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WSN Wolf Whiskers Giveaway Update

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If you listened to the last WSN Podcast, you know I was super excited to be able to interview Peter Wolf. I had several requests for an interview with him, and I was pleased to finally be able to sit down with him. Peter is an artist, with demand for his work being so high that he has a waiting list. And that waiting list is full. Perpetually.

Peter was kind enough to offer us a brush to giveaway after our interview. Unfortunately, I made a grave error and miss-typed my address when I sent it to Peter. This resulted in the brush getting lost in transit.
I have finally received the brush, and man, it’s a looker. Photos genuinely don’t do this brush justice. There’s beautiful shades of blue and purple, suspended in clear acrylic. A subtle metallic glow can be seen shinning through the outer layer.
I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have received this brush. Peter was so generous to offer this item, in particular, given his popularity and workload. You can enter the survey here:
My sincerest thanks go out to Peter Wolf for being so accommodating, as well as everyone out there for their patience during this silly mix-up of mine.

Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton

3 thoughts on “WSN Wolf Whiskers Giveaway Update”

  1. Wolf Whiskers is one of the best brushes in the market. I own 4 of them with Ubersoft knots and they are the best synthetics I have ever used.
    The handles are beautiful and ergonomically perfect.

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