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Learning to Shave

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I remember when I was 14, and my face was covered in peach fuzz. My father, while finding it comical, decided it was time to teach me to shave. At first, he showed me how to use an electric razor. Let’s be honest here, peach fuzz doesn’t take much effort to remove. After a month, by beard began to come in thicker (and thicker since. Three shaves is the most I get out of a blade). So, my father taught me the traditional wetshave. It was a great experience, as I felt like I was taking part in an age-old ritual, known only between fathers and sons. It began with how to properly prepare my face, then how to make a nice, thick lather. Then, how to shave with the grain. Re-lather for the second pass, and go against the grain. Rinse off my face, and slap on some Old Spice. The sting of the aftershave was the most memorable, because I never will forget how good it smelled and much it burned. My father giggled about it, and said I’d get used to it. Well, I did.
Thanks Dad, for teaching me how to be a man.


3 thoughts on “Learning to Shave”

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  2. Thanks for sharing that memory. You are one of the few lucky ones for being taught how ro wetshave by your dad! Most of us can’t claim that. Luckily, we have many online resorces, including the excellent ones by Mantic himself!

  3. Oh man, I have been thinking about my Dad a whole lot lately.
    I have started to write about Manly topics and this has had me reflecting on all the things he taught me.
    My first shave was an electric one, and old brown Remington device and I remember the look on Dad’s face when I asked him to show me how to shave. My peach fuzz (we call it bum fluff) was awful but I remember thinking how cool it looked.
    Yeah. We never understand those moments for what they are, and then those people are gone.

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