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Summer Skin Care Tips For Men

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Why do men not pay as much attention to skin care as women?  Industry sales figures suggest there is a behavioral divide between the sexes. However, the difference in attitudes shouldn’t be so dramatic; everyone wants to look their best, and taking care of our skin is a genuinely healthy practice. So why is there such a huge difference in the way men and women approach caring for their complexion?

Some of the reasons for this lack of interest may stem from the idea that:

  • Men are naturally unopposed to a weathered complexion, because the look implies ruggedness and masculinity
  • Many men feel that worrying about one’s appearance is overly feminine, causing them to feel apprehensive about such topics
  • Not as much focus is put on skincare in the male community; the dozens of related articles that women have at their fingertips aren’t as readily available for guys

Though not without their merit, none of the reasons above justify not giving your complexion some TLC.  Not only will it help your overall appearance, but it can help boost your health overall. To learn the basic options that are available to you, keep reading!

Common Skin Problems

While both women and men can suffer with these common skin problems, men are more likely to allow problems to escalate in intensity before becoming willing to address the issue. Both sexes experience the same skin issues and it’s important to understand how to address the problems.


Although it is most commonly experienced during adolescence, acne can occur at almost any age. Red pimples on the face and back characterize the condition itself.  Fighting acne can be done with the assistance medications. Benzoyl peroxide is the core chemical found in over-the-counter acne treatments, but other options for treatment can also be effective.  Some believe that home remedies that use natural ingredients like honey, lemons, and oatmeal can be effective. For a more powerful approach, brands like Isomers offer acne lotions and cleansers that are proven to do a great job. An invasive approach would be to try dermabrasion – a technique that removes the upper layers of the skin, can stimulate new skin growth and relieve the problem of acne in a shorter period of time than the other, more common, remedies.

There are certain lifestyle changes that will help to prevent acne, starting with routinely washing your face. Be mindful of what you digest: oysters, blueberries, yogurt, watermelon and olive oil are among the many foods that will help clear your complexion. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water is a must, as it helps to keep your skin healthily moist and flush it of toxins.


As a man, or any other human being, it is natural to want to spend a lot of time outdoors. Failing to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun can result in serious burns, permanent skin damage and even skin cancer.  Generously applying sunscreen before and during outdoor activities is the best approach to avoid sunburn, but there are other things that men can do to protect their skin. Make sure to cover up with a pair of sunglasses that protect from UVA and UVB rays, or are polarized like those seen here.

Furthermore, hats and linen long sleeve linen shirts are great to have with you for portions of the day; there’s no need to expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun throughout the entire day. In fact, avoiding exposure during the midday hours – when the sun’s rays are most powerful, can improve your odds of escaping the pain and discomfort that comes with sunburned skin.

If preventative measures fail, treatments for sunburn include: applying cold compresses to the affected areas, a cool shower, taking aspirin as soon as you begin to feel that you have been burned, drinking lots of fluids, and applying moisturizing creams that contain aloe. Those who experience a more sever burn should seek immediate medical attention.

Razor Burn

Although not particular to the summer, razor burns are a skin problem that can hamper summer fun.  Even seasoned shavers experience mishaps during their daily hair removal routine. A bad shave can cause temporary discomfort or skin irritation that may last an extended period of time.  Before you begin the shaving process ensure that your razor blade hasn’t dulled from previous use. A sharp blade cuts though whiskers whereas a dull blade will tug at whiskers, which increases the chances of skin irritation. Don’t shave against the grain of hair growth because it irritates the skin. Always, I repeat always, moisturize after shaving. If you are amongst the unfortunate group that gets razor burn you’re going to need some razor bump relief, and the options are many. Deciding what alleviation cream to get can be super tricky; the simplest way to do it is to refer to the brands who have been around the longest and have great reviews like Kiehl’s that has been around since 1851, or MuradIn any case, a little research into the brands will go a long way.

Changing Men’s Perceptions on Skincare

The most important thing that men can do to protect their skin is to shift their perceptions on the relative importance of skin care maintenance. Ignoring skin problems will not cause them to go away; it will only make those problems worse. As mentioned before, being lazy, not caring about the opinions of others, and not showing a lot of skin are not good excuses for neglecting your body.

Simple behavioral changes to diets, such as reducing the intake of sweets and salty foods, drinking water throughout the day, using a moisturizer, and exercising regularly promote good health as well as good skin.  The time and effort that is expended to recover from preventable skin problems exceeds the time and effort required to be mindful of some very simple steps that men can take to improve the overall health and the appearance of their skin. The last thing to remember is that women love a guy who takes care of himself; so protect that skin!

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3 thoughts on “Summer Skin Care Tips For Men”

  1. Surfing is part of my life. Summer is the season I anticipate the most. I indulge my summer holiday at the beach, I surf until my skin hurts. Yeah, I am so engrossed with surfing. Eventually, after a long day I spent in the beach, sunburn will be part of me too for about a week. Normally, we, men do not apply sunscreen protection as women do that’s why we’re prone into skin problems than them. There was a time that I suffered from sunburn and it was the worst sunburn that I have ever experienced. Since then, my wife bought a lotion that has SPF 50 and a bottle of phytoceramides supplement that restores the skin from within and replenishes the natural ceramide level. It’s effective though. The only problem is, most of the time I forgot to apply lotion.

  2. I think it is important for men to take care of their skin not just to look good but to prevent any negative long-term effects like skin cancer for instance.
    Not applying sunscreen and eating a crappy diet can also cause wrinkles, dry skin, and redness.
    Men do not necessarily have to wear makeup, but it should be important to them to protect their skin to avoid any negative side effects.

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