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Is The Pearl Flexi Adjustable Razor An “Attaché?”

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pearl flexi adjustable razor

When the Pearl Flexi adjustable razor was originally launched it was considered by some a “poor man’s” Rex Ambassador adjustable razor.  Early model reviews indicated a number of challenges.  Pearl tweaked its design after taking in feedback from users of prior versions so I decided to get one for myself to try.

Pearl Flexi Adjustable Razor

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From the Pearl website:

This razor has it all what a perfect shaver would always demand & worth every penny! The supremely creative pearl Flexi will work wonders in your shaving routine & the luxurious feeling after the outcomes will reveal the hidden gentleman in you.”

  • Razor Total Height: 90 MM
  • Razor Handle Height: 83 MM
  • Razor Type: Two pieces razor
  • Razor Head Type: Close Comb or Open Comb
  • Razor Weight: 140 Grams
  • Blade Gap: 0.25 MM – 1.00MM

Prior Revisions And Reviews

Early examples of the Pearl Flexi adjustable razor seemed to have a “Jekyl and Hyde” reputation: some aspects were quite positive, while other aspects were quite negative.

There were comments about the “roughness” or “harshness” of the blade exposure, difficulty loading a blade, and blade alignment issues.

On the other hand, when the QC was good and the shaver reasonably skilled, results were very good.

​Pearl offered replacement razors to their customers who purchased these early models.

The Pearl Flexi adjustable razor is now in “Version 12,” though there is some dispute on what this notation really means.  There is now also a “Black Edition” and an open comb version.

My Experience With The Pearl Flexi Adjustable Razor

Pearl Flexi (Left) vs. Rex Ambassador (Right)

Is It Really A Rex Ambassador Clone?

When the Pearl Flexi adjustable razor was first appeared a lot of people thought it looked very much like a Rex Ambassador adjustable razor.  While I think this new version of the Flexi does bear a passing resemblance to the Ambassador, the Flexi’s head is slightly larger, the handle is slightly thicker and textured differently, and the razor in-total is a bit heavier.  The Flexi’s center-of-gravity is slightly rearward compared to the Ambassador.  I don’t think the two razors could be mistaken for each other visually.

And of course the Ambassador is stainless steel while the Flexi is brass.

Like the Ambassador and some other artisan razors though, there is a brand logo and serial number/code under the razor head, which makes for a nice touch.

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My Build Impressions

There is a minor rattle when I handle the razor abruptly in certain directions (like shaking it to rinse) but it hasn’t affected shave performance.  It’s probably just a design quirk.

As mentioned previously, earlier versions of the Pearl Flexi adjustable razor had design and build issues, particularly with blade gap and alignment.  These appear to be solved: my example is fine.

My Shave Impressions

This is a two-piece razor and loading is similar to other two-piece adjustable razors like the Merkur Progress, the Parker Variant, and the Rex Ambassador: unscrew the bottom dial to release the base from the head.  Loading/replacing blades is largely drama-free, though I do think the blade alignment tabs (vs. pins) under the top cap could maybe could project outward just a bit more  The Flexi’s top cap covers the blade’s side tabs for those who look for that kind of thing.

For me I find the combination of weight and balance to be good but at about the end of what I consider “comfortable” holding.  I prefer my razors to be balanced a bit more toward the head but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

Unlike the Progress and Variant (where the bottom dial also adjusts the razor) and like the Ambassador, the Flexi has a second dial under the head for adjustment.  I find the adjustment dial easy to use even with wet hands during a shave.  If you are a shaver who likes to adjust a razor “on the fly” (like me) you shouldn’t have any trouble with the Flexi.

I think the adjustment “window” is quite wide, ranging from very mild to reasonably (though not insanely) aggressive.

But what about the shave itself?

The (slightly) larger head has not presented any problems getting into tight areas like under my nose.  I find the razor angle “sweet spot” generous and locking onto that best angle for the area I’m shaving easy to find.

​​My shaves with the Pearl Flexi adjustable razor have been excellent!  Like many adjustable razors I use, I’m getting “BBS” shaves by shaving my first pass at a relatively low setting, dialing up slightly for my second and third pass, then dialing back down a bit for cleanup if necessary.

Summing Up

The Flexi seems to be positioning itself as a mid-point razor–offering more design details like a serial number and upgraded metallurgy–but not quite into the “top shelf” category.  So perhaps not at the “Ambassador” or “Envoy” level of shaving diplomacy, but I think it’s definitely worthy of at least an “Attaché” moniker.  ​The Pearl Flexi adjustable razor in its latest revision has taken care of the issues that surrounded the earlier generations.

The Pearl Flexi is available at the Pearl website (India), Amazon, Maggard Razors, and other sellers.


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14 thoughts on “Is The Pearl Flexi Adjustable Razor An “Attaché?””

  1. Excellent razor. Have failed to register the warranty 10 times on line though.
    If this had been my first razor I wouldn’t have 15 others right now

    1. I’d have to dig through the archives. But many years ago, Mantic was shaving with a Weishi. He said, it’s a copy of a copy. Something like that. I have the Yaqi final cut, I like it quite well. If it’s Gibs, Rex, Pearl,Yaqi. I’m shaving with a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of the original.
      Ha Ha and shave on!

  2. I am new to wet shaving and have been using an Edwin jagger DE89. I like it as I have sensitive skin and it is a nice mild shave. I also have a Parker 96R, which I find way too aggressive for me at this point. I am considering the Pearl Flexi as it seems like a nice razor that will allow me to experiment with going a little more aggressive without going too far. I am curious about how mild it odd on the mild side. How would it compare to the 89DE? Or a Merkur 34c? If the mild side is too aggressive then I don’t want to waste my money. Thanks in advance

    1. I have a DE89 and a Pearl Flexi and they are both great. You can dial the Flexi down to 1 or 1.5 for an extremely mild shave – maybe even milder than the DE89. You can then experiment by increasing the level to see how aggressive you like it. Typically I shave on 3 with my Flexi. The heavy razor really does all of the work. Sometimes I may take it to 5 or 6 for the first pass if I am removing a week’s worth of grow and dial it down for the remaining passes. Best of luck!

      1. Thanks for the feedback. That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. I love the DE89, but want to try something slightly more aggressive, but not as much as the Parker. So it sounds like the Pearl will give me that option. I appreciate the info!

  3. After few months using my version 2 Pearl Flexi I noticed that it doesn’t set up above 2 on dial to switch blade, as it is described in manual.

    I contacted seller but no answer from them.

    Any idea what can be? It should not be any dirt because it happens even with all parts apart…

    Thank you!

  4. I really enjoyed your review and I think it is very fair and balanced. I have a version 2 Pearl Flexi and two of my buddies have version 5s and we all concur with your evaluation. I think it is a smoother razor than my Parker Adjustable but the Parker is better suited to removing 1 week plus beard growth because of its aggressiveness. Having razor acquisition disorder (RAD) means I will eventually have to save my pennies and purchase a Rex Ambassador as well so I can run a side by side comparison! Keep up the great work Mark!

    1. According to the website, 5500 Rupees. I believe it was around US $100 with shipping. [Edit: it’s also available at Maggard Razors. I have edited the article to add the link.]

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