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Yaqi The Final Cut Adjustable Razor Review

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yaqi the final cut adjustable razor

It’s no secret that I enjoy adjustable safety razors. I have been meaning to try Yaqi’s The Final Cut adjustable razor and I finally picked one up off of AliExpress. Here are my thoughts.

Yaqi The Final Cut

Yaqi used to be primarily an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), producing products for other brands. But a few years ago they decided to offer many shaving products under their own brand (under the “DLCyaqi” brand) as well. They started with shave brushes (which, for the most part, seem to be very good) then branched into razors, including The Final Cut adjustable razor.

There is very little “official” information on this razor off Yaqi’s store on AliExpress, just some specifications, images, customer reviews, and generic information that’s on all of Yaqi’s product pages.

And there are separate pages for this razor depending on the construction material, zinc alloy, brass, or stainless steel.

One interesting thing I found was a table listing the blade gaps per adjustment dial setting.

Yaqi adjustable razor blade gaps graphic
Source: Yaqi on AliExpress

As you can see the alloy version has noticeably higher blade gaps than the brass and stainless steel versions.

My Experience With The Yaqi “The Final Cut” Adjustable Razor

yaqi the final cut adjustable razor boxed

I purchased my Yaqi The Final Cut razor. The opinions expressed here are my own and have not been reviewed or approved by Yaqi. Delivery was approximately 10 days from China via Aliexpress (Aliexpress links are affiliate). Yaqi states that delivery usually takes 12-60 depending on country.


The box arrives in a simple cardboard box. No blades are included. The razor’s top cap is covered by a strip of clear, stretchy plastic, something I have never seen before. It peels off easily. There are three models available, zinc alloy, brass, and stainless steel. I purchased the zinc alloy model (gunmetal/chrome finish. My example seems well built.

“Kitchen Table” Specs:

  • Handle length: about 77 mm (total length about 88 mm)
  • Weight: about 81 grams

The Shave

yaqi the final cut adjustable razor disassembled

The handle is well knurled and I find it secure in my hand. The handle may be a bit short for some but it’s OK for me and I think it has good weight and balance.

Installing or changing blades is easy and drama-free for me. This is a two-piece razor but unlike most other two piece adjustable razors (Merkur Progress for the classic example) there is not a “right” and “wrong” way to install the razor head. Blade exposure is symmetrical on each side of the head of my razor. The base plate is scalloped. I use my “go-to” blade for shaves with this razor, a Parker blade.

The knurling on the adjustment band is smaller/finer than the knurling on the handle. That can make adjusting the razor mid-shave with wet hands a bit more difficult. However I have found that generally the adjustment dial is reasonably easy to use and does not slip adjustment during use.

As you might guess from the blade gap graphic earlier, this razor’s adjustment window is noticeably biased toward the more aggressive end of the scale. I prefer ‘mild’ razors and I find myself setting the adjustment dial quite low on this razor: a “1.5” on the 1-6 scale (compared to other similar adjustable razors where I might set it to a “2.5” to a “3”). I also find it has more blade-feel than comparable adjustable razors. However I find the “sweet spot,” the range of hold angles that provide a good cut, is reasonably generous.

Overall I’m getting good shaves with my Yaqi The Final Cut adjustable razor.

Summing Up

Due to its relatively aggressive adjustment window I can’t give Yaqi’s The Final Cut razor a full-throated endorsement for the beginner. The milder brass or stainless steel versions might be a better fit but the price point is far higher and I think there are better values available. But at under US $25 I think Yaqi’s The Final Cut adjustable razor in alloy/chrome is a good deal for the wet shaving enthusiast looking to try an adjustable razor (or add one to their collection).


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7 thoughts on “Yaqi The Final Cut Adjustable Razor Review”

  1. When I bought my Mecur34C, 10 years ago, my Melbourne Australia shop sold a pack that had 10 packets of many brands of blade with instructions that not all blades are equal sharpness, and they suggested an order to try moving up sharpness until you found a blade suited to your skin. Perhaps you should do a review of blades as whether a particular razor is aggressive or not might have a lot to do with the blade in it?

  2. Sorry but I really don’t understand this review.
    Someone who prefers mild razors reviews the least mild version? That doesn’t make sense.
    And the most interesting thing about an adjustable is the differences between the settings. Not a single clue about that except for the information of the manufacturer. But that’s exact what needs to be reviewed.
    What blade was used? Oh I see: ‘a blade’.
    Do I aks to much when I hope for reviews that contains at least some useful information?

    1. Hi Rob– Your comment about blade is a good one and I have edited the text to include that I use Parker blades with the razor.

    2. I have the yaqi final cut. I really like the razor. The blade gap does look, oh my, high. But gap is not the only thing that affects mildness. Blade reveal, and exposure are in there too. I find my yaqi on 1 to be just above my techs. So, I feel the yaqi is a mild razor. My blade is GSB. I am Mr. Mild, shave every day. I’ve only shaved with this on one. My two Gillette slims on 3. I tried slim, on 6. NEVER AGAIN FOR ME!

  3. I like my razors on the high side of medium, so the higher settings work well for me – though I don’t think I’ve used it at its highest setting (been a while since I used it; time to revisit it). Definitely good value for the money, but as you note, maybe not for a beginner.

  4. Thnx for the great info. I also own probably 4- adjustable razors that I have to crank all the way to the point there is NO useful adjustment for comfort to me. Name a couple Progress, Weishi, the look nice but they are not adjustable for me. When you adddd the specs I knew, not for me. I would decline to accept if I won one. Thnx again your friend in comon.

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