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"Scent Off" Update: 6 Brave Artisans

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We have six brave artisans participating in Sharpologist’s “Scent Off 2013!”  They are Barrister and Mann, Fitjar Soap (from Norway!), Green Mountain, How To Grow A Moustache, Mystic Waters, and Petal Pushers.  They will have until October 14 (it was originally October 7 but we decided to give them an extra week) to create an Autumn/Winter-oriented “seasonal” scented shave soap.  Their soaps will then be distributed to our panel of judges for evaluation (we’re hoping the artisans will offer their entry to the general public so they can weigh-in as well).  Beginning October 28 we will be showcase one artisan per week with our judge’s comments and scores.  The winner will be crowned December 9!
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6 thoughts on “"Scent Off" Update: 6 Brave Artisans”

  1. I bit the shipping bullet and sprang for the entry from Fitjar – Frost Rose. Used the soap yesterday for the first time and it was terrific. The rose is scent is definitely predominate but the menthol cooling shows up on the face and the piney base notes really rounds this one out. Top notch lather too boot. Followed it up with some Floid and all was well with my face.

  2. I think this was awesome I already know and use PPF and Synergy HTGAM. Both are amazingly good soaps change that GREAT soaps. I also think it is great their are a few names I do not recognize. the artisan soap community has a lot to offer and just knowing they are out there is encouraging to see so many people become passionate about the craft of soap making for the shaving community.

  3. I’m excited about this. Having been “out of the market” for over a bit (I still have a 10-12 year supply of stuff), I’m not familiar with any of them.

  4. That is a fantastic line up! Barrister & Mann and Petal Pushers are two of my absolute favorites, and I’ve heard good things about the others. I would have enjoyed being a judge on this one

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