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Vegas, Baby…VEGAS (Part 10)!

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Me And "Chumlee" From Pawn Stars

Anyone who has kept track of my habits knows I’m fond of Las Vegas.  The shows, the food, the gambling…it all makes for a great (but temporary) fantasy getaway.  It also helps that my wife and I were married there.
Me & The Missus (And The Gondolier)

And we’re going back for our 10th wedding anniversary!  Whenever we go I try to get a barber shave from one of the many high-end spas.  I’ve previously gotten shaved at Art of Shaving (in Mandalay Bay), Truefitt and Hill in Mirage, and the Wynn’s facility.  All have been excellent, though admittedly I could have done just as well myself…this is more like a “pampering” experience for myself, letting someone else do the work for a change.  And it’s always a good opportunity to pick up a nugget or two of shaving information too.
So if you have any special requests about something shaving-related you’d like me to check out (heard of a great barber there that I haven’t seen yet?) or have a recommendation of some place you may have been to please leave a comment and I will try to accommodate you!  A follow-up post (and hopefully a video!) will come after I return.


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9 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby…VEGAS (Part 10)!”

    1. No, the only thing they had was a barber chair (that was shown in one of the episodes getting restored) but it was outrageously priced and, to me, looked kind of ugly anyway.

  1. Headed to Vegas the week of May 14. I will be staying at the Wynn, and I see they have a salon there as well. Is it worth it to get a shave there?

    1. What is your shaving skill level? If you’re able to shave yourself really well the barber probably won’t be able to do much better. In that case its more like a “treat”–pampering yourself. If you are an inexperienced shaver then the results may be more dramatic.

      1. Been shaving with a DE for about 7 years or so. I’ve heard the Shavette they use can “shave circles” around the DE razor. In your case that was not so I take it? It might be worth it just to get pampered while I am on vacation.

  2. You should go to the Qua baths and spa at Caesars. I got a shave the morning of my wedding (last April) from Sal. Apparently he was Frank Sinatra’s barber, he’s got tons of pictures of him and old vegas celebrities up on the wall and the place just oozes vegas. He did a great job, had great stories and was your typical “old school” barber. I highly recommend the experience.
    Listed as the 2nd best shave in Vegas:

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