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The Supply Single Edge Pro Adjustable Razor Review

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The Supply Single Edge Pro adjustable safety razor was recently launched.  I picked one up to see how it’s built and who it’s aimed at.

The Single Edge Pro Background

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From the Supply website:

Pro Shavers, you deserve a safety razor that matches your ability. That’s exactly what the Single Edge Pro delivers.

The Single Edge Pro puts unrivaled customization in your practiced hands. Our shave dial lets you effortlessly adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings with a flick of your thumb. That’s less than 1mm of adjustment, allowing you to clean up stubble or mow down a thick, wiry beard with the expert precision you’ve been waiting for.

Single Edge Pro: Designed to give you the most customized single edge shave. Made for the wet shaving pro who’s ready to dial in their shave. Suitable for all skin types. Available in multiple Alloy finishes.

Shave Dial: Built into the head of this razor is all the customization you want from a safety razor, but never thought you could have. Our shave dial lets you effortlessly adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings with a flick of your thumb. Allowing you to clean up stubble or mow down a thick, wiry beard with the expert precision you’ve been waiting for.

Black Label Blade Pack: Injector Pack loaded with 8 super sharp blades. Easy to change, safe to handle. Each pack is about a 90-day supply — 8-10 shaves per blade.

I don’t see any specifications on the Supply website  for the Supply Pro but my “kitchen table” measurements say it’s 115 mm long and 93 grams heavy.

What Others Are Saying About The Supply Single Edge Pro

As the Supply Pro adjustable safety razor is fairly new on the market, there aren’t too many independent reviews.  Most are on the niche’ wet shaving forums (like THIS thread) and a few YouTube videos like this one:

Broadly summarizing, the general reactions are quite positive.  Here are what most consider the pros and cons:


  • Solidly built with good weight and balance; it feels substantial in the hand
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Grip sleeve helpful but not required
  • Very smooth-feeling shave, blade edge feedback “just right”
  • Very good at shaving through thick, tough patches of hair


  • Some have commented that the Pro has a narrower hold angle range (compared to other Injector razors–still “intuitive” though)
  • Adjustment dial rattles a bit
  • The head of the Pro holds water after rinsing.
  • Some have experienced issues with the Black Label blade magazine (the blades themselves work fine for most, though “YMMV”).

My Experience With The Supply Single Edge Pro

Note: Unlike the Supply SE razor, I was not involved with the development of the Supply Pro and its announcement kind of took me by surprise!  I purchased a Supply Pro razor and my comments below are my own opinions.  Supply has not reviewed or approved my comments.

Like some other users have experienced, I initially had a bit of trouble with the Black Label blade magazine with the Supply Pro.  The first blade load just did not want to “seat” properly.  I have also read reports from others that the magazine doesn’t mate well with vintage Injector-style razors (Schick, PAL).  But after that first blade load my Black Label blade magazine works fine.

As for the Black Label blades themselves…I really like them better than other Injector-style blades.  They last longer, too.

And like some others have mentioned, I think the holding angle range on the Pro is a bit narrower than other Injector-type razors (and noticeably narrower than the Supply SE razor, which I find to be quite generous!).  Nothing deal-breaking, mind you, but I do find myself having to pay a bit more attention to the way I hold the Pro.  Of course, this is kind of relative since the general design of Injector -style razors is more ergonomic than the typical double edge safety razor.

And like a couple other reviewers have mentioned, the Supply Pro’s head tends to hold water after rinsing.  My first shave with the Pro had a bit of water suddenly dribbling down my neck and arm after rinsing and returning to my face. Keeping the blade loading side down after rinsing should drain the water.  Again, not a deal-breaker but I hope this design quirk is addressed in the “v2” version of the Supply Pro.

These issues are relatively minor “nit-picks” though.

I find the Supply Pro excels at knocking down heavy, multi-day stubble at the higher adjustment settings, and is equally adept at dealing with overnight stubble and sensitive areas of skin at lower settings.  I’m a big fan of adjustable razors generally and things like this are one of the reasons why.

My shaves have been largely drama-free, with no nicks or irritation after getting a “weeper” or two during my first couple of shaves getting used to the razor.

Most reviews I’ve read seem to prefer the mid-range of the adjustment dial, 4-6.  I prefer milder razors generally so I’ve been using it in the range of about 2.5-3.5 for my daily shaves.

Summing Up

Over-all I’m quite impressed with the Supply Single Edge Pro adjustable safety razor.  It can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first–I would suggest the Supply SE for the safety razor beginner. But the Pro is a great option for the wet shaving aficionado looking for an adjustable safety razor: it is well-made and provides a close, comfortable shave.



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6 thoughts on “The Supply Single Edge Pro Adjustable Razor Review”

  1. It’s a shame the Supply Razor Company website uses a 1:1 currency exchange rate to the UK on their website checkout, so if I buy one from the UK using their website it works out I’m paying $72 for what costs $57 in the US, then of course there is an international shipping fee on top of that (which I would expect), but I’m also paying 1:1 on that too when the current exchange rate is 1:1.27 (GBP/USD). When they fix that I’ll be happy to place my order.

  2. I have a 2.0 with the SE setting, and a Pro. I find the 2.0/SE very mild, ideal for a quick touch-up shave here and there, but it’s too mild for my typical every other day shave. If I go 3 days, it’s tough going.

    Enter the Pro. Best word I can find to describe it is ‘effortless’. The weight, balance and blade feedback are nigh on perfect for me – I typically have it set on 3.6 or 3.8. I do like the new ‘black’ blades as well, after being not too impressed with the beta versions. I’ve got one pack which does not feed well – it needs some help to get the blade started before the pusher will catch it; the other pack works flawlessly. I’m getting 8-10 shaves from each blade.

    I haven’t noticed mine retaining water – but mine does rattle, like everyone else’s. It does not affect how the razor functions in any way.

    I’m really, really pleased with it.

    And for Dartan – whose review is close by – the plastic is in the blade container, not the razor. As far as I can tell, the razor is entirely metal. If you already knew this, my apologies – just thought there might be a little confusion there.

    1. David, thank you for reading my response and taking the time to respond. Being “old school”, I tend to avoid plastics wherever I am able. The enviromental impact of plastics is a concern, in spite of my minimal impact with the Pro being less than an ounce. The concern is more a mindset matter. Your clarification is well noted.

      I am an extreme fan of Supply. The company has strong investors, which leads me to expect impressive innovations.

  3. Hey, Mark.
    Great review! I am a strong supporter of Supply. I have and consistently use the SE model. It is a great razor for me.
    Your review tempts me to buy the Pro. I am a bit bothered by the water retention and the plastic. However, I will check the price.

  4. I have both the SE and Pro. They’re both very nice razors, but in my opinion, the SE is just a bit smoother. I don’t know if it’s the “nickstop” fins on the SE, or what seems to be a slightly different blade geometry. I just looked at them side by side, and the blade of the SE sits a bit farther back from the front of the guard, whereas the Pro blade is much closer to the edge – with a significantly larger blade gap.

    Also, Patrick Coddou said that for financial reasons, they made the blade holder from plastic, because the machinery to make it from metal was quite expensive. Being plastic, the injector “finger” that slides into the razor has to be quite a bit thicker than a metal one would be, so it’s quite hard to use it in a non-Supply injector razor.
    I’ve had great results with their blades. I’m getting roughly 10 very smooth shaves from them, which is about what I get with Schick blades.

    Both are great razors, and I’ve had a great experience with the company.

  5. Great review mantic59. I really enjoy my Supply Pro razor too. I love the adjustability of it and it does a great job with sideburns (DE razors are also good at that)

    I find it’s the ladies in my house who have especially have taken a shine to it for leg shaving because of the long handle, ergonomics and blade angle.

    Thanks for all great work you do keeping the wet shaving community together.

    Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

    Abhi 🍁💥 🦫 🎆

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