ZIRH Gets Back in the Fragrance Game


ZIRH didn’t have much convincing to do when they sent me their newly reissued mens’ colognes. Corduroy, which has been discontinued for some time, was launched in 2006 and was the first fragrance that I loved as an adult, and when it was still available at places like TJ Maxx, it was dirt cheap. A tremendous, tremendous value. Now that ZIRH is back in the cologne game, I’ve had the chance to sample three of their four scents. Each is pretty great, but not surprisingly, Corduroy remains my top pick.

Fragrance 101; or “What exactly is a top note anyways?”

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I never used to be one to fret too much about how I smelled, as long as it wasn’t “stinky”. I used to only have a single bottle of aftershave, which I used infrequently at best. And then I got into wetshaving, and realized that a lot of the soaps and creams that I thought were so wonderful had corresponding colognes and aftershaves. When I figured out that I could smell like Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Jermyn Street soap all day? Yes please!

Cologne Classics That Will Live Forever


[Note from Mantic59: This post comes from Marko, a civil engineering student who loves design, fashion, all in all, things with style. His personal favourite are men's cologne so he made a website, best mens cologne.] When it comes to fashion and style men aren’t so interested, but there are some things that they will gladly use. One of them is a cologne. Cologne is the final touch in men’s fashion, it can make some man feel better and encourage him to do things he wouldn’t normally do. So, cologne are big part of men’s life and we are here…

Andy Tarnoff’s Favorite Tobacco Fragrances


I’m not a smoker, but I won’t lie: I love the smell inside a tobacco shop. The scent of pipe and cigar tobacco – before it’s smoked, that is – is warm and sweet, masculine and inviting. Apparently, I’m not alone in my appreciation of colognes that smell like tobacco, as there are many, many to choose from.

Does scent matter?

L'Occitane Cade smells great, but once you wash it off, it's gone.

Of course it does. Assuming you can smell it. When it comes to colognes and aftershaves, scents can define a man. But what about shaving soaps and shaving creams? If you do a good job washing it off, in most cases, the scent is gone.  Right?