After The Shave – Morral Brothers Bedford Blend Beard Oil

morral beard oil

Yes, yes, don’t worry – you are still reading Sharpologist. And yes, I’m back with another beard oil review. Just bear in mind, well, not everyone who busts out a DE razor daily hits every inch of their face (oh, you know, like me). Whether or not you’re clean-shaven, there are all manner of grooming products to help keep your face looking healthy and well-kempt. The latest of these to cross my desk is the Morral Brothers Bedford Blend Beard Oil.

Navigator Class Beard Oil From Badger

badger beard oil

Over the past couple of months, the subject of beard oils has been on my mind for some reason. I was curious if these products actually worked as many claimed they did. While I by no means have ZZ Top-worthy whiskers, I have let it grow out a bit as of late (previously, I kept it pretty closely trimmed). So, when an opportunity to review Badger Beard Oil came up, I thought it would be a great way to check out this class of products.

Savoring shaving software (and more): May, 2014


My test lab – aka my bathroom – has gotten more crowded lately with new products to try. The good news is that if a vendor is bold enough to send a sample to Sharpologist for review, he’s already pretty confident that his product is great. And I’m more than happy to be the beneficiary of such quality booty.  Here’s what I’ve been playing with this spring:

5 Dry Shampoo Sprays


Like most of us, I have limited time in the morning to get ready for work.  Sometimes I just don’t have the time to wash my hair.  So I have been trying five different dry shampoos to see what will let me look good for one more day.  Dry shampoos try to reduce the oil in the hair giving it a cleaner look without using water.

Neutrogena Face Scrub And Lotion


Neutrogena’s  “Razor Defense” line, especially their “Daily Scrub,” has been a favorite “drug store” brand of mine for a long time.  So when they changed the line-up a bit I was a little concerned.  I’ve used the updated Face Scrub and the new Face Lotion enough to form some impressions.