6 Coate's Superior Shaving Creams, A Multi-scent Review

Coate's Superior Shaving Creams_mini

About a decade ago, Coate's Brushes Ltd was purchased by the famed brush-maker Simpson, who eventually stopped production of those branded brushes as well as the creams they were making, and sold off the brand. Someone re-started the brand up in 2010, however producing a … [Read more...]

Taylor Of Old Bond Street "Grapefruit" Shave Cream


Taylor Of Old Bond Street has introduced a new shaving cream to their lineup, with a "Grapefruit" scent.  I'm not a fan of the taste of grapefruit (too tart/sour for me) but the scent of Taylor's cream is pleasant to me: citrus-y, not too strong, and lingering. … [Read more...]

York Grooming: Another Shaving-Related Indiegogo Campaign


OK, I admit it, I have a soft spot for shaving-related start-up businesses.  I've previously mentioned two other Indiegogo projects, Dave's Shower Shave and the Bonsai shaving accessory.  Here's a new one, the York Grooming Co. shaving kit.  It includes a pre-shave cleanser, … [Read more...]