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Mantic59's Shave Of The Day 27 September 2018

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My shave today: Harbor Lights shave soap, Semogue 830 boar brush, Weishi adjustable razor (Parker blade), Cremo Cooling  aftershave.

I kind of switched things up today for research purposes.  The Harbor Lights shave soap, gifted to me by Steve, the owner of the new Shave Shack Of Texas vendor site, has a mild “oceanic” scent to it (not surprising given the name) and performs very well.  I used the Semogue 830 brush to test out a theory I have on getting the right amount of water in any brush (and I think the theory is working out!  More about this very soon!) but even besides that I got a surprisingly good lather out of it even though it’s not fully broken-in yet (the PAA travel scuttle kept the lather nice and warm, too).  I like the Weishi adjustable a lot: of the new crop of adjustables out of China I think this one is by far the best (great price, too), despite some quirks.  Cremo’s aftershave did its usual fine job. (Amazon links are affiliate.)


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1 thought on “Mantic59's Shave Of The Day 27 September 2018”

  1. Mark, I agree with your assessment of the Weishi Adjustable Razor. I bough mine after reading Doug’s reviews on . I currently have a half beard right now, so I am only shaving three inches of my lower neck. I started on a setting of 4 with a Gillette SharpEdge Yellow Pack blade which is considered by many to be a sharp blade. I found the shave to be comfortable and efficient. As the blade declined, I moved up to a setting of 5 which was fine too. I was using Trader Joes Honey Mango Brushless Shaving Cream which is a favorite of mine. Blade removal was not an issue, but blade insertion has its quirks. However, the blade exposure and gap is spot on which has not always been my experience with Weishi Razors in years past. I can also recommend this razor, and agree that the price point is fair.

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