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Shaving 101: 9 Important Things To Choose Razors

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Although choosing the right razor may not seem like such as big deal, it becomes an entirely different thing when you are standing in front of the aisle with dozens of different razors which are begging for your attention, not just with visually appealing packaging, but also with supposedly clever and innovative solutions you probably haven’t even heard of up until that point. Also, even though beards are generally well-accepted these days, some men prefer, or are required, to shave quite often, so it should matter what kind of blade you are using on your face, as well as how you shave it.

1. The Number of Blades Matters

Let’s be honest here, you can get a pretty close shave even with a single blade, but you may have to put in more work and pay attention to what you are doing. State-of-the-art razors which feature 3, 5, or even more blades can allow you to get a closer shave with less effort. When you use a razor with multiple blades, the first blade not only cuts the hair, but it also lifts it up and away from the skin, which allows the remaining blades to make a more precise cut (at the cost of an increased possibility of irritation).

2. Women’s Razors and Men’s Razors Are Different

According to James Horton, who is the head of marketing for Australian Writings, and who has also done work for numerous companies that sell shaving products, although the blades themselves may be similar, there is a difference in men’s and women’s razors when it comes to design of the handle, the placement and the number of lubrication strips, and so on. After all, women’s razors are primarily designed to be used on other body parts, and not the face.

3. Replace It More Often

Let’s be honest, whether we are using razors with removable shave heads or not, we tend to use them for at least a few shaves more than they were originally intended for. How often should you replace your razor? It depends on how thick and coarse your facial hair is, but if you find that you have to apply more pressure or to go over the same spot multiple times to get a proper shave, then it’s probably time to go out and buy a new one in order to avoid skin irritation.

4. Choose a Flexible Razor

Your face is not a flat surface, which means that you should opt for razors with pivots, which adjust to the shape of your face and enable you to get a closer shave, without having to do multiple shaving strokes and possibly nick or cut your skin in the process.

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5. Opt for a Safety Razor in the Long Run

Safety razors are the cheapest in the long run, even though they will set you back about $40 for the handle. But, if you were to shave every day for 10 years, it would cost you less than $300, whereas cartridge and disposable razors would cost you $800 and over $2000, respectively.

6. Stick with Cartridge Razors If You Are Always in a Hurry

Safety razors require you to change your shaving technique, as well as to be more patient and use shorter strokes, while paying attention to the angle of the blade. Cartridge razors allow you to get a close shave in less time and with longer, sweeping strokes, which can save you a lot of time.

 7. Safety Razors Provide the Best Shaving Quality

Regardless of how advanced cartridge razors get, they aren’t going to provide you with such as close shave as safety razors will. You will, however, need to be more careful and learn proper technique, as well as invest more time into proper maintenance of the razor, which makes safety razors a less user-friendly option.

8. More Expensive Is Not Necessarily Better

As you can see, safety razors are the cheapest and provide you with the best shave. Cartridge razors are more expensive, but what you are paying for are not just bells and whistles, but also convenience, since they allow you to get a good shave in a matter of minutes without having to change their technique, and that’s good enough for most people.

9. Not All Handles Are the Same

When it comes to both disposable and cartridge razors, thick and textured handles are the way to go, because they allow for a better grip. With safety razors, you should opt for a heftier handle, which will allow the razor to slide down your face naturally, since you can’t apply too much pressure with your strokes.


As you can see, all razor types have something going for them, but if you are really serious about getting a close shave with minimal irritation, safety razors should be the way to go. Plus, they are also the most affordable. But, there is also something to be said about the convenience and speed of cartridge razors, which is why you should always choose the option which will complement your lifestyle and your needs.

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1 thought on “Shaving 101: 9 Important Things To Choose Razors”

  1. For a man with a moderately heavy beard a multi-blade cartridge will provide a very good shave. Shaving with a cartridge requires no skill, but if you take the time to learn proper technique and preparation, you can get a damn fine shave. For me this a baseline. The problem is that cartidges don’t stay sharp for more than 4 or 5 shaves, and this makes them very expensive.

    The reasons to use a safety razor are the same reasons you might write with a fountain pen — it is more aesthetic, it is traditional, it takes a little time, it requires skill, and – if you hone your techinque- you will get the best shave of your life.

    Cartridges are popular for a reason, but most use them because they don’t know about the pleasures of using a safety razor, so those of us who enjoy shaving should spread the gospel

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