Piccadilly Shave Products

piccadilly by andy eick

The Piccadilly Shaving Company is a new wet shaving brand cut from the same cloth as the established British shaving brands.  I got a chance to try their flagship shaving cream along with a few other of their products, all sandalwood scented.

Jack Black Supreme Shave Cream – Macadamia Nut Oil, Soy

jack black shave cream

Recently, I was visiting our local beauty supply place to get my wife a hairbrush (oh, the things I do). I know they carry Art of Shaving, Jack Black’s and a few other shaving brands, so I asked if they had any shaving samples, and sure enough, they gave me a plethora of samples of Jack Black’s shaving products. On to the shave!  

Bee Bald

bee bald

Bee Bald recently sent us some samples of their products, oriented for head (and face) shaving and care.  They said their products “are packed with effective, high-quality ingredients including Honey and Bee Pollen, proven to have superior hydrating, antioxidant and antiseptic properties.”  That piqued our interest so we gave a set to Jeff Sherman (one of Sharpologist’s resident baldies) for his dome and a set to Mark (mantic59) who used them on his face.  Here are their comments:

Caswell Massey Turns From The Dark Side

BBdteQHCcAAiNtO.jpg large2

While major shaving names like DR Harris,  Art of Shaving and Trumper’s appear to have recently reformulated some of their shaving creams and soaps into what some say may be inferior products (compared to what they were), Caswell Massey’s recent reformulation and launch of their new Shave Essentials line seems to have gone in the opposite direction: products that are better than their predecessors.

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Rose shave cream

By Any Other Name

Good Day folks, after posting a few reviews on my own review site, our good host Mantic59 has graciously offered to host a few of my reviews on this here fine website. Needless to say, I’m honoured, and will be posting here frequently. So, to start things off, I’ll be reviewing Taylor of Old Bond Street Rose shave cream. TOBS describes it as a “floral accord with notes of rose and geranium with hints of spicy clove and cinnamon.”