6 Coate's Superior Shaving Creams, A Multi-scent Review

About a decade ago, Coate’s Brushes Ltd was purchased by the famed brush-maker Simpson, who eventually stopped production of those branded brushes as well as the creams they were making, and sold off the brand. Someone re-started the brand up in 2010, however producing a different (and more limited) line-up than the original scents available.

That having been said, there’s a lot of people who think that those original formulations were very much so underrated in their time. In fact, our host Mantic is on record saying that their Tea Tree cream is (or at least was, in 2006) one of his favourite shaving creams.

But recently a fellow redditor stumbled across a place that was had boxes and boxes of stock of the stuff. So he decided to do us all a favour and let us see what the fuss was about (also being sold via Shave My Face). Mind you, it looks like he’s running low on stock, so you might want to hurry.

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Taylor Of Old Bond Street "Grapefruit" Shave Cream

Taylor Of Old Bond Street has introduced a new shaving cream to their lineup, with a “Grapefruit” scent.  I’m not a fan of the taste of grapefruit (too tart/sour for me) but the scent of Taylor’s cream is pleasant to me: citrus-y, not too strong, and lingering.

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Figaró foaming shaving cream

Figaró Habzó Borotvakrém, or Figaro Foaming Shaving Cream for those who don’t speak Hungarian, is a rather decent product for a really good price. Not to be confused with the Italian almond-scented Figaro Crema de Barba. Which I haven’t tried but might also be a decent product for a really good price.

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I Did It! I Did It! – A Love/Hate Story About Shaving Soap

I hate shaving soaps!

A few years ago, I got into traditional wet shaving. I had never EVER been able to generate a decent lather from a shaving soap. Foamy. Airy. Dissolving on my face after less than a minute. So frustrating.

Resigned,  I used only creams, which isn’t so bad since there are so many really good ones out there. For a while, I gave up the idea that I’d ever be able to have a collection of wooden and plastic bowls filled with with the pucks of my favorite scents I’d been longing to buy.

Now, I can’t say I have the best technique in the world, but I can generate a damn good lather from nearly any shaving cream. Why such a problem with shaving soaps then?

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York Grooming: Another Shaving-Related Indiegogo Campaign

OK, I admit it, I have a soft spot for shaving-related start-up businesses.  I’ve previously mentioned two other Indiegogo projects, Dave’s Shower Shave and the Bonsai shaving accessory.  Here’s a new one, the York Grooming Co. shaving kit.  It includes a pre-shave cleanser, shave cream, and post-shave moisturizer.  They want to model the “software” end of the business like Raz*War, Dollar Shave Club, or myShavingClub do the “hardware” end: a periodic subscription where product comes automatically.  Give their Indigogo funding page a look HERE.