Debunking–Or Not–6 Skincare Myths


Some myths are older than our great grandmothers and some seem to have arisen from new technology and skincare products. Whatever the origin, they can derail our best intentions when it comes to taking optimal care of our skin. We asked La Jolla, California dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart to  confirm or debunk skincare myths.

What To Do When A Skincare Disaster Strikes


It’s something almost everyone fears: Waking up on the day before or day of a big event such as a wedding, reunion, business interview, or first date with an unsightly skincare emergency. How many women have cancelled that first date because a cold sore erupted? How about cystic acne on your chin that appears the day before your wedding? While neither of these are “life threatening” conditions, there are solutions. Dr. Susan Stuart is a La Jolla board certified dermatologist and co-founder of La Jolla Plastic Surgery & Dermatology. As a female dermatologist, she is not immune to these skincare…

Skincare and Diet for Men: Get a Great Complexion by Eating Well


  You can buy the most expensive, high-end products, but if your diet is lacking, your skin is always going to be less than stellar. So what should you be eating to achieve that dashing glow? Read on and find nutrient-and-antioxidant-packed superfoods that make you look (and feel) like Superman.

After The Shave – How to Update Your Skincare Products for Fall & Winter


The fall is a perfect time to renew and recharge especially when it comes to your skincare routine.  “Autumn is the time to reverse summer skin damage while readying your regimen for the cold, dry weather ahead,” says Dr. Michael Tick. “What many people don’t know is that products appropriate for summer heat should be replaced by formulas that contain nourishing ingredients to keep skin hydrated in the dry fall and winter months.” Below, Dr. Tick reveals essential ingredients to look for in your skincare products to ease your skin through this seasonal transition.

Summer Skincare Tips for Men


Summer is coming, and while there are many reasons to rejoice for warmer temperatures, including summer barbecues, swimsuit season, and leisurely boat trips; there are also a few downsides to the constant sunshine. Sun exposure, wind, and dry air can all wreak havoc on your skin. Taking care of your skin is not just for the ladies any more! Men want their skin to look good as they age as well. If you are a man who wants to preserve the good skin that nature gave you, the following tips can help. You will need to create a summertime skincare…