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Lather & Wood Single Blade Razor Review – An Excellent Razor With A Great Deal

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lather and wood single blade razor in box

Lather & Wood, a popular wet shaving brand found on Amazon, recently expanded their product line to include a razor. That razor is now on sale on Amazon for a very attractive price!

Lather & Wood

Sharpologist has featured Lather & Wood before but they have been known more for “soft” products like their shave soap. So when they started promoting a razor on Amazon, my interest was piqued.

Summarized from the Lather & Wood product page on Amazon (affiliate link):

  • THE ZEN OF SHAVING . Our innovative design offers a tender shave for even sensitive skin that cares for your skin, making every morning an opportunity for a serene, rejuvenating shave that leaves you feeling refreshed and confident.
  • SCULPTED FOR THE PERFECT SHAVE – Our single blade razor’s handle is not just ergonomic, it’s sculpted to fit your hand perfectly. This design secures a no-slip grip.
  • QUICK MASTERY, LASTING COMFORT – …. Our single blade razors for men are crafted for immediate comfort and a swift learning curve. You’ll find its superior design intuitive, making the path to shaving mastery short and satisfying….
  • SAVE MONEY WITHOUT THE COMPROMISE – Cut down on costs, not on quality. Our double edge safety razor is the epitome of shaving efficiency, compatible with stainless steel blades that are both economical and easy to find....

My Experience With The Lather And Wood Single Blade Razor

[Note: I purchased the Lather & Wood safety razor. The views expressed here are mine and have not been reviewed or approved by Lather & Wood. Amazon links are affiliate.]


The razor arrives in a nice cardboard box. Not elegant but easily gift-quality. Five unbranded DE blades are included. The razor handle is 4.25 inches and the overall length is 4.5 inches. Weight is about 4.1 ounces. There are three colors available: Forge Gray, Brushed Alloy, and Noir Black. According to the documentation it is manufactured in China.

lather & wood single blade razor closeup of razor head and scalloped base plate.

This is a three piece razor with a mildly-scalloped base plate (not as deep as, say, the Merkur 34C or the Edwin Jagger DE89). The top cap fully covers blade side tabs. The top cap screw threads might be susceptible to over-torquing (only time will tell) but otherwise the fit-and-finish of my razor is very good.

Like the base plate, the handle is also mildly textured.

The Shave

lather & wood razor disassembled

To me the weight of the razor “feels” heavier than what the specification says. The center of gravity is biased toward the top of the razor. I like this combination.

The knurling of the handle is not particularly deep, as mentioned earlier, but I find it good enough to feel secure with it. I have not have any problems with slippage.

I did not use any of the included blades with my shaves. I used my standard “go-to” blade, a Parker. As always, blade selection may require a bit of experimentation and the standard Your Mileage May Vary disclaimer applies.

Overall I would classify the shave characteristic of the Lather & Wood Single Blade Razor as thoroughly middle-of-the-road, a five on a one-to-ten point scale–not too mild but not overly aggressive either. There is a fair amount of blade feel, though not so much as to be uncomfortable–but enough to know it’s there. Feedback is similarly moderate but not intrusive.

I think the “sweet spot,” the range of angles that provide a good cut, is actually rather generous.

I have been getting surprisingly excellent, consistent shaves with the Lather & Wood Single Blade Razor. Better than I was expecting from it.

Summing Up And “The Deal”

I find the Lather & Wood Single Blade Razor to be a well-designed, well-built razor. It’s middle-of-the-road shave characteristics along with a generous “sweet spot” could make it well-suited to someone who wants to give old school shaving a try.

But the real impulse buy deal is the price. On the Lather & Wood website this razor lists for about $35. But on Amazon there is a special promotion running with this razor priced at under $20! And it’s on Amazon Prime as well. In mind mind, for what you get, that’s an exceptional deal.


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2 thoughts on “Lather & Wood Single Blade Razor Review – An Excellent Razor With A Great Deal”

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

      I’ve used it now a couple of times. Other than having to adjust to the longer handle, the shave was smooth and uneventful. It would be a fine razor for a beginner, I think. But it’s also just a nice, inexpensive addition to my modest collection of shaving apparati.

      For the record I used a Parker blade, AOS Pre Shave Oil (unscented), Razorock Snowman Brush and Viking Revolution Shave Cream (unscented).

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