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Summer Skincare Tips for Men

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Summer is coming, and while there are many reasons to rejoice for warmer temperatures, including summer barbecues, swimsuit season, and leisurely boat trips; there are also a few downsides to the constant sunshine.
Sun exposure, wind, and dry air can all wreak havoc on your skin. Taking care of your skin is not just for the ladies any more! Men want their skin to look good as they age as well. If you are a man who wants to preserve the good skin that nature gave you, the following tips can help. You will need to create a summertime skincare routine that is different from your winter routine to counteract the harsh UV rays of summer sun.

High quality face wash

All men should invest in a high-quality face wash. The soap from your tub won’t cut it! If you use regular soap on your face, not only could you increase the oil production on your face, potentially leading to acne or other problems, but regular soap is drying and does not protect your skin from summer sun and wind. Use a face wash specifically designed for the face and look for one that is moisturizing to protect you from the dryness of the summer air.  Also be sure to check some other Sharpologist posts on face washes:
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Sunscreen is important throughout the year, but it is especially important during the summer months. Bright, intense sunlight can cause serious damage to the skin. Protect your skin to avoid skin cancer and the “leather face” look by applying a high SPF sunscreen daily. Many of these products also contain moisturizer or materials to prevent the aging of your skin.
SPF Moisturizers For Men


Moisturizers are not just for women. A moisturizer is essential in the summer to protect your face from the drying air and winds. If you plan to spend the day at a sporting event or at the beach, moisturizing is especially important. Don’t worry if some of your male friends or work-out buddies find it weird at first, you’ll soon experience how refreshing and beneficial it is to use these kind of products after a shower. Some moisturizers come with built-in sunscreen too, so you only have to apply one product.
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Aftershave is the number one product that most men do not ignore. The right aftershave can soothe the skin after daily shaving. It is particularly important to use an aftershave during the summer because high winds can chap and damage the skin. For some men, this will lead to peeling, flaky skin, while others may see acne or an increase in oil production. Try to avoid the ones with alcohol as it dries your skin and go for the maximum moisturizing effect here too.  Here’s a Mantic59 video that goes into aftershaves:

Look and feel better

If you modify your skincare routine based on the season, you will have a higher chance of seeing healthy, smooth skin for an extended period during your life. You will also reduce your chances of getting skin cancer if you use sunscreen daily and with the proper use of these products you can keep skin in a better overall condition. Your skin won’t age that fast and it won’t just make you look better – you’ll feel better too.
Skincare is an important part of our life that men tend to neglect. It isn’t worth doing so: feel free to try a variety of products and you’ll find what suits you best. Your skin will be grateful for it.
This is a guest post by contributing author Lilly Sheperd. Lilly currently writes for check out their selection if you are looking for gift ideas for your male loved ones.


3 thoughts on “Summer Skincare Tips for Men”

  1. I have to agree that men now too have to care for their skin especially during weather changes and other environmental conditions that can affect the largest organ of the body. Thank you for the tips and suggestions.

  2. Great tips, especially agree with the moisturizer. I’d also add exfoliating. I started doing it 3x a week with Yu-be Foaming Skin Polish and it really makes a difference, I feel like it works together with moisturizing to increase those benefits.

  3. A big fan of Kiehl’s Facial Fuel over here, and ranked it in my own top 10 best list. I think the big takeaway here is to moisturize and exfoliate to help keep your skin healthy. Think about it, with summer here your body is going to sweat like a mad man, it’s hot out! So open up your pores and give your skin some room to breath. All in all good stuff, some great tips to get your body going the right way for summer.

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