Niche’ Cleaning Wipes For Men


I admit it…I’m not the most “active” guy out there.  I’m middle-aged.  I have a desk job.  My idea of “roughing it” is staying at a  motel that doesn’t have room service.  I don’t work up a sweat too often.  So when I was offered some Niche’ For Men cleaning wipes to evaluate for Sharpologist I didn’t think they were for me, and I didn’t really know if I would use them at all.  I was wrong.

Bison’s Front Pocket Wallet (+ Giveaway & Discount!)

Bison Front Pocket Wallet

Recently Matt of Razor Emporium turned me on to Bison, a high-end leather products site.  They have some really interesting products, including straight razor strops (I thought strops were either two inches wide or three inches wide, but their strops are 2.5 inches!).  Another wet shaving site got “dibs” on reviewing the strops but they asked me if I might be interested in looking at one of their other products. I like to use wallets made for the front pocket, particularly when I travel: they are a less tempting target for those who might have nefarious plans in crowded public…

Shaving on vacation: an epilogue

Shaving out of a suitcase ...

Several weeks ago, I reached out to the readers of to ask how you would go about shaving on vacation. It’s easy if you check a bag: just bring everything. But I’m a light packer, and going to Las Vegas, I wanted to bring a little piece of old-school wet shaving with me. No Gillette Fusion and canned goo for me, as tempting as that was.

Tips for shaving on vacation?

How to pack for a long weekend?

Next month, I’m heading to fabulous Las Vegas. It’s my first trip there since I started wet shaving. And, since it’s a long weekend, I’d like to shave while I’m there. 

Travel Shaving

Yesterday I shaved with Men-U shaving cream, using an Omega synthetic brush (very inexpensive, dries quickly after use, and fits easily into an old prescription pill tube for travel) and a “Mach3 Disposable,” a new (cheap) version of the Mach3 line. I can only describe the performance of the M3D as ghastly. Terrible shave: it seemed like the blades were dull right out of the package. If I were more of a cynical person I would suspect that it was another example of the accusation often leveled at Gillette, that they reduce the performance of older products on purpose to…