Neutrogena Face Scrub And Lotion


Neutrogena’s  “Razor Defense” line, especially their “Daily Scrub,” has been a favorite “drug store” brand of mine for a long time.  So when they changed the line-up a bit I was a little concerned.  I’ve used the updated Face Scrub and the new Face Lotion enough to form some impressions.

Boots On The Ground In The US With No7 Men

Boots No.7

The Boots brand is a familiar one in Great Britain, with a franchise of stores spanning the British Isles and some in other parts of the UK. Boots recently dipped its corporate toes into the US market by launching a skin care line sold in US chain Walgreens, “Boots No7 Men.”  I’ve had the opportunity to try the line for a while now.

Bee Bald

bee bald

Bee Bald recently sent us some samples of their products, oriented for head (and face) shaving and care.  They said their products “are packed with effective, high-quality ingredients including Honey and Bee Pollen, proven to have superior hydrating, antioxidant and antiseptic properties.”  That piqued our interest so we gave a set to Jeff Sherman (one of Sharpologist’s resident baldies) for his dome and a set to Mark (mantic59) who used them on his face.  Here are their comments:

Hanz de Fuko line of hair products

hanz de fulo

Exclusive to, I hadn’t heard of the San Francisco-based Hanz de Fuko line of men’s stuff until they sent me three hair products to review.  I’m glad I do now, because their products are pretty unique. Here’s my takeaway:

3 Aftershave Balms From The Drugstore


I prefer a really good quality aftershave balm.  That generally means an artisan product (like Village Barber, Wm Neumann, New York Shaving Co., etc.) or something from one of the better men’s skin care lines (Trumper’s Skin Food, DR Harris’ aftershave Milk, or even Proraso).  But might there be something usable from your local grocery or drugstore?