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Bee Bald

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bee baldBee Bald recently sent us some samples of their products, oriented for head (and face) shaving and care.  They said their products “are packed with effective, high-quality ingredients including Honey and Bee Pollen, proven to have superior hydrating, antioxidant and antiseptic properties.”  That piqued our interest so we gave a set to Jeff Sherman (one of Sharpologist’s resident baldies) for his dome and a set to Mark (mantic59) who used them on his face.  Here are their comments:

Jeff’s Comments On Bee Bald

I’m not big on products that position themselves as “for bald guys.” I choose to shave my head because I like it and it’s easy. I don’t necessarily need special products to facilitate this. I usually whatever shaving cream’s (usually Aveeno) in the shower and can pretty much shave my dome without thinking much less looking at a mirror. It’s habit and the amazing Gillette Fusion Power Proglide razor is so darn good that I never worry about nicks or cuts. So, when products like Bee Bald Man Care come into the office I’m a bit hesitant to try them. Yet changing a routine has its benefits so I sampled Bee Bald Scrub and Shave. First, hats off to the company for the safety seals on its samples. Too many sample products come without foil under the caps and when they do I seem to not trust them as much.
The scrub went on nicely, and seemed to provide a nice, deep clean. With Bentonite and Kaolin clays and, of course honey extract (thus the name Bee) it also smells nice. I rarely use anything but a mild soap on my face and head but might consider adding this to the mix. The headliner here, though, is the shave product. It’s slick. Very slick. Like, almost too slick. It doesn’t clog the razor and almost makes the shave feel like a walk over ice. This stuff is the real deal. I’d caution if you’re not a head shave pro to take it slowly since the properties of Salicylic Acid make the razor nearly shave by itself. I’m sold on this stuff and I’m guessing that if my wife steals it one morning that her legs will thank her and she’ll be hooked too.

Mark’s Comments On Bee Bald

Scrub: I’m not a huge fan of scrubs, as most of them are much too gritty for my taste.  But the Bee Bald scrub is a bit milder than others and (more importantly to me) rinsed off quickly and cleanly!  I like this scrub.
Clean: The highlight of the line for me.  Pleasant, honey-ish scent and it seemed very effective with cleaning up the skin without drying it out at all.
Shave: I’m used to traditional (e.g. brush-applied), higher-end products so I thought this brushless cream was just “OK.”  It went on my face easily and did not clog the razors I tried it with (DE and Cartridge) but there was more tugging than I’m used to.  Decent cushioning though!
Heal: An aftershave that is actually quite light and goes on very easily.  My nose did not detect a scent.
Smooth: A moisturizer that is noticeably heavier than Heal but is not overly-greasy and leaves my skin feeling supple.

Sharpologist Staff

Sharpologist Staff

4 thoughts on “Bee Bald”

  1. I’m a head shaver too, and like you I prefer traditional lathering creams and soaps for shaving my head. I was really impressed by both the scrub and cleaner.

  2. Thank you for this review. Really enjoyed reading your take on it.
    I’ve seen the Bee Bald products around and it really looks like an interesting line. Good to know how it compares to a cream like Aveeno. Though, would you know how it compares to other creams, scrubs, and post shave products geared towards head shavers (like HeadBlade or Bald Guyz)?

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