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Shaving Away from Home: No Need to Borrow Grandpa’s Razor Anymore

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These days, there are lots of “If’s, and’s, and but’s” about shaving comfortably while traveling away from home: You can shave but you can’t take your regular razor with you. You can shave if you use a cheap travel razor. You can shave and use your regular shaving cream if you buy travel size. Although all transportation modes need consideration, this is most often true when it comes to traveling by plane; with so many regulations, stipulations, and qualifications revolving around everything having to do with blades, liquids, cans, and containers, it’s no wonder that so many people can get confused about the best ways to shave away from home.

Thankfully, there are some good products and tips out there to help you sort through the maze of what will help and what will not when it comes to travel shaving, and these apply regardless of how you’re traveling:

Consider Where You’re Going and How You’re Getting There

If you will be traveling up north to an area for a week of knee-deep snow and skiing, you may not be as adamant about getting the best shave possible across your entire body. On the contrary, if you’re headed south for a week of sand and sun, then yep; you’ll probably want razors and creams that will do a top-notch job.

Are you flying by plane? Driving your car? Probably the most important consideration is whether or not you’ll be boarding a plane. There are specific regulations regarding razor blades in addition to containers of liquids and creams, along with aerosols. You’ll most likely pack different items depending on whether you’re driving or flying: On planes, for example, you cannot carry on any containers with more than about 3 oz. of liquid and for most airlines, aerosol cans are a no-no. If you’re flying with only one carry-on bag, you’ll need smaller products than you would if you were driving and taking a large suitcase. If you are flying, be sure to check with your airline for its specific regulations.
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“Travel Razor” No Longer Means “Sub-Par” Razor

In days past, when it came to travel razors, all we had to pick from was either a plastic-handled little thing with a single blade or another plastic-handled little thing with a single blade – not much of a choice! These days, though, you can find travel razors with several blades in the head, some with handles that are nice and heavy that come in two pieces for easy storage, and some that will resist rust, resist bacteria, resist breakage – the list goes on. Don’t limit yourself to the standard, stereotypical, outdated plastic single-blade razor.

While we’re on the subject of blades, you should know that the Transportation Security Administration never allows loose razor blades on any carry-on luggage. You can bring the loose single blades in checked bags, but don’t try to carry any on the plane with you.

Hotel Toiletries Are Your Friends

Let’s face it: Some hotels are just more accommodating than others, and yours may or may not provide toiletries to guests. If you’ll be staying at a hotel or inn of any kind, call before you leave home and ask them if they have razors and shaving cream available at the front desk. If they do, don’t fuss over trying to bring your own – especially if you’re flying. You have other things to focus on when it comes to your travels, and you pay for your hotel – use it to your full advantage and pick up a razor and cream at the desk when you get there.

If you use a shaving brush and love a good lather, chances are pretty good that most hotels don’t have brushes and such for you, so plan accordingly. There are plenty of great travel brushes out there to consider!

Organize Your Way to a Better Shave

Regardless of where you’re going or how you’ll be getting there, it helps to keep things organized and tidy when traveling. Sure, you can always just take along your regular stuff and dump it into one of your bags – you’re bound to find it eventually upon arrival, right?
The thing is that you aren’t going to want to search for your shaving stuff upon arrival. Consider purchasing a good travel shave set that comes with small, light handles and blades that come in their own travel bags, tubes, or pouches. Look for razors that disassemble to fit into small areas and take up less room in your bag.

Creams, Soaps, and Lathers

If you’re one of the lucky folks who can grab a mini container of their favorite shaving cream off the store shelf, more power to you. But what about those of us who use a product in a big old heavy jar? You might be able to scoop some of your product into a smaller travel container, but be careful that you don’t have more than 3 oz. at a time there if you’ll be flying. Trying to scoop and scrape can get frustrating, time-consuming, and messy.

As an alternative, if you don’t want to purchase a smaller travel-size container of standard shaving cream, consider purchasing a small puck of shaving soap. These pucks can be stored in cases with plastic lids and can be found just about anywhere.

Aftershave can be incredibly underrated these days, but if you’ll be out and about in the sun, you may want to get a small bottle of some that contains sunscreen. If you don’t need the sunscreen, still consider taking some along with you to soothe your skin after using your travel razor on it. Traveling to and staying in a different environment than your home can dry out your skin, so be sure to moisturize.

Take It Easy

The final tip for you to consider when shaving away from home is to relax. It would do you well to not expect that mega-close, super-smooth skin after your shave at home; it may not happen with travel accessories and supplies. Go for a shave that makes you look presentable without causing irritation and excessive dryness, and leave it at that. You’ll find that overall, you’ll be much more comfortable without razor burn when you’ve prepared accordingly for the traveling you’ll be doing.

About The Author:
Darnell Henderson is a licensed Skin Care Therapist and founder of HIMistry.  “I am convinced that it is possible to provide reasonably priced men’s grooming products that enhance rather than detract from good health.”

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  1. I travel on business about 200 days a year. I have a travel bag which contains a synthetic shaving brush, a vintage Gillette Tech razor, a shave stick, a small tube of Bigelow shaving cream, a travel size bottle filled with witch hazel. If I check my bags I include some razor blades in the luggage. If I don’t check my bag I stop off at a pharmacy, grocery, or other store and pick up some blades. In the past five years I have never had a problem finding DE blades on my travels.

  2. Getting a good shave while travelling is not all that complicated. I pack a Gillette Fusion razor, a small plastic jar which I fill with my favorite shaving cream, and a Simpson Case shaving brush. I use whatever moisturizer the hotel provides as an aftershave.

  3. The article asks “Are you flying by plane?”
    I didn’t realize there was a way to fly without taking a plane.

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