Edwin Jagger – Sea Buckthorn shaving soap

Edwin Jagger - Sea Buckthorn
Edwin Jagger - Sea Buckthorn

Since I’d been using their razor for quite a while, I figured it was about time to get around to a review of some of Edwin Jagger’s shaving soap. First up, the Sea Buckthorn scent.

The soap lathered up very very easily, into a nice thick froth that provided plenty of cushion, while still managing to be plenty slick. It shaved like a dream, and left the face feeling great. I’ll happily call this a damned fine shave. [Read more…]

Reflections On The "Great Shave 2012"

Merz's Great Shave Goodie Bag

I thought I would post my thoughts on Merz Apothecary’s second annual “Great Shave” in Chicago last week. Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures or video while there, but plenty of other people did: Merz hired a photographer and videographer and I saw a bunch of other people taking snapshots so I imagine images and posts will be popping up in the shave-o-sphere over the next week or so.  Hopfully I can link a few here on Sharpologist. [Read more…]

The New Synthetic Shave Brushes – A Summary

Artificial Badger?

A couple of weeks ago Sharpologist looked at the new generation of synthetic hair shave brushes (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5).  Here’s a summary of those posts, plus a few extra comments from the team.

We looked the previous generation of brushes, including products from Men-U, Omega, Body Shop, and Muhle.  The general consensus is that this previous generation seemed to be either too stiff or too floppy, with nothing in between.  Water retention was acceptable but no where near the level of a badger brush.

The new generation of synthetic brushes from companies like Edwin Jagger, Beauty Strokes, and Muhle show dramatic improvement in performance.  Here are some final comments from a few of the researchers: [Read more…]

The New "Breed" Of Synthetic Badger Hair Shave Brushes (Part 1)

Artificial Badger?

[Forward from Mantic59:] Back in March Jim SanSouci contacted me with an idea.  He wanted to examine how far synthetic hair shaving brushes have come.  Historically, synthetic hair shaving brushes seemed to be relegated to the forgotten end of the brush totem pole.  They were seen as an “adequate” alternative to animal hair brushes for those who had allergy or animal-cruelty concerns, and they dried very quickly which was good for a “travel” brush.  But the general consensus was that they just didn’t perform as well as animal  hair brushes.

For a long time there was not much activity in this area–there was the Men-U, a couple of Omega brushes, and every once in a while another brush would enter–then leave–the market.  Maybe two or three years ago a few more popped up including Body Shop, Parker and Taylor’s, among others.

Then something happened: suddenly a new batch of synthetic brushes appeared that performed significantly better than prior examples.  They were softer yet resilient, but more importantly they made a much better lather.  Within the last six-to-twelve months established names like Muhle and Edwin Jagger, and new names like H.I.S, have produced superior synthetic brushes.  And it appears this trend is continuing! [Read more…]