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The Bump Fighter Razor Has Been Discontinued – Here’s An Alternative

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Personna’s Bump Fighter razor has been discontinued.  Here are some good alternatives.

What Is (Was) The Bump Fighter Razor?

The Personna Bump Fighter razor was specifically designed to address the needs of those dealing with chronic razor bumps from shaving (especially men-of-color).

From the original Personna Bump Fighter website page:

“Bump Fighter® is the only system razor specially designed to meet the special skincare needs of men of African descent. By combining advanced shaving technology with a complete skin-conditioning system, Bump Fighter® is the answer for men suffering from skin irritation associated with shaving.”

The main characteristics of the Bump Fighter shaving system were:

  • Single Edge Blade (Cartridge)
  • Pivoted Head (Center-Rocking Like Gillette Sensor)
  • Mild Shave

You still might be able to find a Bump Fighter razor as “new old stock” (NOS)–discontinued items that still might be in an individual store’s inventory until exhausted.  You can also find it–at least for now–on internet auction sites…at very inflated prices.

What Is A Razor Bump?

The medical term is Pseudofolliculitis barbae (“PFB”).  It’s essentially a particular type of ingrown hair and it’s especially problematic for those whose hair is naturally coarse and curly, like men of color.  PFB can be unpleasant but if left untreated over time it can cause permanent scarring.

The best way to treat razor bumps is to prevent them in the first place.  One strategy is to use a razor with very little blade exposure (a “mild” razor) and a single blade (or at least a multi-blade cartridge that does not use the “lift and cut” (sometimes referred to as hysteresis) model.

A Couple Alternatives To The Bump Fighter Razor

[Note: OneBlade and links are affiliate.]

Given the characteristics mentioned earlier, is there a Bump Fighter razor alternative with similar characteristics?  I believe there is.  Specifically, the OneBlade CORE razor.

OneBlade CORE

Consider the main characteristics of the OneBlade CORE razor:

  • Single Edge Blade
  • Pivoted Head (Front-Facing)
  • Mild Shave

While the OneBlade CORE is not as inexpensive or as widely available as the Bump Fighter was, at US $30 ($25 with refill plan) the OneBlade CORE razor is certainly approachable.  And I think it is better designed, with a better balance, heavier handle, and pivot scheme.  And for those wanting a more up-scale look OneBlade offers the Hybrid and the Genesis razors (though those razors are slightly less mild than the CORE).  OneBlade razors have been covered extensively on Sharpologist.

Gillette SkinGuard

gillette skinguard razor

For those who simply must have the wide availability and low price of a mass-market razor (though the price of cartridge refills quickly offset the initial low price of the razor), another Bump Fighter razor alternative alternative may be the Gillette SkinGuard razor.

The main characteristics of the Gillette SkinGuard razor:

  • Twin Edge (Non-Hysteresis–“lift and cut”) Blade Cartridge
  • Pivoted Head (Front-Facing)
  • Mild Shave

The handle and mounting scheme is compatible with the Gillette Fusion as well.

While the SkinGuard razor has two blades in its cartridge they are placed far enough apart to avoid the “lift and cut” characteristic of most multi-blade razor cartridges that cause problems with ingrown hairs and razor bumps.  In fact, Gillette markets the SkinGuard to the same market as the Bump Fighter.  The Gillette SkinGuard has been covered on Sharpologist as well.


Those suffering from chronic Pseudofolliculitis barbae have some unique challenges when it comes to shaving.  The Bumper Fighter razor’s discontinuation forces users to find a suitable alternative.  Luckily I think the OneBlade CORE and Gillette SkinGuard razors can fill the void.


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15 thoughts on “The Bump Fighter Razor Has Been Discontinued – Here’s An Alternative”

  1. Wahl used to make an electric shaver spcifically tailored to black men.

    An underappreciated hybrid I recommend is the Norelco OneBlade, It gives a presentable although not close shave and can be used daily with minimal irritation.

    The new Gillette three-piece safety razor is very mild and heavily discounted.

  2. the Bump Fighter was the best razor I’ve EVER used. Stupid mistake to let it go out of existence. that’s how much they care about your needs. they don’t.

    1. I had a supply of them left when I found out about 8 months ago that they were discontinued. I have been using these razors for over 20 years and I have been trying every other brand and type of razor but they all give me razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I called the company to see if they have any plans on bringing them back and the agent said not that he knew of. We all need to write an email to the company to bring them back because they were the only thing that worked for me. If anyone has any in stock and would like to sell them leave a comment below. If anyone knows of something similar I’m all ears. I haven’t found anything close yet.

  3. Hi, I’m an Aussie who fell in love with Bump fighter razors when in US as it was the only razor to fix my pseudo folliculitis barbae.
    I decided to sell them in Australia but there isnt enough market for them here. And my fiancee really wants me to keep a beard. So I’ve just listed my remaining stock on ebay. name is bestfaceoz. Message me if you want some. (apologies to mods if this comment goes against guidelines)

  4. The BumpFighter handle doesn’t have a pivoting head. It’s like a Gillette Trac II, but all metal.

    The Trac II or generic Atra/Trac II combo heads fit the Bump Fighter.

  5. I like the Gillette Skin Guard. I get cartridges on sale at CVS. With multiple coupons often about $1 each and they last many shaves — at least 10 in my experience or 2-3 weeks when I’m working and shaving 5 days/week. There is also the Penny Saver that is single blade cartridge that also fits Fusion handles. I like the Parker metal Fusion compatible handles — especially the travel (short) one. Yet another option is any Injector razor — a currently available one at good price point is the Parker adjustable that takes injector blades. One blade can be loaded into injector razor and pass through TSA carryon screening. I’ve done it many times. And these blades too last at least 10 shaves — much longer than One Blade FHS 10 blades. My favorite injector blades are the Supply Black Label ($ 6-8 for 8).

  6. I was a loyal Bump Fighter users for decades. It was the first razor that solved my razor bump and razor irritation problem, COMPLETELY! I was quite upset when I went to buy replacement cartridges earlier this year and discovered they were no longer available.

    Forced to find something else, I reluctantly (never had prior success with anything other than single-edge Bump Fighter) bought the Gillette Skin Guard and have been satisfied.

    1. I don’t fight bumps but I like the weight of the Bevel. It is a very gentle razor. Only complaint is the slick handle. A piece of shrink tube fixed it though.

  7. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

    What about the Gillette Guard from India? Single blade and pivot. Doesn’t shave too close.

    Just curious.

      1. I’m awaiting a valid response here myself Pat. Would love to know the insight on this as I believe that they had the monopoly on the market for this type of skin issue.

      2. I don’t know but I used them probably around 30 years and was really disappointed when they closed down and I had to scramble to Gillette Skin Guard which I don’t like as much as the Bump Fighter!

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