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Are You A Father With A Young Son? Grab This Free eBook!

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I took a class in basic Adobe Photoshop a couple weeks ago.  One of the other attendees was Josh, who runs a web site aimed at fathers with young sons, Manbuilders.  The more we talked, the more we realized the content of Manbuilders and of Sharpologist could be very complimentary.  So we’ve started work on a joint project: “Shaving As A New Rite Of Passage.”

Josh will be talking about a boy’s father/son relationship, his identity as a future man, the rite of passage, and the newly acquired manliness: I’ve invited him to share his expertise on Sharpologist.  Meanwhile I’ll get more into the nuts and bolts of shaving from the perspective of learning it at a new skill with some posts on Manbuilders.  The really exciting part for the both of us is that we’ll be working together on some videos, with Josh and his 11 year old son as the subjects as they learn old school wet shaving together!
Meanwhile, Josh has just completed his first eBook, “Bringing up Boys of Character: 12 Core Virtues Decoded for ages 4-9.”  From May 1 to May 3 this book will be FREE to download on Amazon’s Kindle Store.  You can find it HERE!
You’ll be hearing more from Josh and Manbuilders here on Sharpologist in the coming months.


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  2. Thanks! I sent it to my Kindle, although my son’s not quite in that age range yet (he’s actually due to be born in September). But good knowledge to have at the ready!

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