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Supply SE And Pro Kickstarter

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Supply has a crowdfunding project for two new razors!

Supply SE And Pro

On October 1 Supply launched a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter for two new razors, the Supply SE and the Supply Pro.  The Supply SE is aimed at, well, everyone. The Supply Pro is an adjustable (!) razor aimed at the shaving aficionado.

Supply SE

The Supply SE is a single-edge razor much like their current “2.0” alloy razor but with a new blade base plate with NickStop™ “fins.”  The fins bear a passing resemblance to a double edge razor with an “open comb.”  But these fins are designed “to stop skin from getting stuck under the blade, while still allowing hair to cut clean.”

I was involved with testing some of the prototypes of this razor.  I have several Supply razors and I normally use the “Mild” base plate (with one dot under the base plate).  I would say the “aggressiveness” of my shaves with the prototype SE were somewhere between the “Mild” and “Average” (two dot) settings of the 2.0 razor (but since I have not used the “production” version of the SE take those impressions with a grain of salt).

Other than that the NickStop™ fins design provide some protection and with a generous shave angle “sweet spot” I think the shaver wanting to try shaving with just one blade (*gasp!*) will be interested in the Supply SE razor.

Supply Pro

The Supply Pro razor, on the other hand, is aimed at the “Single Blade Enthusiast” as Supply calls it.

Unlike the SE razor, which Supply says is suitable for shaving pretty much anywhere on the body, The Supply Pro is a razor for the face and neck (including beard line-up).

And it’s an adjustable razor with a dial, instead of Supply 2.0’s swap-able base plates.  The adjustment raises and lowers the blade gap instead of the more conventional method of adjusting Injector-style razors with the skin guard moving inward and outward.

I have not been able to try this razor, but I’m very curious about it!

Some Other Announcements

While the Supply SE and Pro razors are front-and-center in the crowdfunding campaign, Supply also teased some additional products.

The first is a silicone grip sleeve for a more secure grip on the handle.  You may have seen similar sleeves for the Leaf razor and the OneBlade razor.

But the bigger news is the new source for Injector-style blades.  Supply is being kind of cagey about the blades, saying they’re manufactured in Japan but not giving much more information.  I got a chance to try one of the blades with the SE prototype and–for me–I think they perform better than the US-made or China-made blades that are on the market now.  Of course, blades are a very “personal” choice so YMMV.


I think Supply is both streamlining and growing their line of shaving products, a nice trick in these uncertain times.  Take a look at their crowdfunding campaign to see how these products might appeal to you!




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  1. IIRC, the classic Schick Adjustable Injector works by raising and lowering the blade gap. OTOH, the PAL adjustable injector worked by moving the safety bar in and out.

    I don’t know which method the Parker uses.

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