting head is just right to glide over my head (and face) without pulling or tugging.  It’s easy for me to shave against the grain, too, should I want to.  

I find the handle is lightweight but ergonomic, and made of a polymer with a solid stainless steel core for weight and balance. 

The Core is less expensive than other single-blade razors, making it a good option for budget-conscious shavers.

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Leaf Razor

The Leaf Razor is a sleek, highly engineered shaving tool that can accept one, two, or three half-double-edge razor blades (I used two when I used it on my head). The head pivots from its base, enabling it to adjust to your preferred angle. The triangular head shape is a bit large and not the best for tight areas, but allows for a close, comfortable shave, and the multi-blade flexibility allows for just the right amount of performance you want for your shave. 

The Leaf Razor is pricey, but it’s cheaper than those disposable razors in the long run and it’s far sturdier so it should last you for years.

Gillette SkinGuard Razor

gillette skinguard razor

The Gillette SkinGuard razor is specifically designed for sensitive skin. It has 2 blades plus a guard that helps protect your skin from the blade. The SkinGuard feature comes with a lubrication before and lubrication after each use.

The SkinGuard cartridge is compatible with Gillette Fusion handles: using one with the “flexball” feature helps me shave around head contours much like the Headblade Moto above.

Because of its relatively low price-of-entry and wide availability, I think the Gillette SkinGuard Razor is an excellent choice for those who are new to shaving their head and don’t want to spend a lot of money to try it, or who are concerned about the irritation that can come from using traditional drug store razors. 

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The Omnishaver is an all body hair removal razor that is designed to be able to shave in two opposite directions. It is easy to use and can theoretically shave in half the time, but it doesn’t feel as comfortable to me as other razors on this list. 

How To Shave Your Head

There are a number of ‘how to shave your head’ articles on the internet, including an excellent tutorial here on Sharpologist, so I won’t dwell on it here.  I will just stress a few things that work well for me:

  • Preparation–I’ve found a thorough cleansing (with a mild cleanser) and rinsing is important for a good head shave.  I usually do it in the shower.
  • Lather–I personally prefer a really good shave cream over a soap, gel, or oil for shaving my head.  And I make my lather on the thick side.
  • Grain–I shave a pass generally with the grain (for me that’s “back-to-front”) then another one generally against the grain (“front-to-back”)–though I don’t slavishly follow every twist and turn of the grain.
  • Frequency–I shave my head only once every two or three days.

And for tips about dealing with shaving with sunburn on a shaved head, check out Joe Borrelli’s comments on this Wet Shaving Talk podcast (at about 15:30)!


A good aftershave balm is essential for a head shave.  And while Sharpologist has some good recommendations I’ve found that a product with SPF is really important to my bald head.  I’ve been using Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with great success.


When shaving your head it is important to use a sharp and reliable razor. All of the razors on this list have been great for shaving my head.  The best one for you may depend on your individual preferences. If you’re not sure which razor is right for you, experiment with a few to find the one that feels best. Happy shaving!

About The Author: Otto Wright is a budding author and traditional wet shaver.

Otto Wright

Otto Wright

I am a men's grooming enthusiast, particularly interested in traditional wet shaving, who also happens to be a freelance author.View Author posts


4 thoughts on “The Best Head Shaver Razor”

  1. I haven’t yet used a razor designed specifically for the noggin, but have been considering it. I use the same DE razor I use on my face and it is generally a delightful experience.

  2. I discovered Gillette came out with a new razor specifically for the head. It’s called the Gillette Baldy. I love this razor. It’s only 2 blades that are very apart so it’s like shaving with a DE razor. It feels super light on your head as it glides over. I’m very impressed with this razor.

  3. I used to shave my head with a cartridge razor, but once I got brave enough to try a DE razor I found I could use any shaver that I used on my face. My favorites for the head include the Timeless Bronze, the Razorock BBS, and the Razorock Hawk v3. These are all mild, solid-bar razors. I also frequently use the Razorock Game Changer P-84 — not as mild as the others but an excellent shaver.

  4. Thanks for the article. I have used both the OneBlade (Genesis) and the Leaf, and preferred the Leaf for head shaving. I recently purchased the Supply New SE injector razor and really like it for head shaving. You might give that a try if you prefer single blade razors. I prefer it to the OneBlade and possibly the Leaf. I will need to shave with it more to make a final judgement in comparison to the Leaf.

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