What Is The Best Shaving Brush?


Sharpologist has previously looked at the "best" DE razors, shaving creams, and shaving soaps.  Now it is time to look at shaving brushes.  There are many, many varieties of brushes, available from small "garage" artisans and long-established companies.  Let's try to make some … [Read more...]

A Synthetic Brushes Update and Overview – Generations

brush group

Last year Mark (Mantic), James SanSouci, Wim Bouman, Teiste Brito, and I, conducted a test of synthetic brushes.  The final results of the testing can be seen at the link HERE. In addition I developed a series of articles in which the origins and history of synthetic brushes … [Read more...]

What Is The Best DE Razor?


[UPDATED December, 2015] "What is the best double edge safety razor?" I get the question all the time.  Unfortunately there's no easy answer.  Unlike razors with multi-blade, pivoted cartridges that come from a few large multi-national companies and manufactured to a very … [Read more...]