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When you should start teaching your son how to shave and how to do it

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When you were a young man your father taught you several things on how to be a man. You were taught how to play soccer, how to fish and many things that you are expected to do as a man. It was like a rite of passage for many young men. One of the things your father probably taught you while you were a teenager was how to shave.

Fast forward here you are and your son needs to be taught how to shave. As a father, it’s your responsibility to teach your son the nitty-gritty when it comes to shaving. If you don’t do it who will?

Shaving might be a normal thing to you but it’s not the same thing for your son. Now that facial hair has started growing on your son’s face, he is more interested to learn how to shave like never before. When you start teaching him how to shave properly you do not want to leave the important things untouched. You want to include each and every detail so that he can learn how to shave.
Here are the most important steps that will simplify the process of teaching him how to shave.

Do it at the right time

You definitely want to teach your son how to shave when it’s the right time.

You’ll know that it’s time to start taking him through shaving lessons the moment you notice some hair growing on his chin or upper lip.
Teach him how to know that it’s the right time to take the razor and shave. Frequency of shaving varies from one young man to the next. Some will do it twice or three times a week while others will do it once. You’re the one to remind him during the early stages of shaving lessons when it’s the right time to shave.

Shaving regularly is an art you should teach your son to get used to.

Select the right equipment for shaving

When they start shaving for the first time, many young men prefer going for equipment that works for their fathers. If a father uses a razor it’s likely that the son will use similar equipment. The most important thing is to teach him how to use it.

The first shaving experience can only be comfortable for your son if you teach him how to do it. If your son prefers an electric shaving equipment make sure you find one that suits him.

If your son’s skin is prone to acne make sure you find something that will not irritate his skin. Electric shaving razor is always the best option to start with if he is prone to skin irritation.

No matter the shaving razor that works well with your son’s skin you want something that will give him a comfortable close shave.
You may as well introduce him to a shaving kit that suits him. This kit should have all the essentials that are important when it comes to shaving.

Take him through face preparation techniques

Start teaching your son the importance of washing the face before shaving. A close and comfortable shave always starts with washing the face clean.

He should be taught to use warm water, soap and clean towel to clean the face before he starts using that razor. Once the face is clean he should apply gel or cream depending on what he prefers. Answer any question he may ask you in the process so as to make them feel confident and comfortable while shaving.

If you prefer using a manual razor tell him the importance of ensuring that the face is clean before shaving.

A shaving gel is a good moisturizer you can also start with. It makes the blades to glide over the skin easily without causing cuts and burns.

How to shave properly

Once the face has been cleaned, the next step is always very important. Shaving is a very important step that your son should be taught not just to achieve a close shave but also to avoid burns and cuts.

Rinsing the blade regularly will help it remain sharp. He should learn that the blade needs to be sharp all the time in order for it to glide smoothly over the skin and avoid burns and cuts.

He should also learn how to shave slowly and use smooth strokes as he continues to learn blade motions and avoid accidents. Remind him the best shaving movements. He should move the blade from up to bottom of the face.

Aftershave techniques

Once you’ve taught him how to shave, the next thing he should learn is how to clean the shaved area and remove cream that remains after shaving.

After shaving, it’s always important to apply a good moisturizer or aftershave to help soothe his skin. It does not matter whether your son uses an electric razor or manual razor. It’s always very important for your son to learn how to apply a quality aftershave.

Remind him that the shaving equipment must be rinsed and cleaned immediately after shaving. If there’s any spilled water let him wipe it up. He should be taught to clear foam or hair that may be on the counter after shaving.

Do not forget to teach him how to ensure that the electric razor is lubricated and whiskers removed to make it sharp for future shaving. If there are razors that need to be replaced you should make sure that your son learns this.

Tips to remember:

  • Teach him everything about clean-up

You should be able to teach your son how to keep his skin clean all the time to avoid acne. For instance you may teach him the importance of applying sunscreen regularly for his skin to remain moisturized.

  • Coach him the first time by letting him see you shave

Do not be like other dads who lock themselves up when shaving. Allow him to watch you shave so he can learn the small things that are needed to achieve a close shave. Let him get the whole picture as you shave and answer his questions too.

As you teach your son how to shave do not forget to remind him the importance of doing it. Teach him regularly in order for him to learn everything about shaving. By teaching him the art of shaving you allow him to be a responsible person who knows how to do something he will be doing the rest of his life.

Bio: Russel Stanley is the owner of where he likes to write about men’s grooming and lifestyle.

Russell Stanley

Russell Stanley

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    1. It may not be relevant to you however as a single parent mom with a son coming of age answered allot of questions for me. The only “ pathetic” part of this was your comment showing all of us who are by your lack of understanding of the whole world and your misunderstanding your not the only person in it.

    2. That’s a pretty arrogant comment. I found this article by searching for Father’s Teaching Sons how to shave. Not because I don’t know how (I was an elementary school teacher for 14 years), but because I want to be sure that it’s the best experience it can be for him. So I appreciated this article, and to berate it just kinda makes you look like a self-absorbed fool.

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