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Parker Adjustable Injector Razor (Now In Version 3!)

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Parker has again tweaked the design of their adjustable Injector razor. Here’s the low-down on “V3!”

Parker Adjustable Injector Razor

Back in 2020 I wrote about the differences between double edge (DE) razors and Injector razors. In that article I mentioned the relative dearth of new-production Injector-style razors, compared to DE razors.

While Supply Pro gets a lot of buzz for their adjustable Injector-style razor, and the Hype razor was just launched, there is another choice: the Parker Adjustable Injector razor. Parker just released their latest update to the razor.

Version 3

Cosmetically, version 3 looks the same as version 2 (below): a stainless steel spine (with “Parker” etched in the metal) and a plastic belly.

Mechanically, v3 is similar to v2 but with some subtle-but-noticeable improvements. The adjustment range has been widened slightly, with the upper end of the range more symmetrical and predictable. Blade loading is even smoother than v2.

Maybe it’s my imagination but it seems to me that v3 is a little more “agnostic” on blade choice: while v2 worked best for me with the Japanese Injector blade (the one sold by Supply), v3 seems to work just as well with any of the three Injector blade sources (USA, China, Japan).

My shaves with the new Parker adjustable Injector razor have been quite smooth and predictable. There is enough blade feel to know you’re shaving but not so much as to be dangerous. I settled on the “2” setting (I prefer mild razors) and I have been getting effortlessly baby’s butt smooth (BBS) shaves.

Version 2

Parker gathered feedback from their adjustable Injector users for “Version 2.” I think the changes in the latest revision to be fairly modest:

  • The low end of “adjustability” was been biased upward a bit, making it a little less mild at the low end–though it was still quite mild. The high end of adjustment seemed to be about the same to me (high enough to cause a nick if you’re not being mindful, but not “R41” levels of insane).
  • The blade loading mechanism seemed smoother to me.
  • The Parker logo has been etched into the metal part of the handle. While the handle itself remains the same the process they used for etching seemed to give the handle a slightly better grip for me.

My shaves with “Version 2” were as good as the prior revision. I think these were relatively subtle changes that I would characterize as ‘evolutionary’ improvements.

Prototype and Initial Release

I tested a late prototype of the razor in early 2020. The adjustment range was continuous and quite wide: it could go from very mild to very aggressive! I found the adjustment dial to be smooth and it didn’t shift unintentionally.

As for the shave itself, Injector blades by their nature are thicker and stiffer than a DE blade so the shave “feels” a bit different. But I got excellent shaves and it’s much easier for me to get into tight areas like under the nose with an Injector razor than it is with a DE razor.

The production razor was launched in November, 2020.

My experience with the production razor was just a little different than the prototype: the low end of the adjustment range was even lower (to the point of being almost unusable, even for a guy like me who prefers mild razors) and the blade loading/holding mechanism was a bit tight (though it loosened up a bit after some use). I would consider the high end of the adjustment range to be roughly equivalent to a “moderately aggressive” DE razor–not crazy aggressive but still able to “bite you” if you weren’t careful.

All-in-all it enjoyed a very positive reaction from the wet shaving community.

A Few Questions

I reached out to Howie at Parker Safety Razor with some questions about the razor. My questions in bold, his answers in italics:

Why did you decide to make an Injector razor? What was your inspiration?

Several years ago, I was talking with an older friend who asked if I could obtain injector razor blades for him. He explained to me that his favorite razor was his old injector razor and he was having a hard time finding blades (not to mention that the razor could not easily be replaced). He found his vintage injector razor less intimidating than a double edge razor and he liked the lighter weight and the overall shave.

I couldn’t convince him to go with a double edge safety razor. I guess that conversation is what planted the seed. I always tell our customers that there is no right or wrong when picking a razor. Different people like different razors and it really is a personal preference. Since I couldn’t find a new injector razor, I purchased a vintage model on eBay. I did enjoy the shave and found that it felt mild but it delivered a BBS shave. Additionally, over the past 15 years we have consistently had customer requests for an injector razor. We were confident that it was a product that would be a great addition to the Parker line.

How long did it take you to go from idea to finished product?

We have been working on this razor “on and off” for several years. It was a much harder product to manufacture than we ever imagined. I have many prototypes that just didn’t make the grade.

What are some facts or details about Injector razors you discovered that most people don’t know?

The thing that I was most surprised with are the number of different styles and models that existed when these razors were in their heyday. Injector razors use an interesting no-touch blade loading mechanism which is very unique. It can feel a little tricky in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple and there is less chance of cutting yourself when loading the blade. People who have used injector razors know these design components, but for those who never tried an injector, it’s very interesting to note these differences.

Are there any differences in shave technique with an adjustable Injector razor compared to a DE or regular Injector?

Our injector razor is lighter in weight and I also find it milder than our DE razors. We recommend using a shallower shaving angle (about 10-15 degrees) with the injector razor and to put the flatter portion of the razor head to your skin. Also, the head of our adjustable injector razor is smaller than many double edge razors, so it’s easy to navigate in tighter spots.

Still, I have shaved in a similar fashion as I do with a DE razor. I personally like a mild shave, so I usually set the adjustment mechanism to a lower setting. Many people who use adjustable razors shave with multiple passes, utilizing different settings. Unlike adjustable double edge safety razors, the way this razor works is by moving the safety bar, which is a horizontal adjustment. Adjustable safety razors usually have a vertical adjustment – moving the cap up and down. I find that moving the safety bar as we do with the injector razor provides an extremely wide range between the mildest and most aggressive settings. I encourage most people to experiment and find a technique that works for them. For example, I do not like to shave against the grain with any razor because I find it uncomfortable. Many in the wet shaving community do prefer to go against the grain.

One thing I cannot stress enough is the prep before shaving. No matter what razor you use, great prep is critical. I always recommend shaving right after a hot shower and lathering with a great shave soap or cream, and of course, using a shave brush.

Do you have any plans for other versions of this razor?

Right now, we have some ideas, but nothing definitive.


By the way, the v2 razor has been out of stock for some time, so any time you see a new listing this razor it will be the latest version. The Parker Adjustable Injector Razor is available on Parker’s Super Safety Razor website and on Amazon, with availability from other vendors coming soon.


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24 thoughts on “Parker Adjustable Injector Razor (Now In Version 3!)”

  1. Tengo la primera versión que salió sin el grabado Parker en el mango, veo por lo que comentas que hay algunas diferencias con la V 2 y V3, eso sería bueno o malo como lo vés.

  2. Very cool article, Mark! I haven’t used an adjustable since starting off in wet shaving almost 15 years ago (following mantic59 on youtube…god, I feel I’m dating myself), as I found I prefer the more aggressive shave. I don’t expect a response, as the product is on the newer side; however, I noticed that “The adjustment range is continuous and quite wide: it can go from very mild to very aggressive!”…does anyone have a sense how it compares to the Cobra Classic Razor in terms of being an aggressive shave?

  3. Based on my previous experience with Parker I think I’ll give this a try. I’m also a fan of adjustables, adjusting during the shave, and the Parker Variant is already one of my favorites.

    Thanks for the free blades, Mark!

  4. I just completed my 4th shave with Parker Injector and I am quite happy. Each shave had a bit of a learning curve to get used to the new razor. I now have the angle down pat and holding the razor at the correct angle makes all the difference with slow deliberate strokes. Getting the angle down pat was the difference between a good shave and an all-star shave for me. A very slight angle against the skin is does the trick to make the razor shave almost effortlessly. Cheers to Parker for coming up with an adjuster that makes sense. The lowest setting (1) is very mild and the highest setting (5) is aggressive without being ridiculous. I’ve been shaving at 4.5 and find it just right. I would like to see a little more weight in the razor, but overall this I find this to be a fine shaver and well worth the 35 dollars when given it came with ample blades to last quite a while.

  5. My razor came yesterday and tried first shave last night. The blades are those white box Personna blades that are way too sharp for me. The only other blades I can ever find are the Schicks that are still available on Amazon. Those seem to be quite good.

    I have three other injector razors; I do not consider myself inexperienced with these razors or the injector system. I have the PAA Type L remake from a couple years ago. Put it away. Too aggressive. I have a vintage type H – the small compact one in a square shape which I take for travel (excellent razor). And one of the vintage type M adjustables which are terrific. Tried this one next to the type M.

    I almost needed stitches last night!

    This razor came with a blade installed (why would anyone do that?) I tried pushing the injector key in just to test it. It was a very, VERY tight fit that involved a little wiggling. Got it in. Pulled it out and didn’t think anything about it. When I went to shave, however, on my first downstroke on the cheek, I noticed one half of the blade pushed HARD against my skin! I then washed off the lather on the razor and looked to see if something happened. I noticed the blade was slanted out with one half of the blade almost completely out of the razor! I pushed it back in but it would not go all the way. I then squeezed the metal part of the razor and heard a click as it snapped back into place and I could reseat the blade properly. I finished the shave without incident, but I really do not know what to think of all that. I still feel a phantom burn on my cheek as I type this.

    I am going to try and push the key in again and see if it deforms the frame of the razor or if that was a fluke. And then I’m going to give this another shot either tonight or tomorrow. But that Parker injector was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had with a razor, and THE scariest I’ve ever had with a safety razor.

    1. Hi Elie– I just got mine. I also had trouble inserting the blade magazine–it turned out to be the magazine itself, as when I tried another magazine it went in fine. What setting did you have the dial on when you shaved?

        1. UPDATE: Well, removed that blade with a fresh one. It helped. The blade is now properly seated in the gap. However, inserting the key stretches the spring on that razor. So much so that I need to press it back together and hear a snap to get it back to its proper shape.

          New pros: turning the razor down to a 1 or 2 is actually too mild for me. That’s unusual, but not unheard of. I began at a 5 for max aggressive, and it was good for a first pass, but I have to end on a 3 for final passes. Much kudos to Parker for being able to get a razor with such extremes. It is much needed but often not achieved by others.

          New cons: the shape of the handle is fine when I’m shaving up to down. But in any other direction, a wet hand cannot hold that handle. The razor slipped last night twice (once in each side direction) and one of them cutting me. That triangular shape of the handle just does not work when side-shaving. Not sure that can be overcome.

          Final conclusions: I’m a bit wary of this and may not keep it. I’ve now had three shaves with this, two bad and one okay. They got really nailed the adjustability factor. Nailed it in a way others just have not been able to compete. But the design of the razor is cheap and delicate. And the handle wasn’t given enough design thought. It’s fine for an up and down shave, but as we wet shavers know, you do multiple passes in different directions, and the triangular shape doesn’t work.

  6. I remember a very similar razor with that type of adjustment. That must have been fifty or sixty years ago, that I had it. I’m not sure of the make, I think it was Pal, or Personna. When I saw the picture I thought wow. That picture brings back some memories. As I remember, it gave a pretty good shave. I’m into double edged safety razors now. I think they’re the “cat’s meow.”

  7. Good article, Mark.
    I like being up to date on the wet shave world.
    Of course, I have to fight the urge to buy another razor. Parker has a great name and its DE is my first DE razor, still in use. I go from my Parker DE to my Supply injector, which is superb.

  8. VERY good article

    Blade Questions:
    1). Who makes the blades?
    2). How many shaves do you generally get?
    3). What do replacement blades cost and how many in a pack?

    1. Just got mine. The blades are the Personnas. They’re the only non-Amazon injector blades I ever see anymore. PAA offered their injector razor with the same blades. Personally not a fan. Too darn sharp.

  9. I’m interested in your thoughts as to how this compares to Supply’s offering (which I’ve been using for the last two years).

  10. From a styling perspective, it seems somewhat reminiscent of the PAL adjustable injector. I’m curious as to whether the actual adjustment mechanism works like the PAL (safety bar moves in and out) or the Schick (safety bar moves up and down).

  11. Adjustable razors have sort of a funny premise to them because once it’s adjusted there is rarely another time when adjustments are needed again.

    1. Not for me and some others who use adjustables: we change settings “on the fly” depending on pass or skin condition. In my own case I routinely use a low-setting first pass followed by higher setting for other passes. I also find them very useful if I’m testing a new blade or cream/soap.

      1. I have a few of the rare Trac II adjustable blades. I can safely say that when I shaved with them in the past, I often adjusted down from Med-Hi to Low for an ATG pass.

      2. For me and I think and others once it’s dialed in your pretty much done unless you are going to try a new blade and for me, my skin condition never changes. That being said take for instance the adjustable razor that uses plates such as the Rockwell Razor 6C I know of very few who change the plates around often. The dial and plate systems, in my opinion, are there so the manufacturer does not have to make a number of razors to accommodate all types of shaves.

    2. Agree with some of the other posters. As someone with sensitive skin, I like being able to adjust the aggressiveness of the shave depending on my skin that day or if I’ve skipped a day or two between shaves. For those of us with sensitive skin or especially if I try for an against the grain pass on the neck, I dial down the aggression if I’m using an adjustable razor – if no adjustable that day I may skip the ATG pass. YMMV as always 👍🏼

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