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A Popular Razor – Weishi

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Sharpologist’s recent article on the most popular double edge razors included the Weishi safety razor. Here are my impressions of that razor.

Weishi Safety Razors

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There have been a number of Weishi safety razors over the years, the most popular being their model 9306 and variants (e.g. 9306f).  But in the last year or two Weishi has “upped their game” by offering different models with a variety of handles, colors, and accessories (though they all share the same twist-to-open (TTO) head design as near as I can tell).  The current big seller on Amazon is the “Nostalgic” model, with over 2400 ratings (85% positive) as of this writing.

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Extracted from Amazon’s product page:

“Hold the blades by the sides. Place the blade in the blade chamber. Give the handle a gentle shake to help seat the blade. Make sure the blade is centered from end to end and hold the razor head level. Twist the knob located at the bottom of the razor handle to close the blade chamber until completely closed and the blade is secure. Now your WEISHI is ready for an unbelievable shave.”


“Here are four keys to a successful shave: Use as little pressure as possible. 1-Let the weight of the razor do the work for you. 2-Hold razor by the tip of the handle. 3-Angle the blade at a 45 degrees angle. 4-Shave with the grain of your beard.”

Net Weight of Razor: 74g,

Measurement: 11CM total length.

Weishi is also the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for a number of other brands.

My Experience With Weishi

I have used a number of Weishi safety razors over the years and with the exception of the short-lived plastic version they have all been gentle shavers: as I mentioned earlier I believe almost all Weishi razors share the same head design.  As a “value” brand from the Far East, quality control has never been Weishi’s strong point but I have noticed they have gotten a little better over the past couple of years (at least if Amazon is to be believed.  Fakespot gives the latest popular version a grade of “B” ).  Still this is definitely a case of “you get what you pay for” and to set your expectations accordingly.

While it is certainly no heavyweight razor I think there is adequate weight and decent balance.  The TTO head is not so big that I can’t maneuver around tight spots like under my nose–though the other side of the coin is that the thinner metal can get deformed more easily.  I find that there is a fairly generous “sweet spot” for getting the optimum angle for your preferred shave.

But overall I get good shaves from the Weishi (I prefer mild razors).


About 15 years ago Weishi razors were the only widely available, reasonably inexpensive safety razor.  Nowadays there are many more options to choose from, at all price points.  But Weishi remains popular as a “value” razor–often providing an introduction to old-school shaving with generally safe, predictable shaves–and is available from many sources including Amazon, Fendrihan, and AliExpress (and OEM version with different brand names from other sources).  The Weishi Nostalgic is the most recent, popular version.


Do you have a Weishi razor?  What do you think of it?  Leave a comment below!



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5 thoughts on “A Popular Razor – Weishi”

  1. I recently went back to de razors and bought a Viking razor. I enjoy using it. I bought a variety pack of blades with it, most of which were crappy. There were a few gems in the bundle though. So far, the best of the blades are the Astra, but I still have half dozen 5 packs to try.

  2. I have the 9306 ( short handle). it looks very much like my fathers old superspeed flare tip he used to us as I recall. Yes, it is very mild but I enjoy using it a lot. I make it more efficient by using blades at the sharper end of the spectrum, Gillette 7o’cock yellows and the feather blades (as some people do with the vintage Gillette tech. I have no issues getting a bbs as they call it, and have no shame admitting that this very cheap Chinese razor is one of the favourites in my meagre collection. The quality is good and its quite solid.

  3. One of my first razors.
    A very good shaver, an excellent starter razor. Good price, good shave and available most times. Mid weight and mild efficiency that has gotten many I know of into wet shaving.
    Good write up.

  4. A Weishi was my first DE razor, vice VDH. I enjoyed it. Then found a Gillette NEW Open Comb at a fleamarket. The Weishi is now in the back of my vanity

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