After The Shave: Underfit A Year Later

underfit covered

Last year I wrote about Underfit, an undershirt designed to smooth the look of dress shirts.  They have been redesigned slightly and I was sent one to try, and compare to the previous product.

Fall fragrance sampler

cade lacoste juniper

Yes, I’m running out of space for great colognes in my bathroom. And no, I can’t really turn down an opportunity to sample a new one. Here are the new scents I’m wearing this fall

Mustache Cups, Bucardo, And Movember

mustache cup

  The Bucardo mustache cup is a drinking cup with a ledge. The ledge has an opening to allow the passage of liquids and serves as a guard to keep mustaches dry.

Cahoonas Chin Sporran Beard Oil

cahoonas oil

I have been known to consume some of the fine products coming from Scotland, but the most recent one I have spent time with is definitely not for consumption. That product is the Cahoonas Chin Sporran Beard Oil.

Primal Pit Paste – An Old School Deodorant

primal pit paste jar

Primal Pit Paste is kind of a throw-back to the old school of grooming: you rub a small amount into your hands and rub it into your underarms, like deodorants of yesteryear (but they do have a stick version too).