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The Shave Rescue Brush To Easily Save Your Razor’s Life?

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The Shave Rescue brush kind of looks like a kitchen brush, but its bristles are shaped to trap those questionable bits when you’re rinsing your razor. In the battle for a cleaner, healthier shave, this is one product that might just give you the edge you need.

Back in April I got an email from Terry, explaining his idea for a razor cleaning brush and asking if I wouldn’t mind providing some feedback on the product as he considered “going live” with it.  I’m often asked to evaluate prototypes of possible new products so I put this in my queue.

The results of my (and others) evaluation were so positive that Rescue Brush just hit the market.

Shave Rescue Brush

From the Rescue Brush Website:

Want a better shave?

With razors and blades always the focus, we wanted to put the shaving experience and result front and center. The thing holding back all shaves from being better is all the gunk that clogs up the blades.

The Rescue Brush is the optimal way to clean your razor to make it work like new. No more trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the gunk by tapping it on the sink – no more wasting water to try and do the same.

Shave Rescue will donate a percentage of profits from the sales of The Original Rescue Brush to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

They also have a FAQ that answers a few common questions.

My Experience With The Rescue Brush

[Note: I received two Rescue Brushes to evaluate under certain performance conditions.  My comments and opinions here are my own and have not been reviewed or approved by Rescue Brush.  Amazon links are affiliate.]

My family and I have been using the Rescue Brush for several months now.  Our experiences have been interesting.

My first try with a Rescue Brush was with a double edge razor and my initial reaction was kind of …”meh.”  Most single blade razors don’t have too much a problem with hair/lather clogging by their very design.  However I do have a couple razors that clog more easily than others and using the Rescue Brush with them did make a difference.

Multi-blade cartridge razors are a whole different story, though.

I tried the Rescue Brush with a number of different cartridge razors, including the Gillette Mach3, Gillette Fusion, Harry’s, and Shavelogic S5.

The results were not dramatic but still noticeable with the Mach3 and the Shavelogic.  I find that the design of the Mach3 cartridge makes it a bit easier to rinse (IMO), and the design of the Shavelogic S5 head somehow keeps heavy clogging at bay (as I mentioned in my review of the Shavelogic S5).

On the other hand the results when using a Fusion or Harry’s razor is very noticeable: the cartridges are “sharper” and cleaner for a longer period of time.  A quick rinse-and-swipe on the brush did the job really well.

I gave my father-in-law a Rescue Brush to try, as he normally uses a Gillette5 cartridge (essentially a prior design generation of the Fusion).  He’s 90 and a straight-shooter when it comes to expressing his opinion (some would say “he’s out of [farks] to give”) so when he says something positive about a product I pay attention.  His opinion: “Hey, this works pretty good.”  High praise for him.

My wife LOVES the Rescue Brush when she uses her Gillette Venus five blade cartridge razor.  And I capitalized LOVES intentionally because she really does kind of gush to me over how spectacularly well it works for her.  Previously she was constantly plagued with clogged cartridges.  Now she mounts the Rescue Brush on the inside of the bathtub or the wall of the shower, gives the razor a quick swipe over the brush when she rinses it, and finishes her shaving without drama.  She says her cartridges stay sharper, longer when she uses the Rescue Brush.


The Shave Rescue brush does the job it is designed to do: clean hair and debris from a razor’s blade edge, which most people find will keep their razor sharper for a longer period, extending shave comfort and blade life.

The Shave Rescue brush is available on Amazon and on the Shave Rescue web site (if you order off the Shave Rescue site and use coupon code SHARPOLOGIST-15 you get a 15% discount through 10 September 2021).


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4 thoughts on “The Shave Rescue Brush To Easily Save Your Razor’s Life?”

  1. I’ve never had an experience with a DE clogging. A rinse under the tap clears it every time. This product is clearly for use with a cartridge razor (as depicted in their illustrations). Hard pass for me.

  2. Congrats Mantic. I’m still a cartridge user but I’ve graduated from Barbasol canned goo to brush & a puck because of you. I’ll be buying this brush today. 😀👍🏼

    1. Hi James– I get what you’re saying but I’ve used the toothbrush trick too and the Rescue Brush seems to be more effective for me.

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