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Too macho for a moisturizer?

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My most recent trip to New Your City took me to two different department stores in 3 different areas.  And like the title says, I ran into a few challenges!

Unfortunately, there were many men who thought that a simple face moisturizer was still reserved for ladies. But little did they know how prepared I was to disprove this notion!

You see, the face is the only part of our bodies that is completely exposed to natures elements (i.e. sun’s rays, dry air, pollution) on a daily basis. So if it isn’t protected by a moisturizer, it’s fighting all day without any armor. The result?

  • Redness & irritation on the shaved area
  • Oily skin
  • Acne
  • Dry and puffy eye area

The list goes on and on…

So the moment I held a mirror to the faces of the skeptics, and pointed out areas of the face that were suffering because of the lack of moisture, their opinions quickly changed! And, the worst part is that many of the men looked older than they really were! 
Here’s the deal… Have you ever felt a dry sponge? It usually feels hard and rough, right? But the moment it gets wet, it swells and becomes softer. Your skin works the same way!

If you deny your skin the necessary tools to keep your skin moist, premature aging is just the beginning!


3 thoughts on “Too macho for a moisturizer?”

  1. I have been using moisturizer for years. I spend a good amount of time outdoors and it helps to moisturize in all types of weather. Aubry is the brand I use now. After the Thayers witch hazel dries the moisturizer goes on.

  2. Do you have any suggestions for types of moisturizers after a shave? For example, glycerin based moisturizer vs. shea butter vs. silicone? Or does this usually come down to a matter of preference?

  3. There is nothing ladylike about aftershave. Don’t aftershave balms also contain moisturizer? If so, are there any that you would recommend?

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