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Top 5 Grooming Hacks for the Successful Businessman

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A couple of years ago, the CEO of the company I work for sent a memo inviting all employees to come to an important meeting.  She had arranged to bring to our company a specialist in the line of work we were involved in to give a sort of motivational speech.  When the guy showed up, he looked more like a mix between a 1960´s hippy and Ernesto Che Guevara.  Though he did arrive in a suit (of sorts), his curled hair hung over his eyes and his beard seemed to have been stuck in that uncomfortable stage between stubble and wild scruff for ages.

I cannot remember if his presentation was a good one, my coworkers and I were sitting in the back row trying to come up with imaginary scenarios of how this disheveled dude actually made it into the business world.
We all know that quality attire is an attribute of any successful businessman, but how we groom ourselves is just as important.  Let’s take a look at the top five grooming hacks for the successful businessman.

The Beard Ban is a Thing of the Past

It used to be that businessman and the bearded man simply couldn’t coexist.  They were considered to be mutually exclusive terms.  But in today’s world, the bearded look is becoming ever more accepted.  There are exceptions, however, and if you’re thinking of resurrecting your great grandfather´s foot long beard, you might consider leaving the business world to take up lumberjacking.
Stubble beards and beards that are kept thin and well-trimmed are usually your best option for a beard that projects style and confidence.

Go High Tech with your Toothbrush

Gone are the days when doing a quick brush is considered adequate for your teeth. A manual toothbrush is no match for the vibrating bristles of the electric toothbrush. It was proven by Peter Robinson from Sheffield University that gingivitis can be reduced by as much as 6 percent through the use of rotating brushes. So, do your breath a favor, keep it fresh and inviting for those important business meetings by having squeaky clean teeth.

Dryer Sheets for Hair Static

If your hair looks somewhat like Albert Einstein´s due to the static in the air on a cold, winter morning, try taking a dryer sheet and rubbing it over your hair.  It´s a quick and easy way to get your hair to fall back into place.

Coffee Filter for Greasy Face

coffee-filter-for-male-groomingIf you try to fit in a quick workout at the gym during your lunch break, consider packing along some extra coffee filters. Swipe them over your face after your workout to wipe away excess grease from sweating and nobody at the office will know where you’ve been.

Speed Clean your Face with Witch Hazel

Have you ever cut the grass, showered and still felt as if your face was grimy? Sometimes soap will not remove all of the residue; there is a solution for you. Cleanse your facial skin with witch hazel. Simply moisten a cotton ball with this natural skin treatment and wipe the excess dirt and grime off of your face.

Bio: Aron Blake is an editor for and he loves sharing his personal grooming tips with others.

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  1. Great read. The photo attached shows a common fashion Faux Pas. Gray and black dress slacks do NOT go with brown shoes. (In spite of what Midwestern folks like David Letterman think). Check the book Dress for Success to see if I’m incorrect

  2. Brown shoes do NOT go with Gray or. black slacks no matter what folks in the Midwest like David Letterman think. Black is the proper shoe. If you need a reference see Dress For Success

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