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Truefitt & Hill Apsley Shaving Cream Review

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Truefitt & Hill, one-third of the classic wet shaving triad (the others being Trumper and Taylor Of Old Bond Street) recently has a scent line called “Apsley,” that includes a shaving cream*.

Truefitt & Hill’s Apsley products are named after Apsley House, the 1st Duke of Wellington‘s family house in London (now a landmark and museum).  In my mind this may signal a return to T&H’s classic British roots, after flirting with a more modern vibe with products like “Ultimate Comfort” and “Authentic No. 10.”

Apsley Scent

Truefitt & Hill describes the Aplsey scent as “…a refined blend of smouldering woods accentuated by light citrus notes. The harmonious overtones of woody vertivert are lifted with a refreshing essence of grapefruit and are accentuated by notes of pepper, while its heart of cedar- wood and patchouli, which has been enriched by sensual notes of musk…”

I get mostly grapefruit and cedar to my (admittedly poor sense of smell) nose from the Apsley shaving cream.  The strength of the scent is moderately strong out of the tub, softening pleasantly on my face.  I find it lingers well during the shave but does not persist for very long afterward (so it shouldn’t get in the way of your after shave scent if you use one).

Apsley Shaving Cream Performance?

Compared to the rest of the T&H shaving cream line I think Apsley performs a bit better, particularly in the “cushioning” department.  I’ve always found T&H classic creams are just a bit thinner than their contemporaries but–at least in my hard water–Apsley lathers up more generously and thickly.  The consistency reminds me of their Authentic No. 10 (“brushless but brush friendly”) cream.  I find the over-all performance of the Apsley shaving cream excellent!

In fact, I asked the T&H rep about that and I was told that yes, the “recipe” was tweaked a bit from the typical T&H cream (also resulting in a slightly higher price.  Honestly, I think the performance boost is worth it for me though).

Ingredients: Aqua, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut Acid, Glycerin, Parfum, Triethanolamine, Sodium Hydroxide, Mthylparaben, Parpylparaben, Limonene, Hydroxycitronellal, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional

In my opinion, if you’re a fan of classic cologne-like scents and demand exceptional performance from your wet shaving products, Truefitt & Hill’s Apsley shaving cream* is absolutely worth your consideration.

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5 thoughts on “Truefitt & Hill Apsley Shaving Cream Review”

  1. Any comparison is incomplete without (((Penhaligons))). I will not shave without one of their aftershave balms. Sign up for their E-mail updates and they will let you know when they have sales, like 50% off. I know what I like so I use those ocassions to stock up. Don’t spend all your money at Christmas either. They usually have a big sale in January. You may discover you only need one brand in the medicine cabinet,,…

  2. While I like the three T’s I don’t love them. All of them except TOBS are formulated by Creightons. They also make TBS Maca root cream and Real Shaving Co creams which have the performance of Trumper and T&H at a fraction of the price.

    1. Hi Larry,
      We recommend using only a small amount (a dime’s worth) of product for adequate use, allowing our products to last on average 6 months. This does factor into it’s pricing, in addition to the quality of ingredients used within all of our products.
      Please consider signing up for our email list for a discount we are currently offering.
      As well, happy to answer any questions or particulars one might have by emailing [email protected] or contacting us at 888-763-6488.

  3. I’m currently alternating daily between T&H Grafton, Trumpers Lime, and TOBS Eton. My findings are that the T&H performs the best, with great thickness and slickness. The Trumpers comes in next, not too far behind the T&H. The TOBS is definitely third, although it’s a decent performer.
    It’s interesting that the pricing for those three is also in that order, with the T&H at $30, Trumpers at about $22, and TOBS at around $12-$15, IIRC. If I had to choose only one, it would be Trumpers as a good combination of performance and price.

    1. Hi JohnD! We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoy using our Grafton Shaving Cream.
      Please consider signing up for our email list for a discount we are currently offering.
      As well, happy to answer any questions or particulars one might have by emailing [email protected] or contacting us at 888-763-6488.

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