Mantic59′s Top 5 Shaving Tricks


Sometimes it worth reviewing a few of the shaving “tricks” I’ve come across over the years.  These simple (for the most part) tips can help you get a better shave in almost any circumstances.

How To Use That New Shaving Set

shaving set with razor brush stand

So you received a fancy shaving set for a holiday gift?  That’s terrific!  There’s just one thing: you don’t know how to use it, right?  Let’s take care of that.  Here is how to use that nice shaving set.

Micro Touch One Razor (And How To Shave With It!)

micro touch one

HD video HERE. [JANUARY, 2014 UPDATE: Be sure to check out our 30 Day Challenge To A More Enjoyable Shave for more tips, techniques, and product suggestions!] You may have seen the late night television commercial selling an old style safety razor called the Micro Touch One and it piqued your interest.   Maybe you were attracted by the sales pitch from that guy who runs the famous “Pawn Stars” shop in Las Vegas as seen on TV–I’ve been there and they do a lot of business so they must be doing something right.  Or maybe the commercial triggered a memory…

How To Buy And Shave With A Straight Razor

Straight Razor

Ever since I started doing shaving videos I’ve been getting emails requesting one about straight razors. To tell you the truth though, I’m not very good at using a straight razor. But let me show you the basics.

The Gentleman Shaver? (Videos) + Surprise Giveaway!

A DE Blade

For some reason a few different shaving forums and blogs have recently picked up again on this video made for Art of Shaving: