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Sources For Badger Hair?

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Izzy writes: “I’ve been wet shaving all my adult life. And have just made the very satisfying decision to go the whole hog and use a ‘Mans’ straight razor. After all I am only 45 can’t rush into these things. “


Izzy continues: “Also for even more years I’ve been in love with anything wooden especially if it’s made by me…
But I’ve just been looking at some designs for the ideal kit, storage and the lot. I’m in the process of restoring an original straight razor. When I realised. Where can I get the bristles from? Yes I could go out and shave a badger. After the obligatory arm wrestling of course. But someone must make them.
And I wondered in you supreme knowledge, is that enough creeping? Could you direct me to a supplier as I can make the handle and would like to be able to say, as all ‘Men’ do ‘I made this'”
Leaving aside the debate on whether you should even use badger hair, there are several sources for badger hair knots for shaving brushes.  But pricing and availability vary *widely* depending on the source, the hair grade (which is subjective) and the quantity desired. Here are some sample links for you to look at:
How about you? Have you sourced or put together your own shaving brush?  comment below!


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2 thoughts on “Sources For Badger Hair?”

  1. Good luck in your quest, Izzy. Many from B&B seem to like The Golden Nib and Whipped Dog for their projects, assuming you are making just one or two brushes.
    I believe DaVinci claims their badger is from Turkey (Anatolia). The only maker that doesn’t use Chinese badger? Anyway, the knots get rave reviews from users. I wonder if there is a public source for those knots?

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